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What would a trip to Disney with your father Arthur Weasley involve?

  • I never realised before but this is the #dream
  • There are not many things better than sharing an incredible experience with someone who’s just as excited as you to be there
  • Do you know how amazing it would be to see his face light up at literally everything
  • And how he’d be amazed at the smallest of things like “how does that clock know exactly how long the wait for this ride is?” or “so this is where America’s Queens and Princesses live?”
  • It would probably take forever to get anywhere because he’d stop to look at everything
  • He’d want so many souvenirs to take home and show the rest of your family
  • The face characters would probably enjoy seeing an adult with such child-like glee
  • He’s one of those people who love trying to work out the mechanics of rollercoasters and would be happy just watching them go round if you don’t want to go on any

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-Lauren and Kerrie


Glee Klaine AU  Crossover_ Faking it (with Kurt as Amy, Blaine as Karma, Rachel as Liam and Santana as Shane)

Blaine and Kurt are in high school and have always been best friends. Blaine desperately wants to catch the interest of Rachel, and becoming popular seems like the perfect way There’s nothing he wouldn’t do.

Santana is an out and proud lesbian. She’s always wanted to befriend with a gay couple and someday she misinterprets a friendly gesture between the teens. The whole school turns out to be very supportive and the popularity comes easily. The idea of faking being a couple seems foolish to Kurt but Blaine knows how to have his way!

This is is how everything started.

But ‘fake kissing’ his bestfriend, helping Blaine with Rachel at the same time,  left Kurt confused about his own feelings. Will Blaine realise where love really is?

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Chris Not needing a Beard Anon

Anon, you are absolutely correct, in theory, Chris would not need a beard.  He has been out and proud pretty much since Glee began. However, life does not always work the way one envisions.  And when you are in love with a person who is under contract to play straight, and who is required to present himself publicly that way, one makes a choice.  And make no mistake, Darren playing straight was a condition of his contract with Fox/Glee and a choice he made when he was 23 years old and was offered the world (I doubt there are many that would have been strong enough to turn it down as evidenced by many actors who either still are or have been closeted).  From the beginning, the show sought to sell him as a Disney Prince and that doesn’t work so well if he is in love with Prince Charming.

Chris chose to be with Darren.  And by making that choice, he chose to essentially have a beard.  And think about that. There must be so much love between the two of them to willing submit yourself to hiding your relationship and playing PR games.  To agree to essentially throw yourself back in the closet again. To allow another person to sit front and center at every show, to act like the proud SO.  I cannot even imagine how that must feel. It must be gut wrenching.  

If the reality wasn’t so sad, I would say the willingness to do this, b/c of a deep seeded love, is a pretty beautiful thing.

And the examples you site.  Remember, France is a country where the paps are not allowed to stalk a celebrity.  Said celebrity needs to invite them.  So, Chris I am private Colfer, invited Paps to film him on a vacation with his bf, the one has has never named?  I don’t think so.  What Chris did was protect Darren.  And to do this, on the EXACT same day that Darren publicly stated he had a girlfriend for the first time on a radio interview in Toronto (something pre-planned and that Chris was well aware was going to happen), Chris arranged to have Paps follow him and Will in France holding hands. NOT A COINCIDENCE THIS WAS THE SAME DAY!!! (and low and behold, the other time paps caught them acting like a couple, in France again, with the same privacy laws in place, when Darren was conveniently in town as well, at the Glee convention.  You know the same time as the infamous “twitter hack”).

The kissing pic.  Oh anon, I am not one to scream manip.  But I assure you no picture has ever been more fake.  It is physically impossible for one’s head to be attached to their neck in the manner that the PA’s is. Yes, I have other evidence as well, but this is all I need to see  Go ahead, look at those pictures, you don’t need to run them through sophisticated picture analysis software.   The truth is plain and simple and incredibly obvious.

On TLOS, I have always maintained, they are friends.  The PA is first and foremost an employee.  I do believe the pretense of a relationship happened somewhat naturally as people started to assume this because they spent so much time together.  And Chris allowed people to believe this to protect his actual relationship.  

But I also believe these two have developed a friendship.  Further, and I have said this repeatedly, as long as the illusion of Chill exists, Chris has comfort.  B/c if Chill exists, Crisscolfer, by its very definition, cannot be real.  So I think the thank you to the PA is actually genuine.  But not mistake about it, it is also PR.  Just b/c ones name is listed in a group of thank yous right with family and Ashley, and Romney, and Dot, does not make him your boyfriend.  And before you say, but he doesn’t thank Darren, we all know why.  To thank Darren would fuel the rumors and currently, these two are not able to contractually do that (and Fox, who controls the contract is very invested in hiding CC as it makes them utter and complete hypocrites).

But Colfer, who is extremely intelligent and wise, has found a the most creative way to thank Darren.  B/c there is no question that Froggy/Prince Charlie, who is currently stuck in a mirror that Morina trapped him in, is Darren.  

And let’s review. Morina, the witch that has trapped Froggy, is a name within a name, just like another TLOS villain Esmia.  Ask yourself why would two villains be named after the same person.  Why would Chris care so much about the characterization of his co-stars gf?  The co-start he apparently doesn’t even see outside of work.   Hmmm…….  Once a coincidence maybe, but twice, I don’t think so.

Not to mention, Darren is multiple other characters in those books including Jack to Chris’ Goldie, Rook to Chris’ Alex, Author to Chris’ Alex, and  Rumpelstiltskin’s Daisy, just to name a few.  

And do not even get me started on Chris’ Social Media hints that are constant.  Its amazing he can often times tell the future. And from what I understand, he hasn’t seen Darren in over a year, so why still keep track of his activities and whereabouts?  Or again, call out his gf (constantly)? Another question to ponder…Quite frankly my favorite was the day before Darren came home from Italy.  Does this look like anyone:

Maybe I should show you:

Another one of my favorites, posted the night of Gross Indecency, mere minutes after a certain beloved made her way backstage (I was there, I  know exactly when it all happened), a person who has referred to herself as Ariel -amazing how Chris would be in the know, as if he were present, why would he be present at Darren’s show.  Ask yourself that.

Do I have hard evidence that they are together, such as a photo?  No.  Though there there are plenty of Glee BTS video and photos that very much reveal the truth. But I don’t need one.  Putting aside all of the information I have learned over the past year, Chris Colfer provides enough evidence that CrissColfer is very real, that these two are very much in love, and that nothing is going to tear them apart.

Thanks for your note!  That was fun.  Always happy to re-visit why I believe in this couple.


Glee Klaine AU___  Prince & Prejudice  

Prince Blaine Anderson lives in a world where Kingdom expansion is a priority. He’s about to turn 18 and has to get married to someone from royalty in order to add new land to his reign.

June, Blaine’s Evil Stepmother, wants him to marry Princess Rachel Berry because her family has a lot of possessions. But Blaine is already in a relationship with Kurt Hummel, and June doesn’t allow this nonsense since Kurt doesn’t own anything.

June has always been used to have her ways, so when the Prince is stubborn about his love life, she decides to send someone after Kurt.

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It’s like, a feeling similar to schadenfreude to watch the world explode in frenzied glee at a tiny sliver of work from two of the Tally Hall guys while longtime fans of the band/Internet show stand at the back of the fray yelling exasperatedly “yeah, we know, they’ve been this good for TEN YEARS”

Don’t tell strangers to apologize

The instigation for the plot of tonight’s episode of Supergirl is that Kara finishes a letter that her boss Cat Grant had no intention of sending to her grown and estranged son, Adam.

This reminds me of the Glee episode “Old Dog, New Tricks”, in which Kurt meets former star Maggie Banks and essentially instructs her grown and estranged daughter Clara to reconcile with her mother. I might add that Maggie neglected Clara and left her emotionally starved, while Cat allowed her first son to be removed from her custody after a battle with Adam’s father in the family courts.

Here’s why the Supergirl plot works better than the one on Glee: Kara traumatically lost her entire family, with the unknown exception of her aunt, who later turned out to be an environmental extremist whose worldview was in a few respects incompatible with Kara’s. Anyway, Kara has previously formed a connection with Cat based on their shared sense of loss regarding mother-child relationships. She wants Cat to get the closure and absolution that Kara will never be able to get.

What is important here is that Kara is aware that finishing and sending the letter is a rather murky course of action, and she didn’t expect Adam to actually show up. Cat snaps at her - and nearly fires her - and Kara spends the rest of the episode monitoring her boss’s emotional state. Although this started because of the priority Kara places on family as a result of her past, this is fundamentally about how Cat feels and reacts.

It’s notable that “Old Dog, New Tricks” is the only episode of Glee written by Chris Colfer, who of course plays Kurt. So Colfer wrote an episode that is in large part about his character, including a solo performance and the casting of special guest stars running the gamut from cute to pointless. Whatever.

If Murphy, Falchuk, or Brennan had written the episode, Kurt marching into Clara’s office and lecturing her would be an indication of his hubris or tendency to project that would have both positive and negative effects. Characters written by the actual showrunners can never fix anything in a single speech (indeed, Marley Rose tells us that people/characters do not exist to bilaterally fix one another). Rachel Berry may be the main character of the show, but whether or not she is the most correct character in any of her focal episodes is never an altogether easy assessment.

Clara decides to give her mother a “second chance” at the end of an episode in which Kurt asserts how badly everyone is treating him and gets to witness his friends (well, mainly Rachel) eat crow in the end. Maggie and Clara’s story isn’t about the dynamics of a careless mother and a daughter who has made her own choices in life. It’s about Kurt being right about everything. It’s a lecture from Colfer to the audience about how the onus is always on the children to forgive their parents for being bad parents. A situation that, quite frankly, Colfer had no business writing about in the midst of a self-aggrandizing episode like the one he wrote.

The Supergirl episode involves the instigator, Kara, sitting down with Adam and Cat to mediate a discussion. The Glee episode doesn’t have any sort of aftermath. Of course Clara will absolve Maggie of everything, because Kurt said so, and Kurt is right about everything this week.

There are a few additional wrinkles in the comparative presentations of a similar issue. Adam Foster begins as a self-centered jerk who isn’t grateful that his mother actually possesses a sense of empathy and accepted that she wouldn’t have been a good mother for him. Clara Banks (?) has made her own damn choices in how she feels about her mother, and only changes her mind because she is written as a prop. Cat made the right call and doesn’t get an easy reward. Maggie made many, many bad calls and all consequences get wiped away, not that the aftermath matters in Colfer’s script. But altogether, the dynamics in Supergirl are much more genuine and complicated. Not just an opportunity for a young writer to congratulate himself.

Let’s just say that Blaine’s terror to communicate with his fiancé and Santana’s take-down in “Jagged Little Tapestry” make total sense to me.

I am very grateful that for the second episode in a row, Supergirl has written a plot that combines forgiveness, grace, and conversation. Characters don’t dictate. They talk. They respond. We could all use more of that.

But we shouldn’t assume that just because someone has given up on another, they’ve never tried talking to them. Talking requires both willing parties, not just one (not just the one in a lesser position of social power; not just the child).

Fic: Happy Accidents

anon prompted:  Blaine is a paramedic who is called out for a gay bashing. He finds and saves Kurt (16-19years old) who is in very bad condition. After Kurt is in the hospital, Blaine makes sure that his family gets in to see him and feels very protective of Kurt, since he’s also been bashed. Blaine gets attached and they meet once Kurt wakes up or after he’s healed.

Sweet holy hell, this got long. PG-13, 2500+ words, more fluff than anything else. Also, Blaine’s 25 and Kurt’s 19, just fyi.

Blaine was having a hard time controlling his emotions that night.

First they’d gotten the call that a young man was unconscious and bleeding in a Brooklyn alley, probably the victim of a hate crime, and Blaine’s blood had run cold. Memories of his own attack in Ohio nine years earlier had rushed back to him - the cold hard asphalt against his face, the searing pain of his broken arm - but he couldn’t allow them any space in his brain. He had to be focused and ready to treat this man’s injuries, as that was kind of the whole point of his job as a paramedic.

Then he’d almost had to scrape his jaw off the ambulance floor when they arrived at the scene, because under the blood and bruises, this man was stunningly attractive - just Blaine’s type, if he was being honest. He was a sucker for long legs, smooth skin, and great hair, especially when the guy possessing those traits looked relatively near Blaine’s age, maybe a few years younger.

Not the time, Anderson! he chastised himself as he strapped the man’s shoulders to the backboard and affixed a neck brace, his partner Sarah taking care of the man’s lower half.

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