Bonding Moments

Santana grunted some as she shifted on her crutches and lowered herself down to the ground so she could lay prone beside Beth. “I sent Hermes down to set up some targets for us.” She smiled at the teen before taking the rifle from her and showing her how to load it. Santana took her time in explaining everything to the very focused girl. “Are you right or left handed?” She asked softly as she aimed down the sights to make sure they were properly in focus. ‘Right handed.’ Beth stated softly. Santana moved a little bit closer to the girl and helped her to get the rifle in the proper position. “Can you see the targets at the end of the field? Don’t aim for Hermes, he won’t like that too much. Trust me, I’ve tried.” Santana smiled when Beth giggled at her before looking through the sights.


Santana had been on edge all day. She didn’t know what it was, but there was nothing she could do about her urges until they got home. She just got off the phone with Quinn before she climbed into her car to head to the doctor’s office. So far everything had been good with her pregnancy. 4 months in and she was gaining weight like she should. Thankfully, a majority of the sickness had passed. When she arrived at the office, she smiled when she saw her wife already sitting inside. Santana joined her and took her hand gently. “What are you hoping for?” She didn’t care either way, as long as they were healthy. In a way though, she wanted a little girl. Santana pulled out her phone to send Dani a text to see if she’d be available for dinner that night. The woman had become such a close friend to the both of them over the last 4 months and they had both enjoyed her company, sexual or not.

Late Night Fun

Quinn kept glancing to her phone then, looking at the texts. Just the idea of Rachel going down on her was making her even harder. She was trying to concentrate on the paperwork so she could have everything ready to go tomorrow, but she was struggling. When she finally hit that final percentage, Quinn knew she was done and it was just in time for the bell to ring that Rachel was there. Glancing to the camera to make sure it was Rachel, she buzzed her through and texted her to let her know which floor and what room she was in.


Santana slipped back into the master bedroom after getting Christian back to sleep. “He was just hungry,” she stated as she crawled in beside her wife. She couldn’t believe how quickly the last week had passed by since her son was born. Everything had been so hectic with getting last minute things ready for him and making sure he was going to be okay at home that she hadn’t had a chance to bring up Dani to her wife. But now, as Dani was out with some friends and it was just her and Quinn, it was the best opportunity to say something. “I wanted to ask you something.”

Santana propped herself up so she could look at her wife. “I don’t know if you feel the same way I do, but I just want to know. What do you feel for Dani?”

A Relaxing Night || Faberry

Moving around her office, Quinn fixed a few files before turning off the lights. She owned a successful advertising company, but at the end of the day she was exhausted. Now it was simply the task of figuring out what she wanted to relax with. Silently, she scrolled through her choices as her friend Noah gave her some options including one of his strip joints. Quinn finally decided on the strip club and told him to have a room ready for her.

The blonde left her office and headed out. It didn’t take long until she was there, checking in with the place. Being led to her room, she took the couch and relaxed back as she got a nice beer to sip on. Hopefully, she wouldn’t regret this decision.

I’ve been wandering around McKinley’s hallways at night since we got here and it’s unbelievable what you can find in the lost and found cabinets of this school. I’ve crossed paths with jackets, shoes and even pants if anyone is in need of those. Not to mention I also found 3 packs of gum, water and a bag of chips that I will be adding to the inventory. There is only so much you can do to be helpful sometimes and this is my unusual way of doing something. If anyone needs help of any form, let me know, I beg.

Bad Timing

Santana pressed herself against Quinn’s back as she finished up some of the laundry. “Do you have any idea how sexy you are?” Dani was out working and it left just the two of them in the house. She pressed her lips along her wife’s neck and slowly moved her hands up and under her shirt to touch her stomach. Their sex lived had been limited with Dani moving in, but it was okay, their friend had really needed them and they put their own needs onto the back burner. But Santana couldn’t hold back anymore. “How much longer until you’re done?” She asked while moving one of her hands down to the front of Quinn’s shorts.

First encounters

It had been 5 years and Santana couldn’t remember how many days since the war came to a very abrupt end when bombs we’re dropped across the globe. Most of the world was now a nuclear wasteland. So much had changed with how the people that survived actually lived their lives. Most traveled in search of shelter, some settled down in settlements, others raided and killed people for sport.

Santana was one of the travelers. She never stayed in one place for more than a couple of days. This was no different. Santana had just arrived in what was left of St. Louis earlier that day. She hadn’t planned to stay beyond the following day. She’d used what money she found for a bed to sleep in, some food in her stomach and some drinks at the local bar. And that was how she found herself in this position. One she actually enjoyed very much. Her hand was pressed against the wall while some strange man thrusting violently into her. She didn’t care that there were a dozen people around watching her get fucked. Things were like that now. She reached up to run her fingers through her hair as he kissed and sucked on her neck. His other hand had been wrapped around her own dick, stroking it hard and slow. Luckily, she had been far enough away from one of the blasts that it didn’t kill her, but the radiation had left her with a very interesting addition that she soon came to love.


Turns out having a puppy to raise is hard. Fang was never this much work when I adopted him. I’m starting to regret staying out all night because now I have a face full of puppy slobber and it’s still early. I’m thinking about going to the track and running some laps with him just to take care of that energy and get him use to the idea of training, but it’s still so early that I don’t even want to think about moving.

Ruins of Knossos

Space. The final frontier. It’s what everyone hoped it would be. A new place to set up colonies and to be able to live other than the run down world of Earth. Only problem was humans weren’t the only ones out there. So many other being were out in space and over the years humans have met and faced everyone of them. Now there were stations with everyone known being there.

Charlie Fabray grew up with her sister Quinn in this world. Their parents were soldiers in the military who were specially trained on the ships and able to fight whatever that came towards them. Charlie climbed in the ranks to a Captain. She was a marine, built for fighting. Her sister was in the Air Force where she flew mostly anything. Charlie was thankful not to be placed on the same ship as her sister, but she was to command a new ship with her Commander Hensley. Charlie had an entire team that was picked for her and she was proud to actually have a team working with her.

Moving through the desk of the Normandy, Charlie glanced to everyone for a couple of times. Last they heard, they were on a mission which was true. Charlie was to go down to the new planet of Knossos to see what was left of the remains there. Hopefully, she’d find something. She was longing for some action in the field simply because their ship wasn’t the first one sent on missions.