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I don't know if you checked the last anons she sent me but... No one is denying homophobia exists???? Or that homophobic viewers exist?? But the reason the ratings didn't drop from 10 million in season 2 to 1.5 million in season 6 for sure wasn't because of Klaine??? I just???

I think I know who anon is. A known Darren hater.

Yes homophobia exists.

Yes the VP of the US is a homophobic asshole that believes in conversion therapy.

But klaine did not ruin Glee. If anything they are the reason it survived. And honestly. I’m willing to bet that had both the characters and the actors been treated better. Glee may have lived even longer. With storylines where klaine thrived instead of constantly tearing them apart which started in season 4. When the real ratings decline started.

And they are the reason why the show is still relevant 2 years later. And they will be the reason it stays relevant for the foreseeable future. And if there is a Glee 2.0. They are the only reason people would watch.

Because homophobia still exists. It’s more important than ever to keep gay characters on our screens and keep them equal with their heterosexual counted parts. Show that they can love. And love passionately and beautifully.

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Were you on any other fandom before you were on this one? I was in the glee fandom and anyone who survived Glee/Klaine fandom deserves all the awards ever LOL. Anyway, once the show ended I felt a bit lost and fanfiction helped a lot, but suddenly Riverdale came out and it's the best thing that has happened to me, the fandom is a little bit toxic, but I love bughead so much, so here I am.

Not really, I had my ships from TVD & Harry Potter but I wasn’t as invested with those as I am w/ Riverdale. And yea I agree that some parts of this fandom take it way too seriously but if you just ignore them and focus on what you like and what you want to see on your feed, you’re good

another upbeat playlist brought to your by yours truly when you’re in the mood to break a sweat. // listen.

i. welcome to new york // taylor swift.
ii. blow / beyoncé.
iii. whipped into shape // legally blonde.
iv. tightrope // janelle monáe.
v. holding out for a hero // glee cast.
vi. yoncé // beyoncé. 
vii. shake it off // taylor swift.
viii. survivor / i will survive // glee cast.
ix. move // little mix.
x. dog days are over // florence + the machine.
xi. brokenhearted // karmin.
xii. this is how we do // katy perry.
xiii. boys don’t cry // natalia kills.
xiv. neon lights // demi lovato.
xv. ain’t it fun // paramore.
xvi. bright night // sia.
xvii. slut like you // p!nk. 
xviii. really don’t care // demi lovato.
xix. dance anthem of the 80s // regina spektor.
xx. dance apocalyptic // janelle monáe.
xxi. bang bang // jessie j ft. nicki minaj & ariana grande
xxii. trouble // neon jungle.
xxiii. word up! // little mix.
xxiv. anaconda // nicki minaj.
xxv. centuries // fall out boy.

klaine advent drabble challenge day 16: passion

word count: 1550

shamelessly inspired by chris’ new photoshoot. thank u to klaineaus on twitter for inspiring the end of the fic, you’re ace and i fuckin love you.

“Hey,” Kurt pushes into the girls bathroom in the science block, kicking the wet floor sign into place behind him so no one walks in on them, “I got your text. Everything okay?”

Blaine is hunched over the sink, scrubbing furiously at his letterman’s jacket. “Santana spilled her entire slushie down my front when I walked out of Biology. She says she didn’t mean to but it’s obvious she’s pissed that I got head cheerleader and she didn’t.”

Kurt steps closer, he can almost see the fury rolling off Blaine. “I’m sorry.”

Blaine huffs and Kurt sees his angry façade crack, his shoulders slumping. “I don’t get why she hates me so much,” he says weakly, “It’s not like I asked to be head Cheerio. Sue just gave it to me.”

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god can you imagine that order though

“hi yeah i’d like 300 black hats with ‘i survived glee’ and ’… and chris colfer is my favorite’ embroidered on it in two different fonts. yeah the first part in the front and the second part in the back. yeah. uh huh. the glee font yeah. i was thinking, do you have the rocky horror font? yeah that’s fine i’ll hold.”