So many of you liked Pidge as Peridot and I do too so here they are/she is(??)!!!! They’re basically a model for how the team’s suits look like (thus a drawing from both the front and back) and I have to say I like it quite much. It’s just their regular space suits minus the collar and and jet pack and very simplified. And UGH i love them. I’m probably gonna do the others later tomorrow. ✨


Jasper plummets to the ground and ends up falling into a strange underground world filled with monsters, demons and a certain flower who wants to be a god. With the fate of this world in her hands – and after realizing she could choose mercy on these creatures and use their help to find a way back to the surface and track down Lapis and Steven – Jasper decides to do the only logical thing she can think of; punch everyone to their doom, friend or not. Needless to say, Sans will have a bad time facing her.




So I have this crossover idea going on that the three pogo leaders were all childhood friends, but the wayfinders that spark makes for everyone when they were kids brought them on the same path, so they could meet again, cause candela and blanche left on not so good terms, kind of unintentionally leaving spark behind, but it happened, also because spark just really wanted to reunite everyone again uwu