Bow Ties are Cool

Because Blaine is exactly the kind of goober that would insist on celebrating National Bow Tie Day (August 28, 2015). 2.5K [AO3]

“Mmm, good morning,” Kurt mumbles sleepily as he shuffles into the bathroom. Blaine is nearly done with his morning routine, pink cheeked and whistling a cheerful tune as he puts the finishing touches on his hair, the gel already drying to hard shellac impervious to the humid summer heat outside.

He turns and wraps his arms around Kurt’s waist, leaning in immediately for a kiss.

“Should probably let me brush my teeth first, I bet I have morning breath,” Kurt protests weakly. But Blaine presses on, undeterred, and Kurt melts into the kiss, sucking on Blaine’s bottom lip lazily. He hasn’t had his morning coffee yet and he’s barely awake, but he’s got seven years of muscle memory to draw on when it comes to kissing his husband. It’s as easy and automatic a process as driving a car is for him, and much, much more pleasurable.

“Hi,” Blaine greets him as they break apart.

“Hi yourself,” Kurt replies. “You’re in a good mood this morning, huh?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” Blaine asks, tilting his head to the side as he studies Kurt.

“Why would you be?” Kurt grumbles. “It’s not even 7:00 AM yet and we were up way too late last night listening to Rachel’s latest tale of woe. I’m exhausted,” he yawns.

“Today’s a big day, that’s why!” Blaine chirps excitedly. “You didn’t forget what today was, did you?” he inquires, slightly accusingly.

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Dear everyone who is scared to write problematic characters:

I write a girl who is problematic as hell. She is cruel and mean and racist and homophobic for no reason other than that she can be. She isn’t redeemed by a love story and doesn’t have a secret hidden ‘sweet side’ that’s just waiting to be released. She gets into bar fights and fucks up drug deals and gets arrested and breaks the law all because it’s fun

And you know what? 

Everyone else in the roleplay is great about it. They are incredibly friendly ooc and I have never been excluded from anything either ic or ooc. 

Write problematic characters. Write realistic characters. Write people who have been through hell and didn’t turn out kind. Write assholes who are cruel for the fun of it. Don’t sugar coat things, because that’s not real. Be respectful of triggers, and tag where necessary, but don’t lie. We are all writers, and real writers don’t run away or hide from things that are uncomfortable or dark or dirty.

Bad people exist, and pretending they don’t isn’t going to make that go away.