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Fic: Lost And Found

Inspired by a puppy onesie Alex broadwayklaine and I saw at the mall today. Alternate meeting time!

PG, ~1000 words, fluffy fluff.

“I’m going to kill you.”

“Aw, c'mon, bro, it’s not like it’s not true!” Sam said, exasperated. “And you know Benji looks super handsome in it.”

Blaine snuggled his golden retriever puppy closer to his chest. “Benji always looks handsome, Sam. That doesn’t mean I need to walk him while he’s wearing a ‘Daddy’s Single!’ onesie!”

Benji yapped and wriggled at that. When Blaine set him loose, he ran over to Sam and barked cheerfully before running in circles around his feet.

“See? Benji agrees with me, don’t you, buddy?” Sam said, picking up Blaine’s traitorous little dog.

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anonymous asked:

misunderstood triggers : his name, the word "ohk" spelled like that, glee, d/arr/en from glee, the pet name bean, wrists with string bracelets, the snapchat panda filter, certain kansas songs, black and white mirror pictures, certain ice cream cones, hknter on instsgram (he's not my abuser!!), etc.

Based on one of my favorite HCs for The Hounds of Baskerville.

Molly, I’m going to Dartmoor for a few days. Don’t throw out those bacterial specimens you were saving for me! I’ll need them when I get back. -SH

Dartmoor? It’s beautiful there! I went camping there with some friends in uni. Is it for a case? -MH

And don’t worry your bacteria is (are?) safe with me. -MH

Yes, it’s for a case. Have to find a big dog with glowing eyes. - SH

Does this have to do with Baskerville? I saw something about that on the news. Sounds spooky. Keep me updated. - MH

Don’t tell me you believe in this foolishness too, Molly! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for what’s going on. Getting on the train now but I’ll e-mail you the details when we arrive. Might need your assistance later. - SH

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