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Top 3 OTPs


Number 1 obviously is Camren (Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony)

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Number 2 is my fav tv ship of all time Naomily (Naomi Campbell and Emily Fitch from Skins)

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Number 3 is my very first real ship I got into Faberry (Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry from Glee)

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I’m shocked, I’m annoyed, and I’m terrified!  I’m team Normani but i’ll be the first to say Heather was the best dancer there! She was always consistent and underscored! The top 3 was supposed to be HEATHER, Normani, and Simone!

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The #SummerOfSpies Is almost over. The last part of Spies Are Forever comes out Tuesday, August 23! Now is the perfect time to binge watch this new spy musical from the beginning.

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From LA based comedy group the Tin Can Brothers and Brooklyn based pop duo TalkFine comes a brand-new spy musical. Join world famous secret agent Curt Mega as his mission takes him undercover during the Cold War! Along the way, he must tango with a Russian femme fatale, waltz around a Nazi villain, and samba through a horde of outrageous characters. With a license to kill and the voice of an angel, Mega must stay alive, complete the mission, and prove that the deadliest weapon of all is a little song and dance!

Book by Brian Rosenthal, Joey Richter, & Corey Lubowich
Music & Lyrics by Clark Baxtresser & Pierce Siebers
Directed by Corey Lubowich
Curt Mega is Agent Curt Mega
Mary Kate Wiles is Tatiana Slozhno
Lauren Lopez is Cynthia Houston
Joe Walker is The Deadliest Man Alive
Tessa Netting is Barb Larvenor
Al Fallick is The Informant
Joey Richter is Agent Owen Carvour
Brian Rosenthal is Dr. Baron Von Nazi