glee 7


7 years of Glee:

7 years since we first fell in love with Finn Hudson, and more importantly, Cory Monteith, while singing “Can’t Fight This Feeling” in the showers

7 years since we first grew to admire Rachel Berry - as annoying as she might have been - through her passion and strive for stardom

7 years since we met with the original diva, Mercedes Jones, through the song R-E-S-P-E-C-T and her assuring us that she will forever be Beyonce

7 years since we we saw that adorkable wheelchaired kid Artie Abrams, and knew we wanted him to be a part of our squad

7 years since Kurt Hummel taught us everything this show stands for, that it’s okay to be different because your real friends will accept you

7 years since we heard Blaine Anderson sing Teenage Dream for Kurt, with over-gelled hair and the biggest smile you’ve ever seen

7 years since we instantly fell in love with Trouty Mouth through his rendition of “Billionaire” (the Glee fans still have their theories about the real reason the Kylie Jenner challenge got started)

7 years since Noah Puckerman reminded us that people do change, and no matter how much of a jackass you may have been in high school you can still come out on top

7 years since we met the most complex “prom queen” stereotype of all time, Quinn Fabray, as she taught us to chase your dreams no matter where it leads you, and don’t let your past define you

7 years since we were introduced to resident bad girl Santana Lopez, and we realized that appearances are deceiving - the high school bitch can also be the one with the biggest heart

7 years since Brittany S. Pierce proved that self-esteem is where your intelligence comes from, regardless of what anyone else says

7 years since Tina Cohen-Chang showed that no matter how dim your light appears right now, it can still shine just as bright if you want it to

7 years since Mike Chang taught us to follow our dreams, no matter what anyone else has to say about it

7 years since Sue Sylvester and her evil bitch facade walked into our lives, ruining and saving every bit of it

7 years since Will Schuester taught us to chase our dreams, if it leads to stardom or not

7 years of the show that changed our lives forever.

7 years of the show that gave us new perspective

7 years of the show that taught us about acceptance, love, and dreams

To an outsider, it’s just a show

To us, it’s family


I don’t have any more pep talks. I just have you guys. And the memory of the people on this wall. My friends. I mean, we share this special bond. We’re the only ones in the world who know what this glee club meant to us. What it felt like to sing together. Go be together. And what it feels like to say goodbye to it. I didn’t come here to cheer you up. Just to thank you. To thank you for going on this ride with me.


goodbye glee meme [5/7 ships]: Mike Chang & Tina Cohen-Chang
“You don’t talk that much, you hardly ever sing, but when I see you do that, it’s who you are. It’s what makes me feel you. Mike, you gotta know by now, when I see you dance… it’s why I fell in love with you.”

Love Barry (Spotify // 8tracks)

A Blupjeans Playlist

tracklist; 1. Young and Beautiful Lana Del Rey 2. Where’s my love Syml 3. A Thousand Years Boyce Avenue 4. Whisky Lullabies Janet Devlin 5. Alone Alan Walker 6. Come What May Glee Cast 7. Biteersweet ARCHIS 8. Heaven Boyce Avenue ft Megan Nicole 9. Echo Jason Walker 10. Unbreakable Jamie Scott 11. When You Were Young The Killers Cover 12. My Heart with You The Rescues 13. No More Bad Days This Wild Life 14. Dynasty MIIA 15. Steady Act As If 16. Be Still The Fray 17. Iris The Goo Goo Dolls 18. My Love Sia

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goodbye glee meme [4/7 ships]: Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones
“Just know that whoever I’m with or whatever I’m doing, I’d rather be doing it with you.”

if there is any show that needs a musical episode, it’s shadowhunters


Klaine - Baby It’s Cold Outside

Flashback 6 years: Glee episode 2X10, “A Very Glee Christmas” aired

December 7, 2010

Some of you couldn’t access to the masterlist page so in case it doesn’t work for you, here it is my masterlist updated!

Latest update: 24/01/2016

* Visuals


#1: Oblivious (Luke Hemmings)

#2: The Three Magic Words (Luke Hemmings)

#3: Maybe I could tutor you? (Luke Hemmings)

#5: I can help you study, if you want (Calum Hood)

#6: Give me a reason (Luke Hemmings)

#7: Count on me (Luke Hemmings)

#8: Dance, Dance (Calum Hood)

#9: The First Time (Ashton Irwin)

#10: Maybe you should ask Niall (Michael Clifford)

#11: Why not have some fun? (Luke Hemmings)

#12: By my side (Calum Hood)

#13: This is my fault (Luke Hemmings)

#14: It’s impossible to be mad at you (Calum Hood)

#15: Maybe we can sing together sometime? (Luke Hemmings)

#16: I like to have fun too (Calum Hood)

#17: That cliché coffee moment (Calum Hood)

#18: I told you so (Luke Hemmings)

#19: We’re going to make this work (Ashton Irwin)

#20: Afraid of thunders (Michael Clifford)

#21: Surprise! (Michael Clifford)

#22: Forgive me? (Luke Hemmings)

#23: Special Stylist (Ashton Irwin)

#24: After surgery (Luke Hemmings)

#25: Eavesdropping (Luke Hemmings)

#26: Sneaking out (Ashton Irwin)

#27: Differences (Calum Hood)

#28: Come to bed (Ashton Irwin)

#29: Truth or dare (Luke Hemmings)

#30: Dress to impress (Calum Hood)

#31: Road trip (All)

#32: School love (Michael Clifford)

#33: Long flight (Calum Hood)

#34: I dedicate this song to you (Michael Clifford)

#35: Motivation (Luke Hemmings)

#36: Silent Treatment (Calum Hood)

#37: Goodnight Kiss (Luke Hemmings)

#38: Just some bad cramps (Luke Hemmings)

#39: No more than me (Calum Hood)

#40: Just the way you are (Luke Hemmings)

#41: Pregnant again (Calum Hood)

#42: Shy Girl (Michael Clifford)

#43: Famous Boyfriend (Michael Clifford)

#44: Alone together (Ashton Irwin)

#45: Busy life (Luke Hemmings)

#46: See you in Detention (Luke Hemmings)

#47: Decisions (Ashton Irwin)

#48: Help (Michael Clifford)

#49: Practice with me (Calum Hood)

#50: Be his friend (Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood)

#51: Never trust a drunk woman (Luke Hemmings)

#52: Meet&Greet (Calum Hood)

#53: Sleep talking (Michael Clifford)

#54: Bathtub (Ashton Irwin)

#55: Insecurity (Luke Hemmings)

#56: Strange Best Friends (Calum Hood)

#57: I want everything with you (Luke Hemmings)

#58: You’re doing it very well (Luke Hemmings)

#59: How much? (Calum Hood)

#60: Grounded (Luke Hemmings)

#61: Pretending (Michael Clifford)

#62: You’re worth it (Luke Hemmings)

#63: Jealousy (Luke Hemmings)

#64: Kidney Stones (Calum Hood)

#65: Come What May (Luke Hemmings)

#66: Condom Shopping (Luke Hemmings)

#67: From hate to love (Michael Clifford)

#68: Talking (Calum Hood)

#69: Secret (Ashton Irwin)

#70: Accident (All)

#71: Mistake (Calum Hood)

#72: Hard To Get (Calum Hood)

#73: Freaking Out (Luke Hemmings)

#74: Excuses (Ashton Irwin)

#75: Tired (Calum Hood)

#76: Awards Show (All/Luke)

#77: Twins (Luke Hemmings)

#78: Talk After The Show? (Ashton Irwin)

#79: Don’t Push It (Calum Hood)

#80: Almost Christmas At Hogwarts [AU] (Calum Hood)

#81: Dating your best friend’s ex (Luke Hemmings/Michael Clifford)

#82: She’s your best friend (Luke Hemmings)

#83: Whatever you say (Luke Hemmings)

#84: That’s what I meant (Calum Hood)


#1: My Heart Is Set On You [AU] (All)

#2: It’s not another Cinderella story [AU] (Ashton Irwin)

#3: Locked (Luke Hemmings)

#4: Nothing will change if you don’t try it (Luke Hemmings)

#5: Goodbye, Lukey (Luke Hemmings)

#6: Small Bump (Ashton Irwin)

#7: There’s no such thing as a perfect wedding (Ashton Irwin)

#8: Bonding (Ashton Irwin)

#9: If These Sheets Were States (Calum Hood)

#10: It will get better, I promise (Luke Hemmings)

#11: The Greasers [AU] (All)

#12: I’ll always be your protector [AU] (Luke Hemmings)

#13: They’re not my friends, they’re my family (All)

#14: On a date with the kids (Ashton Irwin)

#15: I’m not going anywhere without you [AU] (Luke Hemmings)

#16: Never gonna be alone (Luke Hemmings)

#17: The best of the worst (All)

#18: Michael’s little sister (Calum Hood)

#19: Nobody teaches you how to deal with pain or loss (Michael Clifford)

#20: Congratulations, Kiddo [AU] (Luke Hemmings)

#21: Bad timing (Ashton Irwin)

#22: Unbearable (Calum Hood)

#23: Messed Up (Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood)

#24: Honeymoon Avenue (Calum Hood)

#25: My Little Girl (Luke Hemmings)

#26: This Is Really Happening (Michael Clifford)

#27: I’ll always protect you (Luke Hemmings)

#28: A boy and a suitcase (Michael Clifford)

#29: Meet the parents (Luke Hemmings)

#30: Working and singing (Luke Hemmings)

#31: Give it time (Michael Clifford)

#32: Broken Promises (Luke Hemmings)

#33: Why do we lie? (Luke Hemmings)

#34: You’re my best medicine (Luke Hemmings)

#35: Date Went Wrong (Luke Hemmings)

#36: Friendship (Michael Clifford)

#37: I’m not okay (Michael Clifford)

#38: Wherever you are (Luke Hemmings)

#39: Stuck with me (Luke Hemmings)

#40: Regrets (Michael Clifford)

#41: I’m just your best friend (Luke Hemmings)

#42: Godfather (Luke Hemmings)

#43: Until dawn (Ashton Irwin)

#44: Too Good (Calum Hood/Luke Hemmings)

#45: Claustrophobia (Luke Hemmings)

#46: Broken Heart (Luke Hemmings)

#47: Kiss me (Luke Hemmings)

#48: Good For Your (Michael Clifford)


#1: How you two meet (4/4)

#2: Cuddles (4/4) *

#3: They find out you’re pregnant (4/4) *

#4: Who would they be if they were in the T-Birds? (4/4) *

#5: One of those moments (4/4) *

#6: Who would they be if they were on Glee? (4/4) *

#7: You’re a horseback rider (4/4)

#8: Making out (4/4) *

#9: You/He falls asleep (4/4)

#10: Who would they be from Pretty Little Liars? (4/4) *

#11: Wonderland (4/4) [Song Preference]

#12: You’re a basketball player (4/4)

#13: You’re a ballerina (4/4)

#14: Dry humping (4/4)

#15: One of the boys says something sexual about you (4/4)

#16: You’re pregnant and horny (4/4)

#17: You’re a water polo player (4/4)

#18: You’re extremely ticklish (4/4)

#19: Heartbreak Girl (4/4) [Song Preference]

#20: Meeting your soulmate (Michael/4)

#21: He has broken his leg (4/4)

#22: He think’s he’s not good enough for you (Malum/Lashton)

#23: Pretending to be a couple (Muke)


  • All

Sexting. Or at least, trying to

Big butt

  • Ashton Irwin

You have a little surprise for Ashton but you’re not sure he’s going to like it

You/he gets a new tattoo/piercing

You recieve hate from his fans and Ashton comforts you

There’s a spider in the room and Luke isn’t helping so you ask Ashton for help

Ashton hears you and Luke having sex

You and Ashton are watching a movie and start flirting

Things got pretty heated up in the bedroom last night and he doesn’t stop apologizing

You collect something really nerdy and he finds it

After a fight

  • Calum Hood

Calum is really excited to see you but in a different way

You lost Luke’s beanie but it wasn’t his beanie

You/he gets a new tattoo/piercing

You and Calum just had twins

You have social anxiety and Calum doesn’t know

  • Luke Hemmings

You tell Luke that Tom left blink-182

Luke being flirty

You lost Luke’s beanie but it wasn’t his beanie

You/he gets a new tattoo/piercing

Bad (text based on the song by The Cab)

Texting the wrong person (Big Brother Luke)

He’s still a virgin

Volleyball went wrong

You collect something really nerdy and he finds it

  • Michael Clifford

Maybe, just maybe, Michael forgot you were coming to town

You/he gets a new tattoo/piercing

Michael gets turned on and you help him a little bit

Using slang

Pranking each other


Meeting Michael at a Convention


So Rachel has a huge picture of Quinn in her bedroom, on her wall of “best memories from high school”? And then there’s the fact that Quinn’s photo is the only one that is of one person, and she’s even on the one that Sam’s in? Faberry much? Again? Yeah I think so…

Coloring Pages! Success!

I’ve been interested in the whole adult coloring book trend (yes, I know it is ridiculous…but life is ridiculous)…. and I’ve purchased a few ….. and I’ve been given a few. (Coloring books were the in xmas gift for middle age ladies in 2015). While I’ve enjoyed playing with crayons, pencils and markers again …. the subject matter of these modern coloring books just didn’t capture my imagination. Mandalas? Gardens? Cats? Skulls? Great works of art? When I was a kid my coloring books were full of thing I wanted to be …. things that fueled my fantasy life …. people I found exciting …..Batman, Captain Caveman, Casper and even Barbie- all of them went on adventures.

So I decided to make my own coloring pages….. full of what I like to dream about ….Glee …. and the cast of Glee. I ran a dozen photos through a filter called an edge tracer, saved the Jpgs, printed them out on standard office copy paper, cracked open my Crayola 64s …. and went to town.

It was relaxing … was fun …..I enjoyed the tiny challenge of finding the right mix of colors for Kurt and Blaine’s skin tones…. and it cost nothing. Maybe next Saturday I will try this again ….and maybe watch cartoons at the same time. Speed Racer are you still out there?