HELLO~!! I’m participating in it klaine book project 2015!!
I had the great honor with the many artists!
…. Last year, knew that this last chance :*)

I was a fun and happy time, when I drew this.
This was great significance. Finally, a glee…..((T0T))

K&B is always, love the my prince u0u)_♥♥♥♥

Thanks you! 

Fic: The Fools of St. Michael’s Senior High

I had the pleasure of writing this little ficlet for the second klainebookproject! Thank you to Leo (dressedupinlights) for the fantastic artwork and to both Kat (gluttonouspenguin) and Natalie (foramomentonly) for the read-through.

Summary: Kurt Hummel had never wanted to be the most lovable English teacher at St. Michael’s Senior High, that is, until Mr Anderson showed up and made it look so disgustingly easy.

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Kurt tried to focus on Twelfth Night, but the words wouldn’t stop swimming in front of his eyes. Again.

“Dammit, Blaine,” he muttered, and checked that he was still alone. He was. At 4:30 on a Friday, his classroom in St. Michael’s was blissfully quiet. Kurt sighed. It’s not that Mr Anderson wasn’t a good teacher. He was just …

Kurt Hummel had never aspired to be lovable. Fierce, perceptive, inspirational, yes, but he’d never wanted to inspire cuddles. That is, until two months ago when Blaine showed up and started teaching three doors down. Now, students squealed in the hallways about how Mr Anderson was so “easy to talk to” and other teachers practically fell over themselves to nominate him for awards. Never mind Kurt’s years of scholarship. He had a Ph.D. for god’s sake, and yet here he was playing second fiddle to an affable cad.

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The Glee Episode Tournament Round 1 Schedule

Here we go, guys!! Starting on Sunday, Aug 2 will be Round 1 of the tournament.  We’ll be posting up a different bracket every other day, and you’ll be allotted two days to vote for your favorites! 

You can check out the official standings: HERE 

The breakdown is as follows–

Bracket A (The Rockstar Bracket): Sunday, Aug. 2nd

Bye: New New York
Match 1: Glee, Actually vs Yes/No
Match 2: Nationals vs Comeback
Match 3: Promasaurus vs Rocky Horror
Match 4: The New Rachel vs Funk
Match 5: A Wedding vs Child Star
Match 6: Britney/Brittany vs Sectionals
Match 7: Homecoming vs Journey to Regionals

Bracket B (The Mamma Mia Bracket): Tuesday, Aug. 4th

Match 8: Guilty Pleasures vs Michael
Match 9: Mattress vs Old Dog, New Tricks
Match 10: Acafellas vs Mash Off
Match 11: Blame it on the Alcohol vs We Built This Glee Club
Match 12: Pilot vs 2009
Match 13: Thanksgiving vs Purple Piano Project
Match 14: Diva vs Dreams Come True
Match 15: Transitioning vs Preggers

Bracket C (The Gaga Bracket): Thursday, Aug. 6th

Bye: Born This Way
Match 16: Extraordinary Merry Christmas vs Audition
Match 17: Opening Night vs Furt
Match 18: Frenemies vs On My Way
Match 19: I Do vs Naked
Match 20: Goodbye vs Prom Queen
Match 21: Sadie Hawkins vs Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester
Match 22: Power of Madonna vs Girls and Boys on Film

Bracket D (The All You Need is Love Bracket): Sunday, Aug. 9th

Bye: Love, Love, Love
Match 23: Hairography vs Heart
Match 24: Funeral vs Makeover
Match 25: Glease vs Wonderful
Match 26: Tested vs Choke
Match 27: Feud vs Britney 2.0
Match 28: Puppet Master vs Tina in the Sky with Diamonds
Match 29: The End of Twerk vs The Hurt Locker pt. 2

Bracket E (The Pavarotti Bracket): Tuesday, Aug. 11th

Bye: Original Song
Match 30: Sweet Dreams vs The Spanish Teacher
Match 31: What the World Needs Now vs Untitled Rachel Berry Project
Match 32: Vitamin D vs Pot O’ Gold
Match 33: The Quarterback vs All or Nothing
Match 34: Jagged Little Tapestry vs The Back Up Plan
Match 35: Throwdown vs Dream On
Match 36: Showmance vs Lights Out

Bracket F (The Superhero Bracket): Thursday, Aug. 13th

Bye: Dynamic Duets
Match 37: Saturday Night Gleever vs Special Education
Match 38: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle vs Loser Like Me
Match 39: A Katy or a Gaga vs Shooting Star
Match 40: Theatricality vs The Hurt Locker pt. 1
Match 41: Bash vs Asian F
Match 42: Bad Reputation vs I Am Unicorn
Match 43: Sexy vs 100

Bracket G (The Scandalous Bracket): Sunday, Aug. 16th

Bye: The First Time
Match 44: Movin’ Out vs Grilled Cheesus
Match 45: Duets vs Home
Match 46: Swan Song vs Home
Match 47: Dance With Somebody vs City of Angels
Match 48: Big Brother vs Props
Match 49: Hello vs Wheels
Match 50: Rumours vs Role You Were Born to Play

Bracket H (The Teenage Dream Bracket): Tuesday, Aug. 18th

Bye: Never Been Kissed
Match 51: Mash Up vs Hold Onto 16
Match 52: Rhodes Not Taken vs Laryngitis
Match 53: Trio vs The Substitute
Match 54: Silly Love Songs vs Previously Unaired Christmas
Match 55: New Directions vs Ballad
Match 56: I Kissed a Girl vs A Very Glee Christmas
Match 57: Night of Neglect vs The Break Up



On each day, we’ll make a post where you can officially reblog and cast your votes!  The Round 2 Schedule will be posted after all the matches have finished. All tournament posts will be tagged with: glee episode tournament 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  

New Directions haven’t always had designer taste in competition dresses - in fact, their iconic Sectionals dresses from Season 1 were by Bloomingdale’s house brand, Aqua, and cost less than $90 each! The red satin sashes were added by the costume department for a pop of color. 

The six original dresses worn on Glee are up for sale in the official auction, so get bidding!

Aqua Pleated Tank Dress with added Sash - Starting from $100.00

Speaking of iconic New Directions dresses, say ‘hello’ to these unforgettable frocks from the ‘Hello, Goodbye’ group number. Back in 2010, fans were desperate to their hands on “the dresses with the bows”, which were in fact plain old black dresses from Target with the bows added later.

The dresses actually worn on Glee are up for sale in a lot of six in the official auction, place your bid below!

Target Black A-Line Dress with White Bow - Starting from $100.00

Initially [the puppets] were to be “homemade” looking as if “Blaine” had created them as a class project. The look evolved to become the likeness that made it to the screen.

Puppeteering was shared by an amazing team of professional puppeteers and the actual Glee cast, who turned out to be pretty amazing puppeteers. Darren Criss and BJ [Guyer, co-founder of Puppet Design Studio] shared the principle “Kurt” puppet operating from the “What Does The Fox Say” musical sequence.

The puppets remain exactly as they appeared once shooting wrapped for this episode. The only item withheld was the “Blaine” puppet’s watch because it was 1 of 2 existing watches actually worn by the live actor.

—  Lots 1018-1032 the custom character “Puppet Master” puppets