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Planning || Klaine

Blaine tucked his lesson plans into his briefcase and padded out into the living room, where he was sure that Kurt would be on the sofa, reading wedding magazines or watching Say Yes To The Dress. It made him smile. Of course Kurt was completely into this–there was really no other option with Kurt–but it still gave Blaine a little thrill of love for him. He had been waiting for this since he was 16 years old, and now it was finally happening.

He flopped down at the sofa next to Kurt, immediately going in for a snuggle, kissing the side of his head. “Oh by the way, I brought you an InStyle Weddings on my way home from work yesterday, it’s in the magazine rack.” He glanced at the TV, but he was much more interested in Kurt. If he was honest with himself, the planning parts of the wedding were more stressful than they were exciting, but the wedding part? He couldn’t wait.