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Fic: Here With You

~730 words of indulgent cuddle-centric fluff. G. Inspired by Jim and the Povolos’ “Holding You.”

When the buzzing and ringing of his phone alarm finally become impossible to sleep through, Kurt had to restrain himself from just flinging his phone out the window in annoyance.

“It should be illegal to have to get up this early,” he muttered, reaching out to silence his phone before it could wake Blaine, who was spooned up behind him like a koala bear.

“I’m sorry,” Blaine said, voice crackly with sleep. He nuzzled into the back of Kurt’s neck for a moment before pressing a fleeting kiss into his hairline.

“Shhh, honey. Go back to sleep,” Kurt said, turning to face Blaine and run a gentle hand through his hair. “I’m the only one of us who has to be to work early.”

“Wanna enjoy some time with you,” Blaine said, rubbing his eyes for a moment. Once he finished, he wrapped his arms back around Kurt’s waist. “We’re going to be so busy today that this might be my only chance until we get back to bed later tonight.”

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Fic: Having and Holding

beydc prompted “Last night I got into a fight with my husband. I told him to take what’s his and leave. He picked me up and walked straight out of the door” and lalalenii requested “ more Kurt wooing Blaine,” so I combined those ideas and created THIS *waves hands a la Vanna White*

~1300 words, PG-13 for language.

Kurt didn’t remember exactly how the fight started, honestly. He and Blaine had both been taking their stressful weeks out on each other rather than their therapists, and a snide comment from one of them had somehow turned into a screaming match with no end in sight.

“You don’t know how to be quiet in the mornings!”

“You can’t handle something being even a centimeter out of place!”

“You are so pigheaded!”

I’m pigheaded? Pot calling kettle!”

“Why do I even put up with you?”

“Fuck if I know. But I’m done putting up with you. Just take your stuff and get out,” Blaine said coldly, turning away from Kurt.

Kurt’s numbing bubble of rage popped at that, making his stomach sink down to his toes.

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