glee au

Omg guys. But soulmate au where you have the first words your soulmate ever speaks to you on your skin but you don’t have anything on your wrist and so you live your whole life with this feeling of being alone but then one day you meet someone and you say something really stupid and they just stand there in shock but they can’t explain why and you assume it’s because what you said offended them and you start to apologize but they shake their head and scramble to lift the sleeve of their shirt and there on their wrist are the words you just fucking said and you start to cry because you have to tell this person that it must be a coincidence because you don’t have a soulmate and you lift up your sleeve to show that there’s nothing there and they grab your face and smile so big and reach into their pocket to pull out a note they must have carried around for a long time because society demands because there on that paper are the words “I’m mute”

Smooth Criminals (A Glee AU)

Santana Lopez and her New York roommate, Kurt Hummel, are two masters of disguise who make ends meet by pulling off high-stakes heists on Manhattan’s shadiest elite. How long can they keep it going without getting caught, or turning on each other?

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Glee Klaine AU__   Looking for: Mon Chéri

“Looking for: Mon Chéri” is a new reality TV show created to help Kurt finding a boyfriend. Three single and good looking men are opposed to try and win his heart. The contenders are: the British Adam, the Badass Elliott and the Sweet Blaine. The guys have to perform in front of Kurt and then go out on individual dates (movie theatre, coffee date and homemade dinner).

Adam and Elliott try too hard to impress Kurt with extravagant shows and self centered conversations but Blaine remains himself. Kurt is struck by his moving performance and his expressive eyes.

These are the reasons why eventually Kurt chooses Blaine.