glee parallels


Klaine Kiss Parallels : 2x16 - 3x05

Okay, let me make myself clear here: First of all, I don’t want to compare those two kisses against each other, but with each other, okay? Secondly, I love this parallel. Look:

1. row) we see Kurt’s face and Blaine’s back - we see Blaine’s face and Kurt’s back

2. row) we see Blaine’s nose - we see Kurt’s nose (and in both Blaine’s literally digging in)

3. row) Kurt’s hand on Blaine’s cheek - Kurt’s arms around Blaine’s neck

Something trivial: In their first kiss it’s Blaine’s nose pressing into Kurt’s cheek, in the lastest kiss right at the end Kurt leans more into the kiss and presses his nose into Blaine’s cheek. So adorable.

There’s probably more, but let’s wait for the whole kiss first, because I think and hope there is a bit more.


Glee 3x09 (before the Christmas hiatus)

Finn: “Who told you?  Kurt?”

Rachel: “No!”

Kurt: “Yes.”

Glee 2x09 (almost before the Christmas hiatus):

Kurt: “Wait, you didn’t know about that?”

Rachel: “You told Kurt?!”

Finn: “I don’t remember; maybe.”

Glee 1x13 (before the Christmas hiatus):

Kurt: “Obviously Rachel told him.”

Rachel: “What? I didn’t do anything.”

Finn: “Yeah, Rachel told me.”