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If you’ve ever played Nintendo 64’s GoldenEye 007, you might remember the remote mine, a weapon you could use to set an explosive trap for your enemies or forever doom a sleepover to bitter silence by placing them on your friend’s respawn point. Well, some silly gamers found a way to use those remote mines for the power of good. In the single player campaign, every level ends with a brief cutscene of James Bond doing something glibly awesome, like strolling out of a secret bunker. Those cutscenes weren’t rendered separately from the game – so if you tossed a remote mine right before ending the level, you could add absurdly gratuitous explosions to any cutscene, to hilarious effect.

You see, Bond is completely immune to the explosions, but absolutely no one else is. As you watch with barely contained glee, the other digital performers try to execute the task they were programmed for, and then BOOM – their polygons are knocked off script and sometimes off the universe. Say for instance you’ve just rescued Natalya, the GoldenEye Bond Girl. In a normal playthrough, the game would show the two of you running down a hallway and posing for the camera. But when you add a surprise landmine to that, Natalya gets blasted into a smoldering heap while Bond stands in the flames, making a huge display of not giving any kind of shit. It sounds like you’re just making a giant mess out of the story, but trust us: It’s better this way.

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