glee live 3d

Chris Colfer signed my Tumbler!

This is what was on my tumbler.

Get it. It’s a gif of Chris doing single ladies. on my tumbler(tumblr)

I thought it was clever. Creepy thing is, i made this without the intention of having him sign it, it was literally for my own personal enjoyment.

When he saw it, he stared for a second. Then started laughing and went “Oh godd! Oh nooo!!” and continued to laugh when he signed it! I thanked him for signing as well as for letting us be a part of Struck By Lightning. He touched his heart and said “Thank you” and kept walking down.

best moment of my night, by far.

(thanks so much Marissa for the picture of his reaction!)

I found his reaction to it!

I’ll never get over this! 

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“Glee” Embraces Being 3-D


Darren talks about his ‘incident’… when he was pulled off the stage.

He looks so angry… justifiably so.

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Glee Live! 3D red carpet. 

Dianna Agron looks like an angel. By the way she was beyond sweet. Her smile is just radiant and you could tell she was really enjoying her self. She laughed when my friend said he wanted to marry her and she signed his poster with “xxx” because of it. So cute.

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