Part 1 of my Sports Anime x  Pokémon crossover series

Still trying to get accustomed to the art styles of  Pokémon and Haikyuu!! so I hope the difference doesn’t bug you guys too much

1.      Hinata – BIRD KEEPER

2.      Kageyama – POKEMON RANGER

3.      Tsukishima – DRAGON TAMER

4.      Yamaguchi –  CAMPER

5.      Nishinoya – ROUGH NECK

6.      Tanaka – STREET THUG

7.      Sugawara –POKEMON BREEDER

link to list:


So I just logged onto tumblr this morning, and despite my decrease in posts due to exams I was greeted with this image. 


I honestly don’t know how to thank you all for sticking with me for so long, so here is my 5th instalment of Crossover Fandom Collage, hope you enjoy!!! XD


so these days i tend to make homestuck god tier titles for the adventure time folks here >8D
still considering the suitable titles for them

here is a few of the girls (sorry for the shitty sketchy)

—————besides, my plan is:
Jake - Knight of Heart (jake is the sympathy and understanding one actually, due to Princess Cookies episode, and he decided things by his feelings and used it as a weapon to help PC escape, plus, according to Ice King, he usually hides his feelings. oh and sometimes he does things without thinking first tho)
Lemonhope - Page of Breath (he didnt realize what had tied him up at first but then he did and dealt with it, he freed himself and followed his dream)
Lamongrab - Heir of Rage (acceptable!!)
Betty - Rogue of Hope 

and yeah, any suggestions for Finn and Ice King/Simon? i dont even know why but i cant decide what my two favorites would be ụ-ụ

Simon might be Seer or Heir of Doom? 0-0