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Great lesbian TV show and film recommendations

Great lesbian films:

-          Imagine Me & You (2005, British)

-          Loving Annabelle (2006, American)

-          My Summer of Love (2004, British)

-          Black Swan (2010, American)

-          The Kids Are All Right (2010, American)

-          I Can’t Think Straight (2008, British)

-          Jenny’s Wedding (2015, American)

-          Lost And Delirious (2001, American)

-          Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013, French)

-          The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010, British)

-          Carol (2015, American)

-          The Night Watch (2011, British)

-          Fingersmith (2005, British)

-          But I’m A Cheerleader (1999, American)

-          Tipping the Velvet (2002, British)

-          Gia (1998, American)

Great lesbian tv-shows:

-          The Fosters (2013-present, American)

-          Orphan Black (2013-2017, Canadian)

-          Orange Is The New Black (2013-present, American)

-          The 100 (2014-present, American) (season 2 onwards)

-          Sugar Rush (2005-2006, British)

-          Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present, American) (season 5 onwards)

-          Glee (2009-2015, American) (season 3 onwards)

-          The L Word (2004-2009, American) 

-          Lip Service (2010-2012, British)

-          Skins (2007-2013, British) (seasons 3 & 4)

-          South of Nowhere (2005-2008, American) 

-          Sense8 (2015-present, American) 

-          Wynonna Earp (2016-present, American/Canadian)

-          Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017, American) 

-          Last Tango In Halifax (2012-present, British)

-          Banana (2015, British)

-          Faking It (2014-2016, American)

-          Bomb Girls (2012-2013, Canadian)

-          Black Mirror (2014-present, British, S3E4)

My top 100 favorite characters part 1

As I said on my quiz thing that we answer I said I have a lot of favorite characters either from video games TV show or movie either of the main characters secondary characters or special guest character. But they’re not in order in particular way so here’s part one of my favorite characters.

1. Yoshi
2. Nick Wilde - zootopia
3. Judy Hopps - zootopia
4. Fluttershy - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
5. Edd aka Double D - Ed Edd n Eddy
6. Baymax - Big Hero 6
7. Bambi - Disney Bambi
8. Donald Duck
9. Jibanyan - Yo kai Watch
10. Kirby - Kirby games
11. Rocket Raccoon - Guardians of the Galaxy
12. Simba - Lion King
13. Brittany S. Pierce - Glee
14. Po - Kung Fu Panda
15. Daryl - Walking Dead
16. Pikachu - Pokemon
17. Gatomon - Digimon
18. Donkey - Shrek
19. Tigress - Kung Fu Panda
20. Doctor Who 10th - Doctor Who
21. Pinkie Pie - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
22. Sheldon - Big Bang Theory
23. Curly Howard - Three Stooges
24. Chris Tucker - Rush Hour movies
25. Blaze the Cat - Sonic the Hedgehog
26. Bolt - Bolt
27. Princess Luna - My Little Pony friendship is Magic
28. Foxy - Five Nights at Freddy’s
29. Greninja - Pokemon
30. Olaf - frozen
31. Bumblebee - Transformers
32. Lucario - Pokemon
33. Clara - Doctor Who
34. Lola - Looney Tunes/ Space Jam
35. Rydia - final fantasy 4
36. Bomb bird - Angry Birds
37. Emmett - The Lego Movie
38. Toothless - How to Train Your Dragon
39. Garnet - Steven Universe
40. Sans - Undertale
41. Kimmy Schmidt - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
42. Beast Boy - Teen Titans
43. Batman
44. Fox McCloud - Star Fox
45. Marshall - Paw Patrol
46. Iron Man
47. Komasan - Yo Kai Watch
48. Marty - Back to the Future
49. Ash - Sing
50. Maui - Moana


FLASHBACK 6 Years: Chris Colfer attends the world premiere of GLEE The 3D Concert Movie red carpet arrivals at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Ca USA on August 6, 2011


FLASHBACK 6 Years: Darren Criss attends the world premiere of GLEE The 3D Concert Movie red carpet arrivals at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, CA USA on August 6, 2011

Night in ||Sebastian Smythe

Originally posted by that-0ne-nerd-blog

Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x reader

Word Count: 1965

Summary: You are dating Sebastian Smythe. Your older brother, Blaine, and your best friend, Kurt, don’t know.

Warnings: cheesiness, Klaine

Request:  Sebastian Smythe requests where the reader is Blaine’s little sister and Kurt’s best friend and Sebastian and the Reader are having a movie night and Klaine walks in on them and Klaine just joins them and tease them

Note: I’m not sure what season you want this set in so I wrote it for season three after Sebastian’s change of heart. 


It was just a regular Friday at McKinley. You were sitting in the choir room as the lesson wrapped up for the week. As usual, Rachel was wrapping up the week with some heart filled song. You were excited and not really in the mood to watch her cry over her failed NYADA audition. As much as you’ve grown to love the girl in your past few months at McKinley, to say that you were glad that Rachel was graduating soon would be a major understatement.

You felt your phone buzz from its place in your back pocket. As you watched the girl belt out cry on stage, you pulled your sleek new phone out of your pocket. You recently had to get a new one because of an accident that involved you getting slushied just last week. 

You looked down at your phone to read the message. It was from your boyfriend, Sebastian. The two of you had been discussing your movie night tonight. You had been really excited for this. It was just the break you needed away from all the drama that was McKinley Glee Club. There were no engaged couples or no girls in wheelchairs. It was just a night of you and Sebastian. At least, that’s what you thought.  

The text you got from him read: Will Blaine and Kurt be there?

There were some unresolved issues between Sebastian and your older brother, Blaine, and your best friend, Kurt. Many of your friends didn’t understand what you meant when you said he has changed. The glee club looked at him like he was still the boy that threw a rock salt slushy into your brother’s eyes. Not only did Kurt see Sebastian in that way, but he also saw him as the guy who tried to steal Blaine from him. 

You had only started dating Sebastian recently and hadn’t told the couple that you were in a relationship with him, but they knew that you guys were hanging out. After Karofsky’s suicide attempt, Sebastian had done everything he could to apologize and be a better person. For the most part things got better with your friends, but they still weren’t great, and you weren’t sure they ever will be. That’s why you hadn’t told the most important people in your life about it.

Sebastian was not ready to tell Blaine and Kurt. He had no idea how he would even explain it. The two of you were friends when Sebastian was pursuing Blaine. Somewhere along the way, he found that he no longer liked the Anderson sibling he thought he did. It was all new territory for him seeing as he never before saw himself as bisexual, but here was this amazing girl that he could no longer deny that he liked. You liked him too, so when he asked you out, you agreed without a second thought.

That left you where you were now. You were dating this amazing person, but the most important people to you had no idea. It was hard, yet it didn’t stop you from seeing him at your own pace. It did though mean you had to sneak around sort of.

You typed a message back to him. No, they are going out tonight.

The reply was simple and to the point, but you knew it would ease Sebastian’s nerves. You were unsurprised when he replied right away with: Okay, I will you at 7 then. I’ll pick up the pizza on the way.

You smiled at the message before tucking your phone back into the pocket of your jeans.
“Hey, smile you ready to go home?” you heard your brother call out to you standing at the end of the auditorium seat aisle. You turned to seem him standing with his had wrapped around Kurt’s. He had this expectant smile on his face.

You were only a sophomore and there was no way that your parents would trust you with a car of your own especially when their older more responsible child had one already. That meant you had to get a ride from the ever so loving couple every day. You picked up your bag and made your way to them. Together the three of you walked out of the auditorium.

It was approaching 7 pm and you had everything ready. Your parents were off in another room of the house spending their Friday night together. Blaine and Kurt were out. You weren’t sure where they went, but Kurt had promised you that he would keep Blaine out as late as he possibly could. Kurt knew that you were hanging out with a guy you were interested, but you hadn’t told him more details than that.

You waited by the front door anxious waiting for Sebastian to get there. As you paced the room back and forth you realized that for the first time since you started dating Sebastian, it wasn’t him that you were anxiously waiting. You were actually more looking forward to the pizza that he was bringing. With that, the doorbell rang alerting you of your boyfriend’s arrival. You thrusted the door open to his is smiling face.

“Pizza?” He said showing you the two boxes that you have been craving. You grabbed the boxes from him and let him come in. You lead him into your living room and placed the pizzas on the coffee table next to two plates and two glasses of water.

Sebastian sat down in the middle of the couch and pulled you down between him and the arm of the couch. His hands were placed securely on your waist holding you. He kissed your neck causing you to giggle. You threw your legs over his lap and leaded against the arm on the couch.

“I am so glad to you see you,” He said pulling away and looking at you. His eyes searched yours with amazement. As you looked at him, you thought about everything that the two of you had been through.

“I’m happy to see you too,” you replied leaning in to peck his lips. When you pulled away he let out a groan of frustration.

“Those kisses should be outlawed,” He said as he pulled you back to him. “From now on only real kisses are allowed in this relationship. If you don’t give the other a real kiss than you owe three, super long make-out sessions.”

You laughed at him and wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him to you. This time you let him kiss you. It was slow and left a warm feeling in your stomach. It lasted at least five seconds, but you weren’t really counting. When he pulled away from you, you were out of breath. You kept your eyes closed as he leaned his forehead against yours.

The two of you sat like that for some time. It was decently comfortable and warm. Your stomach grumbled bringing you both back to reality. Sebastian started laughing and buried his face into your neck.

“I think you are a bit hungry, Y/N,” he said into your shoulder.

“Well yeah, I was promised pizza at 7 and it is now 7:10. What do you expect from me?” you said like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You laughed at your own joke.

Sebastian removed himself from your embrace and stood up. You turned your body back to the coffee table and the tv behind it. You had Netflix open on the TV as you were unsure of what you two would be watching. Sebastian pulled out pieces for both of you as you searched through the movies to find something that looked interesting to you both. He returned to his seat beside you handing you the pizza. Together you searched for movies as took bites out of your pizzas happily.

It was almost 9 when you heard the front door opening. At first you thought nothing of it as you laid with Sebastian’s head in your lap watching Mulan. It was the second thing you had watched tonight. You were so glad that he had said yes to it because Mulan was one of your favorite Disney character’s growing up. She was a strong warrior and you always strived to be just like her.

“Y/N, we are home a bit early,” You heard Blaine call. Sebastian’s eye flickered up to you in fear. Surely, Blaine and Kurt wouldn’t come too close would they. You heard to sets of footsteps approaching the couch from behind. Your blood ran cold.

“Sorry, I couldn’t keep him out any longer, but you are lucky that we didn’t come back at 8,” Kurt added. “When he found out that you had a date over, I practically had to restrain from coming home in a rush.”

They both laughed at that. You turned to look at the two boys. They had stopped right behind the couch. Their eyes were on the TV and not at the boy in your lap. They hadn’t yet seen that it was Sebastian.

“Well, I’d offer for you to watch­­-” you started.

“We would love to watch,” Kurt said. “I love Mulan. Don’t you Blaine?”

“I totally would agree to that if Y/N hadn’t watched it so much when we were younger,” Blaine relied looking over at Kurt.

You didn’t understand how neither of them had noticed who you were with yet, but you knew that it would not be long. As if sensing the growing potential awkwardness, Sebastian drew attention to himself by laughing.

“I could totally picture a little Y/N sitting in front of the TV wearing a Mulan VCR thin from use and singing the along to I’ll make a man out of you,” Sebastian said looking up at the boys from your lap.

Their attention shot to him lying there. Kurt’s eyes grew to saucers, but you were surprised to see that Blaine wasn’t as shocked. It looked like he wanted to smile a little bit.

“Sebastian?” Kurt said. “You’re Y/N’s date?”

“Yeah,” He said sitting up and looking at the couple better.

“Pay up,” Blaine said to Kurt. Both you and Sebastian grew confused as you saw Kurt reach into his pocket and pull out a twenty-dollar bill. Blaine graciously took the money with a smile on his face.

“Dang it Y/N,” Kurt started. “Why did you have to date Sebastian? I was really hoping that we’d come here and find Sam with you. All this time it was him. Blaine you were right. I was wrong. I guess you do know your sister a little better than me.”

“Wait you bet on who I was dating?” you asked trying to understand what was happening. Both boys nodded and you looked to your boyfriend whose eyebrows were furrowed. He two was trying to piece everything together.

“Now let’s finish Mulan, you lovebirds,” Blaine said. He pulled Kurt to the love seat against the wall. You couldn’t’ help but stare at them as they settled in and quietly watched the movie. You felt Sebastian lay an arm around your shoulder, and you snuggled into him.

“I think we worried for nothing,” he said as you felt his hot breath fan over your ear.

“I think you’re right about that one,” You said with a small laugh. You pressed a kiss to Sebastian’s lips.

“Oh, get a room you two,” You heard Kurt say while Blaine called out, “Don’t touch my sister like that.”

Sebastian just laughed and turned to the movie. The next two hours were sent like that. Every time Sebastian did anything to touch you, Blaine and Kurt would tease you about it. You smiled at the love that these boys had for you. Everything just felt good.