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Faberry AU: During a small town robbery, fugitive Quinn Fabray meets waitress Rachel Berry. They partner up and begin committing a string of crimes across the country. Two years later and tired of life on the road, the pair decides to do one last bank job before settling down. Unbeknown to them, the police is already here and determined to stop them by any means this time.

(Based on Avicii - Addicted To You)

The Saturday Morning Shift

Summary: Klaine AU / alternative meeting. Blaine begrudgingly takes Sam’s Saturday morning shift at the swimming pool but little does he know that it might be the best deal he’s ever made – all because of the regular who comes in every Saturday morning to swim his laps. PG-rated.

A/N: I am lame and prompted myself. Seriously though, this idea has been floating around in my head every single time I go to the swimming pool so I knew I just had to write it someday. Someday is today because I’ve been feeling sick and need a distraction. So… here ya go. :)

Warnings: References to the 5x15 (Bash) happenings.

“Dude, please!” Sam says for the umpteenth time and Blaine could just kill him. It is just so typical of him.

“See, I knew this was going to happen,” Blaine says, not able to stop the annoyance that is seeping into his voice. “I told you not to take the Saturday morning shift and you went and did it anyway.”

“Please,” Sam starts again but Blaine puts up a finger to shush him. There is no way he is going to agree on this.

“‘That’s the best shift, bro, nobody comes in on a Saturday morning,’” Blaine mimics Sam’s voice, their original argument from two months ago still clear in his head.

“And it’s true!” Sam defends himself. “It’s practically empty at that time… you’ll be paid for just sitting around and doing your homework!”

“It still doesn’t change the fact that all my Friday nights would be cut short from now on,” Blaine says adamantly.

“You don’t even go to any parties!” Sam protests. “And it’s not that early. You can totally go out at night and be at the swimming pool at 9 am.”

Blaine frowns. “Excuse you, I do go to parties from time to time, Sam,” he huffs. “Just… not lately. I mean, I’ve been studying a lot and there haven’t been any oppor- anyway, 9 am is still early and I won’t exchange my lovely chit-chat with the elderly ladies who come in during my Wednesday afternoon shift for a lonely Saturday morning spent with homework just because you decided that Friday is date night all of a sudden.”

Sam puts his hands on Blaine’s shoulders and starts shaking him like his life is depending on Blaine to take that stupid shift. “Bro, please! I told you I can’t take her out on a Saturday because she has to work.”

Blaine is not proud to admit that he can feel his resolve crumble already. “You… probably don’t even remember her name,” he tries but Sam has been talking about her pretty much all week so the chances are really slim.

“It’s Mercedes and I’m telling you this is not about a one-night stand or anything, she is really awesome and I really want her to take me seriously, so I need to go out on a really nice date with her, pleeeaaase.”

Blaine knows he is the master of all things puppy-dog eyes but Sam has apparently picked up a trick or two from him because he really cannot say no to that face anymore. He sighs.

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Glee Klaine AU___  No Reservation (Valentine’s Edition)

Catherine Jones is the owner of 22 Bleecker, one of the fanciest and most famous restaurant in NY. Her son Blaine is a NYADA student who has a huge crush on Kurt Hummel but he is too shy to ask him out One day Blaine hears Kurt talking with Rachel about 22 Bleecker Street: Kurt’s been trying in vain to have reservations, but with the place being so successful, it takes months to get a table. After talking with his mum, Blaine gathers his courage up and invites Kurt on a date at the restaurant on Valentine’s day.


AU Pezberry: Rachel finds out that she’s pregnant and subsequently gets kicked out of her home. She manages to find an apartment and starts to prepare herself for raising her child alone. Santana lives in the apartment across the hall and for the first couple of weeks, they just greet each other in passing. That changes the day Santana comes home to find a distraught Rachel, locked out of her apartment and defeated. Santana invites her in and they talk for what seems like hours. Afterwards, Santana is determined to get to know the girl across the hall and asks her out on a date. And another. And another. Over time, Rachel begins to show and is forced to reveal her pregnancy.