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Was wondering if you knew where I could find some of the BTS video of D & C when they were shooting Got To Get You Into My Life? You know some of the video that students at the school they were filming at took... Thanks!!! :)

HERE is one before they were in costume.   HERE is one.   HERE is the final kiss that wasn’t needed as they were filming far away shots - you can see Chris shake his head signaling Darren to just kiss him already mhmm.  HERE is another video from farther away.  And damn…Chris’ hips and quite a long kiss HERE.

HERE are all the kisses collected into one video.


s2 bts: photos, video:

  • “The first day I met Chris we had dinner…" (Special Education bts)
  • Original Song bts (2:14)
  • "Wow, Chris, I love you!" (2:20)
  • "He is great, I was big fan of his Harry Potter musical…” (0.20)
  • Chris on fans’ reaction to Darren and kissing boys in private school uniforms (4:16, 7:30)
  • “Chris is a very generous talent" (1:50)

BONUS - audio of Darren’s interview, Chris the wood nymph, "I like Chris a whole lot” and much more (1:40-4.50) 


s3 bts: photos, video:

  • Chris’ hearteyes (Pot O’ Gold bts) (0:25)
  • Darren and Chris chatting between takes (Extraordinary Merry Christmas bts) (0:21)
  • Chatting and laughing between takes (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)
  • Chris watching Brooke dance with Darren (Saturday Night Glee-ver bts)

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