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I agree. As an american I want see a wizardry high school. I want pep rallies and key club and cheerleaders and glee club and other things that are inherently american. Imagine what senior pranks would be like at a wizard school. There are endless possibilities for making an american version without it being a carbon copy of hogwarts.

List of Lesbians who got a happy ending

These are all the ones I could think of:

•Britney and Santana (Glee)

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•Bo and Lauren (Lost Girl)

•Rachel and Luce (Imagine me and you)

•Megan and Graham (but I’m a Cheerleader)

•Therese and Carol (Carol)

When people ask us why we make a “big deal” out of our lack of representation, this is why. Out of the already very few lesbian and bisexual characters we get, only a very small amount get a happy ending. Most of us get killed, or sent to jail, or one leaves the other for a guy. We just want a happy ending where the girl gets the girl and nobody gets hurt.