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Okay, due to the excessive amounts of bullshit that has been thrown at us over the weekend, I wanted to make this list, explaining why I believe in CC and think that Chill/arren is fake as fuck. Enjoy, my pissed-off internet friends!

1) Okay, imagine that you’ve been in a relationship for about eight years (I say ‘about’ because it changes all the time). Wouldn’t they be married by now, or, at the very least, engaged? I know that long relationships exist, and I respect that, but knowing how M acts and perceives fame, she would’ve wanted a ring by now, no question. The most logical explanation would be that this was set up with no marriage in mind.

2) D has literally stated that he’s never been committed to anything as long as Glee when he was 'in a relationship’ with M.

3) Both D and C’s relationships were confirmed ON THE EXACT SAME DAY.

4) Gleeunions, as we like to call them, happen every other week now, yet D and C are still never seen together, because they can’t be seen together.

5) And in relation to #4, don’t tell me that they’re enemies, because they were very good friends before they left Glee, then stopped talking with no explanation. If it were an actual fallout, the media would’ve been all over it, with C and D being two of the show’s biggest members. They stopped talking because PR didn’t want them to, not because they hate eachother.

6) D repeatedly leaves his 'lady of many moons’ alone at the PR house with B, where M and B have both proven that they’re the real “couple goals” here, not M and D. (Case in point: Valentine’s Day Snapchats)

7) D has spoken about C multiple times without being asked, and has to be reminded that his supposed girlfriend even exists.

8) Even when acting, D has more chemistry with C on Glee than with M in real life.

9) The infamous Twitter “hacks” in which D liked things pertaining to him and C, or being gay in general. (Note: This wasn’t an isolated incident, it happened about three times. And all three times, D announced 'Twitter hack, trying to resolve.’) Right, @ajw720 ? 😂

10) D literally said that he was gay in the background of a video that I can’t remember the origin of, if anyone would help me to locate it, thank you!

11) When Glee was still filming, none of the actors had their SO’s visit the set, except for C and D, because true love 🙄. In reality, this was to sell the fake relationships to the press.

12) Why in the fuck would C work on his movies with Fox after how they treated him? His books are his pride and joy, and he wouldn’t want them to be involved with a studio that treated him and D so poorly, not to mention most of the other Glee cast members. C agreed to work with them again because they have a stake in D coming out.

13) Speaking of C’s books, if you read any of them (LOS, SBL, or STFF), you will see that C loves to write from personal experiences, and there are tons of references to D, M, RM, and the entertainment industry in general. He even has a group that mimics CC shippers in Land of Stories, called the Bookhuggers. The Bookhuggers are a group of girls who follow Alex and Conner obsessively and demand that they reveal what they’re hiding, because they’re hiding SOMETHING. 😂 In the end, it turns out they were right all along… Crazy, right?

14) The 'Too Much Love’ Instagram post. WE ALL KNOW THAT’S D, NOT W. WHY ELSE WOULDN’T YOU SHOW HIS FACE?

That’s all I can think of right now, but I know that there’s way more, so can you guys add on? Let’s make this a Masterpost!

froggy-5  asked:

Wouldn't it be great if Chris working with FOX means 'reconnecting' and 'catching up' with Darren? Even better if he gets cast as froggy, and they start talking to each other more on social media, and the happy couple of 1000 years break up and suddenly Chris and Darren start dating publicly. Ahhhh a girl can dream right?

I don’t think you are that far off.  I don’t know that Darren will be cast as Froggy, it may be too soon, and it may not be the best move depending on where we are in the narrative.  But they did cast the inspiration for the character in Bridget Jones, Colin Firth, so maybe??. And we know Froggy is Darren.  We can certainly dream:)  

I did a post earlier today (x) about how I am willing to bet there is a lot more involved in Chris choosing Fox than just creative control. This coupled with Darren’s working with Fox and Murphy.  It screams of deals being made behind he scenes. Deals that will, in time, lead to their ability to step into the sun.

I do believe, and again I have nothing to base this on by observation, that we are going to soon see D&C interact in someway as soon as D is able to effectively end his bearding relationship (I do not think it will happen before this).

And have you noticed?  There has been an increased frequency in Glee gatherings. Darren, Lea, and Chord. Just a week or so ago, Matt had an event and i think there may have been 10 glee cast members there. Jenna and Kevin, who have always been close, but seem to be pushing it more. And just last night (or recently IG stories can be anytime), we now have Chris out with Kevin. Screams to me of promotion. That maybe something like a Glee 2.0 may be in the works or at least in the “maybe” phase.  And Chris and Darren thus far are participating. Just not together.

So is not the next natural step to get C&D in a room together? It would not even seem odd if they attended one of these Glee Get Together Events. They don’t have to go together. Just be in the same room.  And that would be the start. That would lay the foundation. And eventually allow them the freedom to come out as a couple.  And not shock the majority of their fans.

anonymous asked:

So D has been to at least 3 events with other Glee cast members and he takes a picture with everyone but Chris Colfer!? I do not ship CC, but I am a fan of both men and I support D and C no matter what but what the hell is that all about?

Anon, I think it is pretty obvious.  I know you don’t ship CC, but there is no logical explanation except they are hiding something.

Set Visit [Grant Gustin]

hello, this is set back in 2012 when Grant was playing Sebastian in Glee because I’m re-watching it all at the moment and I’ve just got so many feels right now. Also, I know that this isn’t a Buttercream Squad or Teen Wolf imagine but I have a complete lack of motivation and inspiration to write so I wanted to try something new, I hope you guys don’t mind x

As much as the crackling picture on your Skype calls annoyed the crap out of you, Skyping your boyfriend, Grant was honestly the highlight of your day. Balancing a long distance relationship with all of the other little stresses in your life such as work, getting a degree and being social was difficult but you made it work, always made it work because you loved and missed your boyfriend more than you could even explain. But, being in a long distance relationship was hard, especially with the small time difference between the two of you and Grant being busy a lot as he was filming his part for Glee but you didn’t mind, seeing his face at the end of each day made it all worth it in the end.

You’d almost given up on the call altogether after the fifth ring and no answer until the screen froze for a few seconds before Grant’s face popped up on the screen.

Hey baby, how’s things going?” 

Hey darling, they’re okay, how are you? Are you okay?

I’m okay Grant, stop worrying, it doesn’t look good on you.” You joked, the corners of your mouth turned up into a smirk as he just rolled his eyes back at you, sticking his tongue out at you. “But seriously, I’m okay. I miss you a lot, like, a lot but I’m trying to keep myself distracted,” you shrugged, lowering your voice as you played with the sleeve of your hoodie - or, more accurately, his hoodie.

I miss you too, I know that two months still seems like a long time to wait but it’ll fly past, I promise.” The sad look on your face tugged at his heart and all he wanted was to jump onto the next flight over to you and make sure you were okay but he couldn’t and that just made his heart break even more. “But hey, come on, enough of being sad and emotional, tell me, how are your classes going?” 

They’re good, I’m keeping my grades up and I’m looking forward to it finishing. Knowing I only have one term left is relieving but scary all at the same time.

And at the end of the term, who’s going to be sat at your graduation ay?

Hmm, I can’t think…” you joked, sending him a wink. “My parents? My best friend? Who else could possibly be there? I mean, I heard that this big shot actor could turn up but I don’t know who he is?” 

A blush made its way up to Grant’s cheeks at your words and a smile appeared back on your lips. “A big shot actor hey?


I love you Y/N.”

I love you too Grant.”

I’ve got to go, I’ve got to get up at 5am for filming and I’ve got a really busy day tomorrow but I love you so, so much don’t forget that.

I won’t, I love you too.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay?

Okay, bye!” You said, showing off a cheesy grin causing him to smile back before he blew a kiss to you and pressed the end call button.

Just as you did everyday, you sat in the middle of your bed just staring at your laptop screen, letting tears brim in your eyes, your heart feeling completely heavy in your chest just like it did every time you let yourself have a few minutes to just think about your boyfriend. It was no lie that Grant had captured your heart from the moment you had spilled your coffee on him when you were seventeen years old. And, four years later, he still had your heart and you had his. You’d never let anything come between the two of you, not the two year age gap, the now distance, the time zones.

“I’m coming Y/BF/N, I promise. I’m just popping into Starbucks to grab us some drinks and stuff because else how are we possibly going to be able to focus on studying?” You laughed down the phone to Y/BF/N, opening the door to Starbucks, the little bell in the corner of the door ringing out to alert the barristers that a new customer was there. 

“Okay, okay, I’ll be patient but you know that patience is in no way my specialty.”

“I know, I know but I’ll be there in ten minutes, calm down my child.”

“And stop calling me your child, people look at us weirdly when you do that.”

“Yeah, yeah whatever, see you later,” you replied, shoving your phone back into your pocket before walking towards the small line of people waiting to order their drinks. Leaning up on your tiptoes to see how many were in front of you, you let out a sigh that you didn’t even know you were holding as you let your foot tap against the floor.

The line slowly disbursed until you were finally rolling off your order and paying before stepping aside to wait for your drinks.

“Y/N!” Looking up from your phone, you shoved it down into your back pocket, ignoring the buzz from the messages that Y/BF/N was sending you and grabbing your drinks from the counter. Turning around, you felt yourself bash into another body. Gasping, you heard a plastic lid fall to the floor before the cup in your hand also hit the floor.

“Oh shit,” you hissed, looking at the mess on the floor and yourself before finally looking up at the person whom you’d collided with. His red shirt was covered in coffee along with a few drops on his jeans and shoes, the look on his face whilst it held shock from the situation, it also held small amounts of amusement telling you that he wasn’t about to yell at you. “I am so, so sorry. I can’t believe I just let that happen.”

You couldn’t lie, the smile spread across his lips made your insides fill with warm that wasn’t from the warm coffee seeping through your shirt. He shrugged, letting a small laugh pass through his lips making your insides melt a little more.

“Don’t worry about it. We’ve all been victims of not paying attention to where we’re going, it’s fine. Let me get you some replacement drinks.”

“You really don’t need to do that, this was my fault, not yours.”

“I want to come on and then we can both go home and change.” He smiled, resting his hand down on your shoulder, “I’m Grant by the way.”


Letting out a sigh, you let a smile slip onto your lips as an idea popped into your head as you grabbed your phone, dialing your best friend’s number.

“Y/N, this better be good, Captain America has just been woken up.”

“How would you feel about spending reading week across the country?”


“Well, I must say, when you phoned me last night I didn’t think I would be sitting on a plane eight hours later. I think this definitely counts as a spontaneous trip, right?” Letting a laugh tumble past your lips, twirling one of your earphones around your finger, you nodded. This definitely counted as a spontaneous trip. Not that you thought Y/BF/N would agree to flying across the country with you to surprise your boyfriend but she had and here you were. “Have you got everything sorted out? Like does anyone know we’re coming?”

“Yes, don’t worry about it. I’ve got it covered, now, I’m going to stick my earphones in and read to distract myself from the fact we’re about to be 40,000 feet above the air,” you smirked, turning your head to look out of the window and controlling your breathing. 

“I’m here if you need a hand to hold,” she smirked and you just rolled your eyes, pushing her shoulder and resting your head against the window, knowing in just a few short hours that you’d be on the ground and face-to-face with your favourite person again.

The plane ride seemed to fly by as you spend the time reading the pages of your book and listening to your favourite playlist, the one that you and Grant had made together just before he moved away for three months for filming, it was just a little reminder of him and everything that he meant to you. But, as you landed safely on the ground again, nerves started to float around your body, what if he didn’t actually want to see you?

“Y/N, are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.”

“Okay but I know you’re lying and we’ll talk about this when we get off which brings me to my next point, we need to get off the plane as everyone else already has.” Y/BF/N wasn’t wrong, you looked around to see that there were only a couple of other people still walking down the aisles of the plane. You nodded, your lips fitted in a tight line as you stood up and grabbed your bags, following Y/BF/N out of the plane and into the airport.

“Okay, there should be a cab waiting for us. Darren just text me to tell me.”

“Wait a bloody second, you’re telling me that you sorted all of this out with Darren Criss?” 

“Yeah? We became friends at this party that Grant was invited to back home to let the new Glee cast members be introduced to each other as well as the already standing cast and crew. He invited me with him and we all hit it off so yes, I sorted all of this out with Darren Criss.” 

Y/BF/N rolled her eyes with a smirk playing on her lips, though she had gotten used to the fact you were now dating a just getting into the spotlight actor, neither her or you had gotten used to the amount of famous faces you’d been introduced to on the way. Before she could reply, you grabbed her arm and headed towards the cab driver that was holding a sign with your name on it.


The drive to the studio where the cast were filming seemed to go so slow, leaving you alone with the nibbling thoughts that were going through your brain. You were worried that Grant wouldn’t want you there, that you’d just be getting in the way, that he didn’t want to see you at all, that he’d just tell you to go back home. Trying your hardest to bite away the tears that were beginning to form, turning to smile at Y/BF/N as she squeezed your arm, knowing exactly what you were thinking just as you pulled up to where you wanted to be. 

Slipping at 20 to the driver and sending a text to Darren, you got out of the car, immediately spotting Grant talking to Darren and Chris. He was wearing his Warbler costume, a frown etched across his features as he looked down at his phone and that’s when you noticed your phone beginning to buzz in your pocket, Darren finally noticing you and sending you a wink. Letting Grant’s Skype call continue to go on as you quietly walked up behind them. 

“What’s wrong Grant?”

“I’m trying to Skype Y/N but she’s not answering,” he whispered, worry clearly laced through his tone. “What if something’s happened to her?”

“You mean such as flying across the country to surprise her boyfriend?” You asked and Grant immediately turned around with a gasp, the frown turning into a huge grin as his arms wrapped around you. 

“What are you doing here?!”

“I’m here to surprise you of course, I missed you and I needed to see you and I have reading week this week so I thought I’d come and surprise you for the week. Unless I’m just going to get in the way obviously.”

“You’re never going to be in the way,” he whispered into your ear as his grin on your tightened. “I’ve missed you so damn much, I’m so glad that you’re here, so, so glad.” He said as he pulled away, pressing his lips softly to yours. 

“I’m happy to be here too. I love you Grant.”

“I love you too Y/N.”

Lea Anon

For reasons, I am not posting your ask as I am trying to be somewhat supportive. Fact, their relationship today is pure PR. There is no question. 

 And I agree, i find her to sound disingenuous and fake.  But most people don’t see that.   They don’t think about the fact that she is one of the few Glee cast members that did not see Hedwig (we don’t count Chris , he saw it tons).  But make no mistake, they are using each other.  D benefits too. She is the one with 3 times the followers on social media.  so they both get something.   

You scratch my back, i will scratch yours.  

D gets exposure from her. Every time she posts about him, there are people seeing that post that do not follow him. People bought Elsie tickets to see her. That makes his festival more successful.  That is a good thing. 

And I had an insightful anon today suggest that she may play a role in his coming out. Isn’t that interesting? So much speculation and so many  rumors about her being the new beard and all along it may be that they were laying the foundation for this public friendship so when the times comes, she is a voice of public support and encouraging the GA to support him. That type of support is critical. This is going to be really ugly before it rights itself (which it will).  

Bottom line. We don’t have to like it. We don’t have to support it. But we should respect that there is a direct benefit to Darren and anything that is going to help him end this nightmare and start his path on the side of the truth, is a good thing.

I’m always so confused when I see people call Darren egotistical and self-centered.

Like… are we even talking about the same person?

Darren Criss, the man who tweets about almost everything any of the Glee cast members are doing.

Darren Criss, the man who says he feels like a jerk off for having to ignore his fans because he’s filming.

Darren Criss, the man who hardly talks about himself in his own interviews, always talking about how amazing (insert person’s name here) is, that he just got to work with. Who mentions his brother’s band as often as possible.

Darren Criss, the man who went from filming Glee, got on a plane, flew to Chicago, performed a musical that he had read all of like three times, and then, rather than sleeping, like he should have since he had to go to New York and film The Breakup the next day, he hung out with his fans and friends until he had to head to the airport.

Darren Criss, the guy who took a fan’s squirming child off her hands so she could get stuff out of her bag.

Darren Criss, the man who says yes to almost anything anyone asks him to do as long as he’s able to. Music videos, hosting, etc.

Darren Criss, the man who does not get angry or annoyed when the Starkids tease him mercilessly because he’s famous.

Darren Criss, the man who was donating toys in the car to the airport after performing in the bitter cold for Toys for Tots when he was clearly exhausted.

Darren Criss, the man who so desperately wanted to talk with his fans after a concert that he almost got arrested because the police didn’t want him going outside and accidentally starting a riot.

And Darren Criss, the man who to this day, constantly expresses his awe at everything he has in life, and thanks his fans profusely for bringing him this far.

I seriously don’t think we’re talking about the same person if THAT reads as egotistical and self-centered.

anonymous asked:

i dont even understand where this nonsense “no speak of chris or glee” came from, its not like D himself, or any glee cast member disregards glee. the cast still posts throwbacks, likes each others pics...When has any of the cast members, D specifically, shied away from talking about Glee?!Its such bullshit! & when has D ever been asked about C and acted as though he didnt want to answer the question- literally never!!! in fact, his best answers/interviews are when he gushes and talks about C.

Gushes anon, gushes. He is positively adorable.  Darren’s whole face lights up when he is able to speak about Chris. 

I still think my fav moment caught on camera is the stage door when the fan has the phone case with Chris’ hat.  His voice actually changes and he starts to act like a babbling teenager and talks about how he LOVES that hat. It is a personal favorite of mine.

If D did not want to ever hear about Glee, he would have not had 2 of his former co-starts at Elsie plus the producer nor we he personally have sang 2 songs from the show. He also wouldn’t hang out with various members of the cast at different times and interact with them on social media.

I really wish this nonsense would be put to rest. I have more than made it clear that the notion of D&C hating each other needs to be turned around as soon as that woman’s promotion is completed.

@flowersintheattic254 did a much better response her: (x)

Glee cast members who sang on US Billboard charting songs

US Billboard Top 100 Singles

Lea Michele* ** **** ā€“Ā 77Ā Billboard charting singles. 75 lead (solo, duet, group), 2 featured.

Cory Monteith* ** **** ā€“Ā 55Ā Billboard charting singles. 48 lead (solo, duet, group), 7 featured.

Amber Riley** **** ā€“Ā 50Ā Billboard charting singles. 37 lead (solo, duet, group), 13 featured.

Naya Rivera** **** ā€“Ā 42Ā Billboard charting singles. 34 lead (solo, duet, group), 8 featured.

Kevin McHale ****ā€“Ā 41Ā Billboard charting singles. 30 lead (solo, duet, group), 11 featured.

Chris Colfer ā€“Ā 30Ā Billboard charting singles. 22 lead (solo, duet, group), 8 featured.

Darren Criss*** ā€“Ā 27Ā Billboard charting singles. 26 lead (solo, duet, group), 1 featured.

Mark Salling **** ā€“Ā 25Ā Billboard charting singles. 18 lead (solo, duet, group), 7 featured.

Jenna Ushkowitz ā€“Ā 24Ā Billboard charting singles. 15 lead (solo, duet, group), 9 featured.

Heather Morris** ā€“Ā 21Ā Billboard charting singles. 11 lead (solo, duet, group), 10 featured.

Matthew Morrison ā€“Ā 18Ā Billboard charting singles. 18 lead (solo, duet, group).

Chord Overstreet ā€“Ā 17Ā Billboard charting singles. 14 lead (solo, duet, group), 3 featured.

Dianna Agron ā€“Ā 15Ā Billboard charting singles. 10 lead (solo, duet, group), 5 featured.

Jonathan Groff ā€“Ā 8Ā Billboard charting singles. 6 lead (solo, duet, group), 2 featured.

Kristin Chenoweth ā€“Ā 6Ā Billboard charting singles. 6 lead (solo, duet, group).

Gwyneth Paltrow ā€“Ā 6Ā Billboard charting singles. 6 lead (solo, duet, group).

Idina Menzel ā€“Ā 5Ā Billboard charting singles. 5 lead (solo, duet, group).

Harry Shum, Jr. ā€“Ā 4Ā Billboard charting singles. 3 lead (solo, duet, group), 1 featured.

Grant Gustin ā€“Ā 4Ā Billboard charting singles. 4 lead (solo, duet, group).

Charice ā€“Ā 4Ā Billboard charting singles. 4 lead (solo, duet, group).

Jayma Mays ā€“Ā 2Ā Billboard charting singles. 2 lead (solo, duet, group).

Damian McGinty ā€“Ā 2Ā Billboard charting singles. 1 lead (solo, duet, group), 1 featured.

Matt Bomer ā€“Ā 2Ā Billboard charting singles. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).

Jane Lynch ā€“Ā 1Ā Billboard charting single. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).

Olivia Newton-John ā€“ 1Ā Billboard charting single. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).Ā 

Samuel Larsen ā€“Ā 1Ā Billboard charting single. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).

Jacob Artist ā€“Ā 1Ā Billboard charting single. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).

Dean Geyer ā€“Ā 1Ā Billboard charting single. 1 lead (solo, duet, group).

* The Pilot version of ā€˜Donā€™t Stop Believinā€™ā€™ with Cory & Lea singing lead went Platinum in the USA.

** 'Loser Like Meā€™ with Cory and Lea singing lead, and featuring Naya, Amber, and Heather, went Gold in the USA.

*** 'Teenage Dreamā€™ with Darren and the Tufts Beelzebubs singing went Gold in the USA.

**** 'Donā€™t Stop Believinā€™ (Regionals Version)ā€™ with Cory and Lea singing lead along with Kevin, Amber, Mark, and Naya was nominated for a Grammy in 2011 forĀ Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals


Number of songs sung by cast members on Glee albums that charted on the US Billboard Album 200 chart

Lea Michele ā€“ 94 tracks on Billboard charting GleeĀ albums.

Cory Monteith ā€“Ā 70Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Amber RileyĀ ā€“ 53Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Kevin McHaleĀ ā€“ 49Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Darren CrissĀ ā€“Ā 45Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Chris ColferĀ ā€“ 44 tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Naya RiveraĀ ā€“Ā 41Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Jenna UshkowitzĀ ā€“ 34Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Mark SallingĀ ā€“Ā 30Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Chord OverstreetĀ ā€“Ā 29Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Matthew Morrison ā€“ 20Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Dianna AgronĀ ā€“Ā 16Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Tufts Beelzebubs (S2 Warblers)Ā ā€“Ā 16Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Heather MorrisĀ ā€“Ā 15Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Melissa BenoistĀ ā€“Ā 15Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Becca TobinĀ ā€“ 12Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Alex NewellĀ ā€“Ā 9Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Jacob ArtistĀ ā€“Ā 10Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Blake JennerĀ ā€“Ā 8Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Jonathan GroffĀ ā€“Ā 6Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Gwyneth PaltrowĀ ā€“Ā 6Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Harry Shum, Jr.Ā ā€“Ā 5Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Kristin ChenowethĀ ā€“Ā 4Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Idina MenzelĀ ā€“Ā 4Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Jayma MaysĀ ā€“Ā 3Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Samuel LarsenĀ ā€“Ā 3Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Jane LynchĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

John StamosĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Grant GustinĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Damian McGintyĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Kate HudsonĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Demi LovatoĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Adam LambertĀ ā€“Ā 2Ā tracks on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Olivia Newton-JohnĀ ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Neil Patrick Harris ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

ChariceĀ ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Lindsay PearceĀ ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Dean GeyerĀ ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Sarah Jessica ParkerĀ ā€“Ā 1Ā track on Billboard chartingĀ GleeĀ albums.

Breakdown by album that charted in US Billboard Top 200Ā 

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anonymous asked:

wait what was going on with part of Chris's interview being silenced once they asked about a glee reunion?

I think just bad editing.  But who knows maybe he suggested the glee cast member who’d be perfect for froggy🐸? 

 Kidding. Seriously bad editing.  Or maybe a second clip to come?  

Anyone know why Darren’s manager’s MOTHER (Beverly Rollins) posts and tags about Chris Colfer’s personal milestones (as well as other odd mentions) and not any other Glee cast member?

Serious question.

Evidence under the cut.

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