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  • Washington: Alright, now hug it out. It's a technique I learned in my leadership seminar.
  • Jefferson: Uh, I don't think...
  • Hamilton: That's really not necessary...
  • Washington: You don't leave this room until I see your bodies touching!!
  • *Jefferson and Hamilton awkwardly hug*
  • Hamilton: I will destroy you.
  • Jefferson: I'm about to vomit all down your back.

Awesome project

The wayward guide for the untrained eye, by the Tin Can Brothers

Artemis, a tenacious podcast host, has grown tired of the fluff pieces she’s been assigned by APN, the American Podcasting Network. When she finds herself in the small mining town of Connor Creek with Paul (her producer and twin brother), the corporate corruption story they’re investigating is sure to be a bust. To the twins’ surprise, the oddballs and eccentrics of this small town are harboring a secret even darker and furrier than any political scandal: werewolves. With the future of Connor Creek at stake, the Schue-Horyn twins need to decide who to trust in order to unearth the truth and stay alive.

The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye is a 10 episode webseries inspired by the podcasts Serial and S-Town, crossed with the game One Night Ultimate Werewolf, peppered with the surreal comedy of Pushing Daisies and Twin Peaks. Wayward Guide will feature the absurd and larger-than-life comedy that you’ve come to love from the Tin Can Brothers, but won’t be shy when tugging at your heartstrings.

Additionally, as a companion piece to the show, we will be bringing on a specialized sound design team to help us produce the complete 10 episode in-world podcast that Artemis & Paul are making in Wayward Guide. This supplemental material will be released in conjunction with the series and exist parallel to the story, offering new insight into the mystery of Connor Creek and its quirky residents.

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Top 3 OTPs


Number 1 obviously is Camren (Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony)

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Number 2 is my fav tv ship of all time Naomily (Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch from Skins)

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Number 3 is my very first real ship I got into Faberry (Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry from Glee)

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I’m trying to make some order in my SAI folder, and so I’m posting some old art

These are all done on one level lmaooo I couldn’t be bothered to actually look up how SAI worked because I was too eager to finally work with a graphic tablet orz

I was going in alphabetical order from B of Blaine to U of Unique but got bored midway