glee filming locations

So Glee is filming on location for Dalton and at a theater?

I’m assuming the theater is for Nationals/Regionals/whatever the fuck wasn’t covered last season

And who da fuq knows what the Dalton is for.

Would anyone in the LA area be up for seeing some filming with me? I’m in LA until 2(ish; I can probably leave a little early) on Monday - when they’re filming at Dalton - and then until about 3ish on Tuesday, I think. I’m kind of shy around people I admire/recognize (as are so many, I know) but gain a lot more courage in groups. Is there anyone already planning on going who I might be able to hang out with? 

Also Pasadena is awesome and I haven’t been there in over a year kay bye.

Today was the BEST DAY EVER

I’m still hyperventilating after this crazy, amazing day! My friend told me at 8 am that filming at Washington Square Park had ended, so I decided not to go. But then, I saw on Tumblr that they were going to film all day! So I ran to Washington Square Park where I met the wonderful Katie (Hi Katie!) and that’s when we saw Darren and Chris. Chord and Kevin were already there, shooting some scenes. Chris, Darren, Will, and some other crew people started walking near us. Then Will left, and Chris and Darren started rehearsing the scene.

Will was wearing earmuffs and a red hat. He looked sooooo cute! Him and Chris were talking and laughing with each other. Chris kept going to him after some takes. Will was there the whole day.  I think he gave his earmuffs to Chris because he was feeling so cold! Then Chris gave him the earmuffs back and Will gave them to him again! :) Chris was sooo cold the entire time. Katie and I felt so bad for him :( (To the person who thinks that those weren’t Will’s earmuffs - like I said, I THINK they were - maybe Will was just wearing them until Chris took them - idk. All I saw was a tradeoff ok?) - UPDATE: I have been informed that these are just the earmuffs on set, so it’s possible they didn’t share. Whatever, they were still really cute together!

Kevin and Chord are soo hilarious! They kept joking around on set and they were very entertaining.

Then, Lea came, and they all started shooting some scenes where they got into a limo-type car.

This was the first time I saw Darren, Chris, Chord, and Kevin, and it was amazing!!! Watching them act was like a dream come true (corny but true).

I decided to stay the entire time they were filming, so it was basically the whole day. Such a great experience! Will be looking out for more glee filming locations tomorrow! Maybe I’ll go then too.