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Okay, I just noticed something now...

In the Glee finale of season 2, we had Quinn say to Santana “I’m flattered Santana but I’m really not THAT into that”.

All of this time I thought Quinn was saying she was  not into girls but now I realized that she IS into girls just not as much as she is with guys. Seeing that this was still extremely religious Quinn, for her to say that was really huge and she most probably didn’t even realize what she was saying.

A few years later she shows that she is in fact THAT into that   by once again saying that it was a “one time thing” and then making it a “two time thing”.

You can say all you want that it was Quinn experimenting but to me Quinn is still as pressed as a lemon and she is either Bi, Pan or an actual Lesbian.


(from an Israeli magazine, sorry for any grammer mistakes)

Time to say goodbye

After 6 seasons, countless songs and one death that broke everyone’s hearts, Glee ends and we say goodbye in tears.

In the 6 seasons of Glee everything that possible happened - weddings, breakups, coming out of the closet and sudden death.
Now, that the show is about to end, it’s time to sum up the ten unforgettable moments that made the show as it is and left us shocked.

10. Mini glee club
We begin our final countdown with a very funny moment from season 2. The creators of the show decided to go wild and brought to everyone of the glee club “mini me” of their own. The film set filled with sweet little kids that dressed, looked and talked (kinda) like the students of Mckinley high. They were on the show as part of fever illusion of mr. shue.  

9. The characters changes identities
How Chris Colfer looks as Finn? how will Artie’s haircut will look on Naya Rivera?
We’ve got these answers to these questions in a very funny episode in season 3.
As a result of a head hit Tina start to imagine everyone like they’ve changed identities: mr. shue is Sue Sylvester, Puck is Blaine, Tina is Rachel and vice versa.
For the actors it was an opportunity to demonstrate their great impersonations ability, and they did prove themself.

8. Sue says goodbye to her sister
We couldn’t write this list without dedicating at least one moment to Sue Sylvester, the tough coach of the cheerleaders (and later also glee club coach, school principal and the list is long). Sue is usually the bad character who insults everyone, runs over anyone who stand in her way and doesn’t afraid to play dirty.
And yet, we learned to love her.
In the second season we found out that she also knows to show emotions, like the day her sister Jane, that suffered from Down Syndrome, died.
The funeral the student organized was lovely, and we teared up too.
Actually, who are we kidding? we cried like a little girl that her ice cream fell on the floor!

7. Kurt and Blaine finally kiss
From the first moment Blaine showed up in season 2 it was clear that he and Kurt were about to become a perfect couple. They met when Kurt went thru rough time, and Blaine was there for him, encouraging him and supporting him. Kurt fell in love with him on the first second (can we blame him?), but unfortunately it took Blaine more time to realise it. After half season of anticipation, we finally got the longed kiss, and of course the famous line “you move me, Kurt”.
You could say it want pretty good for them, right?

6. Kurt coming out to his dad
It’s weird to recall this, but in the first season Kurt was still deep in the closet in the first episodes. We saw him slowly coming out to his close friends, but one of the people he left to the end was actually his father, Burt.
His coming out was accompanied with a lot of concerns, many teenagers are well familiar this situation.
How did it ends? Burt tells Kurt that he will always love him and melted our hearts!
We got one of the most moving and encouraging scene on Glee, and Burt got the “best TV dad in the world” title.

5. Rachel gets her dream role
During the show we watched Rachel go thru many changes and upheavals, but one thing always stays the same, the fact that she will do everything it takes to make her dream come true, be on Broadway.
We were so happy for her when in season 5 she finally fulfilled her dream and got cast to the role of fanny on “funny girl”.
Not just any role - the last woman who played this role was the one and only Barbra Streisand, Rachel’s idol.
Therefore, after 4 seasons of struggles,failures and crazy ambition, watch Rachel win this role was the proof that if you want something bad enough, everything is possible!

4. The wedding of Brittany and Santana, Kurt and Blaine
During the seasons the creators of the show provided us quite a few exciting weddings - from Finn’s mom and Kurt’s dad wedding, to Will and Emma wedding (the one that ends good, yea?).
They also provided us a lot of weddings promises that didn’t come true (Finn and Rachel, for example).
But there is no doubt that in that subject season 6 wins - two gay couples got married at the same wedding - Brittana and Klaine.
We loved these couples from the beginning and we saw them experiencing many difficulties - breaking up, geting back together and breaking up again.
These is two couples that were told again and again the they won’t last, but they did it big time!

3. Rachel says goodbye to Finn (Cory)
Even though its year and a half away, our heart breaks every time we think about Cory Monteith.
The person that most affected by his death is probably Lea Michele - his on screen partner and in real life.
On the beautiful tribute episode that the creators made in his honor in season 5, Rachel/ Lea was barely on screen, but her short performance of the song “make you feel my love” (that lea picked herself) was the saddest and emotional part of the episode.
For one moment the boundaries between the show and reality disappeared, and we just took part in the sorrow of a young woman who lost her love and we were mourning on a young man who died too soon.

2. Glee wins nationals
Over three years the members of the glee club worked to make it to this moment.
On the way there, they overcome many obstacles, falls and fights that made us think that this moment will never come - but eventually it came, and it was amazing!.
Suddenly in season 3, the glee club kids stopped being rejected and became winners. The amazing songs and Will’s proud face was worth it all!
When you think about this win, everything that happened later doesn’t matter anymore, because we were just happy for this group, that survived everything and proved us that hard work and patience pays off.

1. The first performance of “Don’t stop believing”
In the first place the moment that everything began.
It’s true that since that performance in the first season the club got much more than 5 members, and there were many performances with invested and very impressive outfits and props, and even this song got several versions, but there isn’t a better moment that shows the essence of Glee than this moment.
A group of teenagers that not quite fit, maybe a little outcasts, that don’t even supposed to be friends, without budget or audience - doing what they love, and that all that matter!
If there’s something the show taught us it’s that.

It’s 2:53am on the 22nd of February 2015, I’m lying in bed reading the casts goodbye tweets and crying because it just hit me. I have loved this show from the start and even though I wasn’t fond of season 4 onwards, glee has played a major part in my life. Even the crappy parts of this show. I always thought people were cheesy for saying these kinds of things, but I got it now. Fuck, I finally got it… I’ve loved you, then hated you, but I will forever miss you, thank you for everything, glee.

I’m used to have my heart destroyed over OTPs.

-Glee when Brittana broke up for 2 whole seasons. But they finally got their happy ending in season 6.

-TVD when Nina Dobrev announced she was leaving the show, which meant the end of Delena. Elena was put in a coffin for 60 years, and now Damon could be romantically involved with Bonnie. but I still have hope because they’re both alive (you know, as vampire and sleeping beauty).

-Teen Wolf when Crystal decided to leave. Allison’s death. When Stiles slept with Malia in Eichen House. When they started Marrish. Stydia still not being canon after 5 seasons.  But they’re still alive and there is many hints.

-Xena dies. But the show ended with Gabriel still loving her.

-Los Ombres De Paco, when Sylvia died in Pepa’s arms during their wedding. Stopped watching the show after that.

-Skins, Freddie was murdered when he could have been happy with Effy. When Naomi got cancer and Emily dried in her arms. Stopped watching after that.

-Orphan Black, when Delphine got shot and we still don’t know if she’s dead. Still waiting.

-Faking It, when Karma keep breaking Amy’s heart. New season start soon and I still have hope.

Last heartbreak but not the less important : GOD KNOWS HOW LEXA’S DEATH HAS BEEN CRUSHING ME. There is no hope for a come back, no hope for Clexa, the writers and Jason are assholes, and they will make Bellarke happens… I loved the show but I may stop to watch soon, it’s too painful, still not saw this week episode, and I don’t want to ………………………………….