glee jake

  • favorite character: *is about to do something embarrassing*
  • Me: *pauses tv*
  • Me: *stares into space and cringes for 10 minutes, goes for a walk, rocks back and forward in the shower, sits on couch regrettably*
  • me: *presses play*

THANK YOU GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


petition to put all of the characters that are jewish or played by jewish actors in Hanukkah sweaters because as a Jew I feel very underrepresented, so artists of tumblr people please do this please and thank you :)

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- The Flash
- Arrow
- Supergirl
- Legends of Tomorrow
- Blindspot
- Friends
- Agents of Shield
- Glee
- Mass Effect
- Dragon Age
- Final Fantasy
- Horizon Zero Dawn - Brooklyn 99

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Jake Puckerman - Glee (Imagine 490)

Jake couldn’t help the guilt he was feeling. He didn’t even know the reason you two had been arguing; it was pointless. Everyone was dancing, smiling and singing along. Everyone, except him. What did he have to dance about? The fact he had upset you? 

As the song ended, the room erupted with cheering. He looked to you, your eyes meeting. It didn’t last long. Quickly, you looked away, not wanting to think about him at that moment. However, his eyes lingered on you.

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