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This masterlist contains imagines of the following:

* 13 Reasons Why

Alex Standall
Clay Jensen
Hannah Baker 
Jeff Atkins
Justin Foley
Montgomery de la Cuz
Tony Padilla
Zach Dempsey

* Arrow

Oliver Queen

* Celebrities

Grant Gustin

* Glee

Finn Hudson
Sebastian Smythe

* The Flash

Barry Allen
Cisco Ramon

** I am currently writing 13 Reasons Why imagines using this prompt list

*** Make sure to check out my fandoms list and remember that I don’t write smut before requesting an imagine.

**** Requests are unfortunately CLOSED.

***** Read at your own risk and have fun.

* 13 Reasons Why

Alex Standall

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* Boyfriend Material (Head canon)

* Fix You

* Blood And Kisses

* Flawless

* If I Die Young

* Milkshake

* My Life

* Limits

Clay Jensen

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* I’m Here

* Safe Haven

* Project?

* Things That Mattered

* Falling Star

* Rescue You

* Tolerance

* Grenade

* Knock Knock

* Rainy Afternoon

* All About Us

* Make Me Cry

Hannah Baker

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* Save Her

* Compliments And Complements

Jeff Atkins

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* Sharing Is Caring (Part 1)

* Busted (Part 2)

* First Date

* Beautiful Girl

* Quite A Vexer

* Stop

Justin Foley

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* Falling Deeper

* Brave

* Video Games

* Flatterer

* Crying Shoulder

* Thief

Montgomery de la Cruz

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* Frenemies

* Proud

* Truth And Dare

* Doubts

* Avenger

Tony Padilla

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* Dream Boyfriend (Head canon)

Zach Dempsey

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* Love Letters

* Night Changes

* Leave Me Breathless 

* Home

* You

* Family Dinner

* Knock You Down 

* Friends 

* Arrow

Oliver Queen

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* Where Were You?

* Let It Go

* Surprise

* Blood Is Thicker

* Battle Scars

* Reunited

* Irascible

* Celebrities

Grant Gustin

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* Nevertheless (Part 1)

* Malapropos Questions (Part 2)

* Period Emergency Kit

* Glee

Finn Hudson

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* A Lovely Night

Sebastian Smythe

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* I’ll Stand By You

* Over Again

* Slushied

* Tricked

* Fooled

* Ohio

* The Flash

Barry Allen

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* Million Reasons

* Soon To Be Parents

* Not-So-Secret Admirer (Part 1)

* Secret No More (Part 2)

* Little Things

* Hangover

* Oops

* Stress Reliever

* Please Don’t Go

* Life Is Worth Living

* Cheater

* Disappointment

* Shut Up

* One Last Time

Cisco Ramon

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* Requited Love

Sc1 Tk9 - Hashtag Blessed Pt. 3
Curt Mega
Sc1 Tk9 - Hashtag Blessed Pt. 3

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In this third and final part of the Podcast story series Hashtag Blessed, chronicling my journey of moving to Los Angeles and being cast on the TV show Glee, I talk about the experience of recording a solo on the show as Nick the Warbler (Uptown Girl by Billy Joel), grappling with rejection, facing criticism on the internet, wondering what comes next when the idea or dream of what you think you are supposed to become doesn’t translate into reality, and finding my voice as a creator.


Extreme Shipping Behavior

Symptoms: Obsessive shipping

Basically shipping too much and too hard.

Once a ship has been found, patient will obsess over the ship until boredom occurs. Then patient will find another ship and a cycle occurs.

When you have like 1000 OTP’s you basically have this.
No true medication discovered… Ice Cream recommended by experts.


The year is coming to an end again, and so it is time for us all to revel in the glory that is Baby Boomer Santa, the greatest Christmas song ever.


“Nick’s holding out a mug of coffee and Jeff takes it from him, putting the book back on the shelf. The two of them sit on the leather sofa that Jeff had been so comfortable on the day before and suddelny Jeff feels very shy. (…) Jeff glances at Nick, but Nick isn’t looking at him.”

based on  B e t w e e n  the Pages .

I think that a lot of characters were unappreciated, like Quinn, Mike, Tina, Matt, Rory, Sugar, Joe, Lauren, Puck, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, the season 4 newbies, season 6 newbies, Jeff, Nick and all the other Warblers. I wish we had seen more of them