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Fic: Having and Holding

beydc prompted “Last night I got into a fight with my husband. I told him to take what’s his and leave. He picked me up and walked straight out of the door” and lalalenii requested “ more Kurt wooing Blaine,” so I combined those ideas and created THIS *waves hands a la Vanna White*

~1300 words, PG-13 for language.

Kurt didn’t remember exactly how the fight started, honestly. He and Blaine had both been taking their stressful weeks out on each other rather than their therapists, and a snide comment from one of them had somehow turned into a screaming match with no end in sight.

“You don’t know how to be quiet in the mornings!”

“You can’t handle something being even a centimeter out of place!”

“You are so pigheaded!”

I’m pigheaded? Pot calling kettle!”

“Why do I even put up with you?”

“Fuck if I know. But I’m done putting up with you. Just take your stuff and get out,” Blaine said coldly, turning away from Kurt.

Kurt’s numbing bubble of rage popped at that, making his stomach sink down to his toes.

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Fic: Weightlifting

Based off this picture, because it is so effing cute. ~900 words, PG with a little cursing.

Much to his surprise, Blaine really enjoyed hitting the gym with Kurt every couple of days. He suspected that part of his enjoyment came from being able to watch Kurt’s muscles stretch in various enticing ways as he went through his workout, but Blaine also did like how fulfilled and strong he felt after a good session. He may never lose the little pooch of belly he had, but he could tell he was in the best shape of his life regardless, so he wasn’t concerned.

(It helped that Kurt had drunkenly admitted to him once that he loved how comfy Blaine’s belly was as a pillow, if he was being entirely honest.)

Whatever the reasoning behind it was, Blaine was still riding an endorphin high as he and Kurt finished up their workouts one afternoon. He had been focusing more on core work and stretching that day, while Kurt had been doing some killer arm and leg routine he’d found online that apparently worked miracles, for reasons unknown to Blaine. Once he’d finished his cool-off crunches, Blaine headed off to the locker room, knowing Kurt wouldn’t be far behind.

“Hey, baby,” Blaine said cheerfully as he stepped out of the shower. “You able to break a concrete block with your hand yet?”

Kurt just groaned from his place on the bench, halfway between his gym clothes and his street clothes. “I think I’m broken.”

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It’s after their last (or so they claim) good night kiss that Kurt says it, still dazed from the sensation of Blaine’s lips against his own.

“I kissed him, you know.”


“Walter. I kissed him.”

“Okay?” Blaine says, running a hand over Kurt’s back. Kurt’s not looking, but he can still picture the confusion on Blaine’s face. “And I kissed Dave. That tends to happen when you’re dating.”

Kurt pushes back and up on one elbow, trying to clear his woozy mind. 

“No, of course. I just meant…it never felt like this.”

“I’m going to need you to elaborate a little more,” Blaine says, mirroring Kurt’s position.

“When you kiss me, I forget everything,” Kurt says, hoping his words make sense. “Seriously. I might not be able to tell you my own name if you ask right after we finish kissing. But when I kissed Walter…nothing. It was nice, sure. Kind of interesting logistically, since he and you aren’t the same height. But nothing like this.”

Blaine’s eyes glint with soft understanding, but his voice is teasing as he asks, “So you’re saying I can kiss you stupid?”


“What? That’s important news,” Blaine says, but he drops the joke. “I know what you mean, though. Not that I didn’t enjoy kissing Dave, but it never felt quite as…all-encompassing as it does with you. I never felt like I needed to kiss him like I do with you sometimes.”

“Only sometimes?” Kurt asks, taking his turn to tease. “I’m losing my touch.”

“Never. I think we’re both aware at this point that you’ve got an unbreakable grip on me.”

“Good thing you’ve got the same on me, then.”

They kiss again, and Kurt feels his brain go as fuzzy as always. A muffled whine escapes him as they break apart.

“What’s your father’s name?


Blaine snickers, clearing some of Kurt’s mental fog.

“You were serious.”

“Oh, ha ha,” Kurt says, a mock frown on his face.

“I had to give it a try,” Blaine says, kissing Kurt’s cheek in apology.

“You see now? No one affects me like you.”

“As long as you see that you affect me just as much.”

“I do seem to remember someone falling down the stairs yesterday when they got lost in my eyes….”

“My point exactly. We’re both gone for each other.”

“And I wouldn’t have it any other way.”