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Hi everyone! 

I’m Marauder (marauder-in-warblerland) and the artist of that gorgeous cover is the beautiful Leo (aka dressedupinlights). We were lucky enough to work together for the second klainebookproject and we had such a good time we’ve decided to take our act on the road!

With your help, we’d like to make a little art to celebrate our follower milestones and the show that we love. 

Here are the details:

  • Enter as many times as you like. Likes and reblogs both count.
  • On May 1st, we will randomly select three winners.
  • Each winner will receive one piece of art and a short fic (roughly 1-2K) based on the characters, ship, and prompt of their choosing.
  • We are open to writing/illustrating a wide range of characters and situations, but we do have a few limits. For example, we would rather stick to Glee characters, which means no RPF. If you want to know if we would be okay with your prompt, just ask!
  • You do not need to be following either of us, but it would be awfully nice of you.
  • And finally, THANK YOU! You’ve all brought us more joy than we can possibly give in return.
Marauder's *Mostly* Recent Rec Page

In honor of alianne’s In Case You Missed It” Fic Fest, I’m rolling out a list of favorites (largely) written in the last two years.

Rec lists are difficult beasts. They are, by their very nature, partial, biased, and constantly unfinished. At the same time, it wasn’t that long ago that rec lists, like Chazzam’s, helped me find my footing in a strange new world. When fandom felt odd and diffuse, rec lists felt like a tangible way of learning the ropes. At their best,I think that they serve, not as definitive markers of quality or taste, but as a kind of springboard to all that fandom has to offer. 

It’s in that spirit that I offer a starter list to welcome new readers and to compliment those that once made me feel at home. Even as I type, I can think of favorite authors and works that aren’t yet represented, because I’m still reading, they’re still writing, or both. Either way, come back in a few weeks or a few months, and I can promise to have some new favorites ready and waiting.

While the list is currently Glee and Klaine-centric, I’ve included sections for other ships, non-romantic fics, and even the rare non-Glee fiction.

Read new authors, mind the warnings, and— by all means—enjoy!

Marauder’s *Mostly* Recent Fic Recs

Glee fic: Make This Place Our Home - Roderick, Jane, Mason, Madison

A quick reaction fic with our sapling of a Glee club bonding a bit. ~600 words, G.

Roderick’s not quite sure how it happens, but he ends up on the sidelines at the Homecoming bonfire with Jane. He has his headphones down, but he’d really be more comfortable with them on, the level of noise and people is overwhelming. He can’t help flinching at some of the loud noises.

“So, you’re Roderick, huh?” He hears, and realises Jane is talking to him.

He tries to smile and does an awkward wave, “Yeah, I am. And you’re Jane?” He hates how much that sounds like a question, she’ll just think he’s forgotten him name already.

Instead, she smiles brightly, “Well, I’m new here, so I’m going to need some friends.”

A prickle of awkwardness runs up his spine, “Well, I’m sort of the bottom of the social pyramid here; I haven’t made any friends yet.”

He is shocked to hear a sudden noise, and turns to see Mason and Madison standing there making the sound of screeching brakes along with a mime. “Hey, didn’t we just sing together?” Mason says.

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Fic: Play-by-Play

Summary: Glee kids are horrible spies OR what goes on inside when Kurt and Blaine leave Rachel’s house party. 

WC: 2K

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Thanks to foramomentonly for a speedy beta, and to tina-warriorprincess, imthepause, amongsoulsandshadows, and scout451 for some terrific insult suggestions. Folks, you have a gift. : )


“Oh my god! I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Madison squeals. The sound would be endearing if it weren’t right in Mason’s ear.

“Shhhhhh! I can’t hear them!” He hisses up toward his sister’s voice, aiming for her ear, and ends up with a mouthful of pink feathers and felt. She keeps squealing, but lowers the volume to a high, frenetic hum. He shouldn’t care. It’s not like any of them are good spies. After all, most super spies don’t accessorize in rainbow tulle.

Their loss, really, he thinks. The tutus are awesome. And even if they aren’t the best spies, the tulle isn’t making them any worse.

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fics to write post-Glee

 really really fucking long gen fics, like so!

Though they promised to stay in touch and that they’d always be “just a phone call away” it became a lot harder to keep in such close-contact post-college. With marriages, children, mortgages, successful dreams and a few less-than-success ones, the New Directions of 2013 really haven’t spoken to each other in a while. Some have kept in contact (Hummelberry, Blam + Mercedes) but others have fallen off the radar completely.

When word gets around that their beloved mentor, Mr. Schuester, has fallen into a coma, however, the former New Directions–now in their 40’s and 50’s–band back together to try and wake their old mentor with the power of song. Friendships and romances will respark, and some other dreams may rekindle as well as the Journey montage to Save Will Schuester begins!