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Sweet DREAMers Chapter Thirty One

Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel AU Read on AO3
Rating: M
Word Count: 8865 Chapter 31/33

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Author’s Note: I had included the following statement at the beginning of Chapter One, but given the content of this chapter, I’ve decided to repeat it:  
U.S. immigration law is discussed here, so I need to state the following: This is a work of fiction.  The information contained in this story is not legal advice. Readers must not act upon any information without first seeking advice from a qualified attorney. I am not an attorney, and am not responsible for any damages resulting from any error, inaccuracy, or omission contained herein.

Huge thanks to my beta, flowerfan and my reviewer, LolaIsMe

Summary: Blaine Anderson is a business major at Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY).  Blaine came to the United States from the Philippines on a tourist visa with his mom when he was three years old and since then, has lived in Woodside, Queens with his mom and cousin Marco. As a gay, undocumented student, he has the questionable good fortune to belong to two marginalized populations.  One day, while at his part-time job at a book store, Blaine meets Kurt Hummel, a theatre major from Ohio attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and begins a tentative friendship. Before it has the chance to bloom into more, Blaine’s immigration status is revealed, creating issues for both of them.

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Chapter Thirty One  

Sunday, November 30, 2014 continued

Kurt waited while his web browser searched for sites related to “marriage to an undocumented immigrant.”  The screen filled with links, and Kurt opened a number of them.  Many were for law firms offering a range of services.  Others offered information, but Kurt wasn’t sure how reliable the source was.  The official US government site, had lots of general information on applying for permanent residency (Green Card) as a spouse of a US citizen, but didn’t seem to have anything specific about rules for undocumented immigrants.  Other sites indicated that some undocumented immigrants could apply for US permanent residency within the U.S., but others would have to leave the country to apply, and once they did so, they could be barred for ten years before being eligible to return.  

After nearly an hour of searching, Kurt became frustrated and stopped. He just didn’t know what to believe. Many of the sites had either conflicting or confusing information.  Several he had viewed recommended working with an immigration attorney.   But who could he contact if he just wanted information?

Kurt thought about Blaine’s speech from October. One of the speakers had been the head of NYU’s Immigrant Rights Clinic.  But Blaine had told him his friend’s sister worked there.  He didn’t want any inquiry to get back to Blaine. After all, he was just gathering information, nothing else. If it turned out to be a dead end, Blaine would never need to know.  Rather than visit the clinic and risk running into anyone who knew Blaine, he decided to call them on Monday instead. I can be anonymous that way, and maybe they can give me information over the phone.

Kurt stretched his arms over his head, and twisted his torso from side to side. He took a deep breath and let it out. I love you, Blaine.  If there’s any way to keep you safe and maybe ease your worry about your immigration status, I’m going to find it.

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Finn: It’s your own star
Rachel: You named a star after me?
Finn: Well, no. I though about that, but then I named it Finn Hudson. Because there’s already a star named Rachel Berry. And she’s right here on earth and she’s brighter than any of those stars up there. So, I just wanted to make sure that whenever you feel lonely, she can look up in to sky and no matter where I am, she can know that I’m looking down on her
—  Gleequote: Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry - 03x09 Extraordinary Merry Christmas

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Kurt: Wh-why are you crying and laughing at the same time?
Blaine: Because you’re the only person I know that would do something like this. You’re the only one. And-and that is why I love you so much
Kurt: I love you, too
—  Gleequote: Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson - 06x13 Dreams Come True
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