glee couples

People in this fandom should just ship what they want to ship and that’s it, because no matter how bad you talk about a ship canon or not, no matter how much you bash it, that won’t stop their shippers of loving it, it’s the same for every glee character and actor, it doesn’t matter that you want a certain actor/actress to fail, that’s not going to happen, because everyone of the cast without exceptions are talented, and they will have a sucessfull career after glee ends, like it or not

I ship Fuinn, Finchel, Quick, Fabrevans, Quinntana, Faberry, Samcedes, Sancedes, Puckleberry, Puck&Blaine’s mom, Pucktana, Dantana, Samtana, Brittana, Brittina, Puckcedes, Tike, Tartie, Kartie, Brittie, Miketany, Samtany, etc etc. The only people I can’t even think about multishipping are Kurt&Blaine, I can’t imagine them with any other person. I think that’s what OTP means.

it is unrealistic that seemingly everyone meets his soulmate and true love in highschool, true, but that’s how teen-shows work and i think it would be really weird if they now suddenly would break the big couples up and give all of them new partners. that’s not what fans want or deserve. we’ve been waiting for the happy ends since forever. brittana, klaine, samcedes, tike/tartie, quick, i want them all end happy together and the rest is our imagination.