glee haters

People who call Darren “Ryan’s precious snowflake” need a reality check, because Darren’s character on Glee was butchered like no other. Blaine was first introduced as this charming,confident guy with the occasional silliness and an interesting backstory and later he was turned into this insecure,whinny mess whose only goal in life was to marry Kurt. Does any of these say “producer’s snowflake”? And when Darren was asked what he wanted for his character in season 6, he said all he wanted was a storyline that made sense. And what did he get? A love story with Karofsky. Does that scream “special treatment’? So he got a lot of songs, or screen time, so what? That was because people liked Darren, so Ryan Murphy gave them more Darren, that is all…

does nobody realize that even though sebastian put rock salt in a slushie, he must have terrible aim, because the slushie was aimed at kurt’s chest not at his face.

see this? it perfectly hits blaine because he’s at chest level with kurt. maybe the slushie would have splashed kurt’s chin or something, but definitely not his face like it did with blaine. so, don’t please use that scenario against my kurtbastian shipping. thank you.


‘where max is the high princess of nassau and she demands you’re goddamn respect. especially when she’s kissing all the ladies (you too mrs b).’

i. miss jackson - panic! at the disco (max is going to fuck you’re shit up and look good doing it) // ii. oh no! - marina and the diamonds (don’t do love, don’t do friends, i’m only after success!) // iii. favourite girl - katelyn tarver (i’m going to seduce the shit out of that eleanor guthrie song) // iv. marilyn monroe - nicki minaj (call me cursed, call me blessed) // v. bad romance - caro emerald (miss gonna steal ya girl) // vi. i’m not your hero - tegan and sera (i’m not your hero but at least i’m not ned low) // vii. gives you hell - glee cast (max @ haters: sweetie :):):)) // viii. black sheep - gin wigmore (i may be manipulative but i look good in this dress) // ix. thrift shop - nightcore (only have 20 dollars in my pocket but i still won nassau’s next top model) // x. blank space - taylor swift (because darling im a nightmare dressed like a gay meme)

Glee haters...always them.


Why there is all this hate in the Glee fandom?


Haters, fucking haters.

Why people like this watch this show that it should only speak about joy and happines?

“By it’s very definition, glee is about opening yourself up to joy.”

Where is the joy?

If there are only couples/characters that you hate, why do you continue to watch it?

Just to have an excuse to go on the internet and throw hate for feeling better because you have a vapid life?

Make me sick.

Ship what you wanna ship and let others do the same.