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female awesome meme  characters who deserve better [1/10] ⇢ quinn fabray ( glee )

“I want to thank you guys because without each and every one of you, this would have never happened. You supported me and loved me through all the drama, and that’s why I’m standing here. I wasted so much time hating myself for the stupid mistakes that I made, but the truth is that without all of those, I never would have dreamed this to be my future. I was the only one standing in the way of myself. You can’t change your past, but you can let go and start your future.”

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All that rage you experience over season 6 (which I share wholeheartedly), is very much explained by looking behind the scenes. I understand the resistance to believing in crisscolfer, yet it exists whenever you want to come over. The pieces will fall into place. You didn't even touch on the fact that neither one had a solo in all of season 6. Now that is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Oh trust me - the lack of solos for both of them is high on my “list of things about season 6 that will always piss me off.” I’ve touched on it a couple of times in some other posts, but believe me - its still there.  And you can’t tell me that there was no place in their story for either of them to have a solo, because those situations were practically crying for one.  13 episodes and there wasn’t 3 minutes available for either of them?   How many Rachel solos did I have to endure?  How many pointless Rachel/Sam duets did I roll my eyes through?  We have an entire episode centered on an obnoxious screechy 13 year old for absolutely no reason whatsoever and this kid gets more screen time and singing time than both Kurt and Blaine?  Endless stories and songs with the newbies that I wasn’t going to care about, because why invest myself in characters with an expiration date?  

And I’m also not saying that I don’t believe because whatever bts stuff that happened clearly influenced the show.  How else to explain what looks to me like punishment?  Characters and actors and stories all suffered because of it. As did the audience.  And how this show will be remembered to a lot of people. Separating out what came before 6x01 is the only way that this show isn’t completely tainted for me.  Its why ignoring the Ryan Murphy of it all is the only way I will be able to watch Darren in ACS.  Other than that, I want nothing else to do with that man and anything else he ever does.

  • me, washing the dishes: why was glee so obsessed with calling everything mike and tina did 'asian'? why did they think an a minus was an 'asian f'? what even is 'asian couples therapy'? what's the difference between a kiss and an 'asian kiss'? why was tina called an 'asian vampire' and mike called an 'asian dancer' instead of just a vampire and a dancer? what was 'tea made from panda hair' and why did they think it existed? why did everyone call them 'asian' and 'other asian'? also, how come they had the same last name? and-
Just so you know...

If Santana could ACTUALLY get Britt pregnant, there’s no doubt in my mind she’d be due right about now.

So, we getting that spin-off or nah?


in 22 years when I’m 36 years old, I want Netflix to make a Glee spinoff called Glee-er where we FINALLY see the Brittana closure we need and we can see whatever the fuck Klaine and Rachel is doing with their lives and see if Samcedes and Quick got together (lije they should) and if Artie and Tina kept to their deal and got married or if they found other people. How is Mike doing in his dancing career? What happened to the season 4 newbies? Did Ryley get married? Did Unique have gender reassignment surgery? Did Kitty become a nun? What happebed to Jake? And we get to the the season 6 newbies. No one cares about them They can just leave.

This is the kind of things that we needed to see before Glee ended so abruptly. Please Netflix, make this happen.

One of the biggest challenges during the time I have spent to watch Glee was to not cry sometimes when characters like Sue, Will or Santana made horrible comments.

And even though Will’s incapacity of being a good teacher or Sue’s abusive behavior were nothing but painful to watch, Santana’s rant addressed to  Kurt in the last season made me regret starting the show.(I’ve seen that out there are still posts about it and people have different opinions)

1. Yeah, Kurt was wrong. He could’ve talk face to face with Santana and maybe Brittany, not  stand up during the proposal. Nobody was mad when Blaine proposed to him, maybe just Kurt himself.

2. But to follow him in the hallway and start to insult every part of his body and the way he is is intolerable. All she had to say about him interrupting the proposal was said in 10 second at most. The rest of that LONG minute or so was just her way to make sure that he was gonna be a good boy that day forward.

3. I still cannot believe the writers could have come up with such disrespectful script. Instead of making Santana insult flows of Kurt, they wrote a piece of garbage about Chris’ “flows”. It is not his fault he has a high voice or small teeth. It’s not his fault his lips are not RIB’s favorite lips. And certainly he has done nothing wrong to his bosses. They think that their good writing was what had made Fox to give them season 4 , 5 and 6. This is true maybe in their dreams. The reality is that Chris made so many people fall in love with him that watching the show was a small price to pay in order to see that beautiful boy. And if somebody cannot see how amazing he despite his flows, they don’t deserve to work with him.

All in all, us, Chris’ fans should remind him on every account of social media how amazing and beautiful he is and nothing, not even Ryan or Brad or Ian can change that . Because, let’s face it, every word Santana said was a stab at Chris.

Can someone explain to me what Chris did that made him fall out of RIB’s good graces that they gave Kurt the things RM original didn’t want for Kurt? He went from having a character created for him to what we got S4b-S6. RM said that he wanted Kurt and his BF to be a power couple, it was even mentioned that they’d be homecoming kings. He also said that he didn’t want Kurt to be bullied or gay bashed, but he didn’t. By the end he became Blainchel’s living prop.

I may be a bitter as fuck Kurt stan:

But at least my fave never

  1. Dropped out of his dream school
  2. Failed out of his dream school
  3. Cheated on anyone
  4. stalk anyone
  5. Harass anyone for a job or school
  6. Sexually Assault anyone
  7. Drop out of Broadway because he had an undeserved and over weighed huge selfish ego
  8. Purposely and hatefully attack and bully someone
  9. Blame his misfortune on the world
  10. Supports his own self and dreams without being babied and food fed success.
  11. Works hard for every fucking thing he gets, not ONCE has ANYONE helped him get anything.
  12. Every accomplishment he got was hard earned. Not magically fall into his lap because he is a special snowflake.
  13. He never needs people to constantly kiss his ass and wipe his tears when he fails
  14. Even though never gets support from his ‘friends’ yet he still gives them his 100% love and support because he is too good of a person.

And what he does do is awesome accomplishments and hard earned unlike some special snow flakes.

  1. Is at Nyada, a place Rachel quit and Bland dropped out of and now both of them are now feeling sorry for themselves cause of it.
  2. Works at vogue as an intern and is highly respected there
  3. Has a job to pay his bills
  4. Has his own successful cover band even though his 'friends and 'fiance’’ never supported him
  5. Manage to pay for his loft even when his roommates kept abandoning him there with the rent and bills
  6. Is a strong and independent person who not once needed the Glee club to come help him because he was 'struggling’
  7. Has written a play that he will be showing
  8. Is a hero and saved someone from being bashed.
  9. Can sing in many ranges and honestly is very underused. 
  10. Looks like a straight up angel
  11. Can cook good af even if Blee wanna forget it. Season 1 and 2 Kurt cooking is canon 
  12. Fashionista like his wardrobe when he isnot around Bland is alwas sexy and sophisticated and on point,
  13. He is killer at fixing cars
  14. He is an amazing friend and idgaf Glee dont deserve him
  15. It is canon that more guys were into Kurt than Blaine.
  16. Kurt Hummel is a gay Icon character before  Blaine even existed
  17. Chris Colfer won awards playing Kurt Hummel
  18. Kurt Hummel and what he stand for will always outshine Klaine no matter what delusional shippers think.
  19. Kurt hummel is imperfectly perfect.
  20. He is my idol.
Something that this episode does do well is prove that the writers lack much professionalism as, six seasons into the show, they are still using physical attributes of their actors to convey comedy. Santana rightfully calls out Kurt for ruining her proposal but soon loses credibility once she mocks his looks. It’s one thing to joke about a character’s personality but the writers are somehow still stuck on the idea that they need to laugh at their employees’ faces for humour purposes. It’s easy to tell which television writers are legitimately skilled and which are not based on what kind of comedy they believe is funny. Colfer has been a part of Glee since the very beginning and one would assume that by now he would be respected enough by the writing team. But of course, with a group like this we cannot expect decent comedy, we can only anticipate jokes that would come from an eleven year old trying to fit in to middle school.
—  TV Journals on Glee’s Lack of Professionalism 
So Brad Falchuck wrote that rant that
  • made fun of Chris’ teeth (which he’s insecure enough about he says he won’t smile because he looks bad when he does, i can’t find the gif)
  • called Kurt a more feminine Quinn, insulting both Chris and Dianna in one blow
  • made fun of the episode Chris wrote/Chris’ interests (when that show got some of the best critical praise of the whole damn fifth season)
  • made fun of Chris’ twirling abilities despite using them as much as possible in the earlier seasons

and people liked it and supported it. 

That wasn’t Santana yelling at Kurt. That was Brad Falchuck and the writers hating on everything Chris Colfer has done on Glee.

And that is not fucking acceptable.

Bless Chris Colfer for liking pics on Instagram while ignoring the awfulness that is Blee and avoiding talking about or posting about toxic bull shit Glee and Toxic Klaine Kledding, I feel you hun, I am sad and pissed off for Kurt's awful ending too

And fuck you RIB for not giving Chris not even one fucking thing he asked for Kurt to have before Glee ends, you destroyed Kurt’s journey an disrespected Chris and all his hard work and effort he put in Kurt for some piece of shit ship and actor, Fuck. You.