Dating Santana Lopez would include

-Having a completely honest and loving relationship

-Both of you defend each other from gossip and jerks

-Talking for hours and staying up all night

-Dancing and singing together

-“So we are about to start practicing this new song, it has a solo in it and-”

-“Santana should get it!” you shout

-Wearing her varsity letter jacket

-Watching all of her practices

-Ditching classes to makeout in the locker room

-Being so genuinely happy together

-Always joking around and giggling

-You are so cheesy and lovey-dovey toward each other

-Lots of PDA, kissing and holding hands in the hallway

-Nonstop complimenting each other

-Slumber parties all the time

-Making out once you know that parents went to bed

-Cuddling into her and she holds you so close

-She sings to you before you fall asleep

-She always talks about marrying you someday

-She rants to you and you hold her tight when she stressed

-Giving her massages and helping her distress

-She always invites you to bathe or shower with her

-Decorating for the holidays and she’ll hold mistletoe over her head

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It’s Just Prom

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Pairing: Tony x sister!reader
Word count: 502
A/N: Part 1 of 2

Being a Stark had it’s ups and downs- including your older brother, Tony. He took you in after your mother died and you showed up at his doorstep. You had been 13 at the time, and he wasn’t exactly expecting a baby sister. Your father had never mentioned you to him, which you didn’t exactly blame him for. He never really interacted with you anyway. The last time you even saw him you were around 4.

At the moment, being a Stark was a major bummer. “Come on, Tony!” You yelled, causing the other Avengers to come towards the kitchen, wondering what was going on.

“I said no, and that’s final.” His brown eyes were staring you down.

Their eyes went between the two of you, having no idea what was going on. It wasn’t like it wasn’t common for the pair of you to argue, but it was always one hell of a show. “What the hell is your problem?” You glared. “You’re trying to tell me that you didn’t get to go to your prom?” Clint’s eyebrows went up, understanding why Tony was putting his foot down. There was no way that he wanted his baby sister to go to prom with some guy. Clint actually agreed with him on this one.

Leaning on the counter, Tony shook his head. “This isn’t about me, Y/N/N. This is about you! You and some punk going out and doing who knows what after prom.” His jaw clenched. “It’s some punk putting his hands on my little sister!”

You scoffed. “Really?” You looked amused. “This is coming from the mouth of Mr. Playboy?” Tony stared at you. “How many women have I seen on your arm in the past three years? How many different women have I greeted over coffee before school?” Your tone was warning him, you’d be going to prom one way or the other.

Nat moved forward, thinking on her feet. “Throw prom, Tony.” She suggested, two sets of Stark eyes looking to her. “Host prom, this way she can go, and you don’t have to worry.” Nat saw the look on your face and sighed. “In return, he’ll also pay for the after party. A safe place for all your friends to hang out.”

Tony and you looked at each other.

Tony and the others were all dressed up, looking down at where prom was supposed to take place. He’d funded everything. When parents heard that the Avengers were hosting prom, they didn’t believe it. However, when kids started coming home, prom tickets in hand, the address being ‘Stark Tower’, they were shocked. Tony Stark was actually throwing prom. He’d donated well to the school for his sister, but this was above and beyond.

He had his hands on the railing, Thor and Bruce to his right, Clint and Nat to his left. His eyes were drawn to one of the doors as it opened and you walked in with your best friend. “Here goes nothing.” Tony muttered.

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Potentia Amoris - Part 2


It’s 1997. The Order of the Phoenix - a group you called your family -  is about to disband, possibly forever. Hogwarts is in great danger, and as an Auror and talented Aurologist, you’re assigned to work with Samuel Winchester, a known Legilimens, as protection for the school. Being an Auror, you’ve hardened yourself against feeling any sort of love or romantic interest, especially for the man who seems most likely to attract your attention. However, as the final battle of Hogwarts and the fate of the wizarding world becomes more and more of a reality, you start to wonder: maybe feeling love in what could be your final months might not be so bad after all.

Pairing: Eventual Sam x Reader

Word Count: 4694

Warnings: Flirting, adult toy section in Weasely’s Wizard Wheezes, badly named sex toys, almost-smut

Part 1

You reached Grimmauld Place at eight o’clock on an early Saturday in July. A light sprinkle of rain spattered on the pavement, making the streetlights reflect bright yellow in puddles of water. You hurried up the steps, knocked three times on the heavy door with the number 12 emblazoned in gold. Within seconds, the green eyes of Remus Lupin peered through a magical slot in the door.

“Code word.” He demanded, his voice hushed.

“Immunis,” you replied, grinning. “Come on, Remus. I doubt a Death Eater could pull off this hair color.”

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