Not when both these losers are going all misty-and-gleamy-eyed at each other.

Y u gotta make me cry on a Saturday?! TAT


Psh, I don’t need this.

*tosses heart and feels into oblivion*

(*̩̩̩ᵋ *̩̩̩ )

There was an unhealthy amount of sad Meebo screencaps I had to scrap for this dumb post.

Like, I don’t care what format, I never want to see Meebo sad.

…which is a lie. I like watching my faves drown in angst just as much as the next fan. I’m a horrible person. Yep yep yep.

Well, duh.

Of course, he is.


*inserts all the hopes spots*

Because there’s never a good reason to not want to see a smiling Mikleo.


5. "Please let me help

Edward Kenway x Reader

A/N: We are on the 5th, only more 15th to go, yay! You guys really love Edward, huh? The next one is about him again! 😂 

You groaned as you stumbled in your own quarter, your hand firmly grasped to your side as your wound was still bleeding. Despite your assurance about your condition (you have been through worse things than this), you couldn’t help to feel weak. Shivers crept all over your skin when you tried to lay down over your bed, failing miserably as your head started to pound painfully. Cautiously, you started to undress yourself, trying to ignore the dizziness and remaining only with your pants and small clothes on as you took a little bowl full of water and a clean piece of fabric.

 It all started with the boarding, which it actually went well, very well.

 The Jackdaw got supplies it needed and the crew earned enough rum to go through difficult time, but the only hard time you all had was with the former members of the ship; in which they didn’t want to give up to their destiny without fighting first.

 So you had to fight back, not complaining too much thought. 

You were good enough and you enjoyed your life, those moments made you enjoy all of this even more. Your fellows were amazing friends, always got your back and you couldn’t ask for something better than all of this. 

After all, moments like those brought you incredible rush of adrenaline all over your body and probably that’s why you didn’t realise sooner you got hurt. In fact, now you were paying your brashness’ consequences as everything of you still ached.

You pressed the cloth damped with water over your scarred skin with extreme chariness cleaning the blood that was still spilling out, only slower. The cool water helped recover you a little despite the feeling of weakness was still there; and the giddiness, for the moment, had passed. You probably would have needed some stitches but you granted with yourself it was a job for later. After all, the Jackdaw ‘d be landed in a few days and you could have fixed yourself after you rested enough. 

You were lost in your thoughts so much you didn’t notice the knock in your door as an husky voice was calling you. You immediately recognized Edward, the captain of the ship, and before you could say something he bursted in your room, a cheeky grin pulled over his lips.

“Aye, lass! Where were yo– Oh.”
His crystal blue eyes wided in worry when he saw you holding your hip, your hands and the cloth you were holding scarlet by your own blood.
You tried to smile at him, but another hiss escaped from you when a flash of pain crossed you, making you grit your teeth. 

You could feel his stare over you, and you quickly glanced somewhere, blush crept slowly over your cheeks.

Thank God it was getting darker. 

Without even speak, Edward crawled in your bed right next to you, taking the handkerchief you were holding in his hands. He damped the cloth once more before pressing gently to your skin again, brushing gently all the dry blood away. If possible you blushed even more, still refusing to look at his way. 

“E-Edward, that’s not necessa-”

“Please. Let me help you.”

You kept your mouth shout as the only sounds that were in your quarters were the brush of the fabric aganist your skin amd your short breathes. Edward was very concentrate on you, his clear gaze focused on your wound as he bit his lower lip. Your imitated him, torturing your lower lip with your teeth as he moved away the cloth for having a better vision of your injury. 

“This probably will need some stitches, lass”

You chuckled. “So, you know how to fix some stitches? You are full of surprise, capt’n” You said, hissing when he pressed his fingers a little bit too hard over you.

“Sorry” Edward mumbled as he moved immediately his hands away from you.  “I think you’d be surprised of what I can do, lass.” He said with a mischevious grin, glancing over you before taking a needle and a thread. You shook your head, moving the weight of your body over your forearms s he leaned over you. 

“Of course.”

“Why you didn’t tell me you were hurt? You could have been worse than this” he said, pointing to your injured hip. You simply shrugged, playing with a lock of your hair.

“It wasn’t so important, Edward.”

“Y/N, don’t say that.”

You immediately looked at him, authority filled his voice and he was glaring at you. You felt your stomach flutter and you looked away, surprised of your own behaviour. What the hell was going on?

Silence fell on the both of you as he started to stitching you; and despite all it was comfortable. You watched his hands working carefully on you, actually surprising you. You didn’t even know this part of him, and you were quite astonished of how gentle his hands could be.

“Done. Try to be more careful, next time”
“Why? I am sure you are willing to be my nurse if there’ll be a next time.” you joked, smiling. Edward leaned in, making your grin slowly pull out from your face.

“There are easier ways to get my attention, sweetheart. Bleeding until death aren’t one of it”

He placed his lips over your lips, your eyes immediately closed at the contact. His lips were warm aganist you cooler one; his breath was sea and rum scented, a mix you found quite pleasant. As quickly as it started it finished; Edward pulled out and he was looking at you with gleamy eyes and an amused grin.

“Goodnight, lass. Try to not think too much, you need to rest. ”

You didn’t reply, your eyes fixed over his back as you watched him leave, blissfully ignorant of what the storm he started within you.

He just… he just kissed you. 

But that was really nothing, was it? He was one of your best friends, he was your captain. He was married, too, so it really meant nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Taehyung/Jimin Scenario: Two for Mischief.

Request: Can i request a scenario where Vmin tries to teach Jungkook’s 3 years old son how to curse. And the kid says it in front his Father accidentally. And jungkook becomes mad n the kid tells him that vmin taught him that. Would would jk do to vain?

Genre: Friendship / Comedy

-Come with uncle Jimin, he’s way better than uncle Tae - Jimin had a smile of content on his face while the little child was looking from one uncle to the other with big gleamy eyes.

-Yah! why are you saying that to him? - Taehyung pushed Jimin on the shoulder and the latter just laughed. Jungkook had called them for help to take care of his child in his absence, not before giving them a list of the child’s necessities to take care  of, and writing down his and the mom’s numbers, and lastly, the 911, just in case because with those two one never knew.

-So I’m leaving now, Tae you got the list?- he eyed his friend who was making faces to his son, and instantly straightened his position, taking out Jungkook’s list from his back pocket.

-The list is safe here-

Jimin took the child on his arms and smiled, bouncing him up and down. -Everything will be fine Jungkook! you can trust us - Jungkook took a deep breath, remembering that indeed, he trusted them, but he also feared the troublemaker pair.

-Not too high Jimin, you’ll scare him- he observed the boys once again, Jimin gave him his back and Taehyung put an arm around his shoulders, pushing him towards the door.

-Take it easy Jungkook, we got this under control. You go and enjoy your night - he put both of his hands on Jungkook’s shoulders, reassuring him with a bright smile on his face and practically shoved him outside. -Bye bye!-

Taehyung waved at him before closing the door.

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A White Christmas

MERRY FREAKING CHRISTMAS FOR THOSE WHO CELEBRATE! I hope y’all have a beautiful day no matter who or what you’re celebrating with. This is the last of the Christmas stories (for this year anyway ;))! Thank you guys so much for all the nice messages and comments on these little Christmas stories. They really mean a lot to me and make me super excited! If anyone needs/wants to talk about anything while the year finishes out/begins please don’t hesitate to message me! I love new friends and I know this can be a tough time for some. I LOVE YOU GUYS HAPPY SUNDAY.

You were awakened by a large, warm body rolling over on top of yours. The lips connected to that large, warm body planted themselves softly on your forehead. 

When you refused to open your eyes, you felt those soft lips travel to your neck where it met your shoulder. Bucky’s warm breath fanned over your skin, sending goosebumps fluttering all over your skin.

His kisses only stopped when his deep, sleepy voice sang, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.”

You hummed happily as you enjoyed his warm skin caressing yours. But when you realized his words you froze, snapped your head up off the pillows and looked over to the huge window of your bedroom. 

Carefully piled on top of the skyscrapers and roads was a blanket of snow.

You gasped and leaped out of bed, your entangled fingers dragging Bucky with you. You ran over to the window and watched hundreds of tiny snowflakes fall in and out of view as they fell past the window.

Bucky took his place behind you, encasing you in his scent when he wrapped his arms around your waist. He pulled you tight to him and rested his cheek against your hair. “Merry Christmas, doll.”

You snuggled into him and rubbed the skin of his forearms in front of you. “Merry Christmas, Bucky.” The words came out as a contented sigh.

The two of you stood there, your tied body heat fighting the cold air from the window, until his arms untangled from around your waist. You held tight to him and begged him to stay. “Just stand with me for one more minute.” You loved watching the snow fall with him. It was so peaceful. The polar opposite from your everyday lives. 

“I’ll be gone for two minutes and then we can stand here as long as you want.” He kissed you and you heard him close the bedroom door behind him but your eyes never left the city in front of you. 

This Christmas morning, everyone was inside opening presents with their families or sleeping in. No one was brushing off their cars or shoveling their walkways in a hurry to get to work. It was like you were watching the city that never sleeps take a cat nap.

Before too long, familiar arms wrapped around you and offered you a mug of hot cocoa. You took it in your hands and leaned back into Bucky’s chest. 

The minutes presumably passed by and you took the last sips of your cocoa. You placed the empty mug on the windowsill next to Bucky’s and turned around in his arms. Your fingers ran through his hair, making his lips curl into a smile. You were about to speak but he beat you to it.

“(Y/N), doll, I love you.  This… this is the best Christmas morning I’ve ever had.” His hand cupped your cheek, his thumb gently rubbing your cheekbone. You were touched as you watched him struggle to speak. You heard the lump in his throat so you squeezed his shoulder in support.

“Even better than that year you got a BB gun?” you teased. 

“Much, much better than the year I got a BB gun,” he laughed, a tear sliding down his cheek. 

“I love you too. So, so much.” It was ridiculous how much you loved him. Stupid maybe. But you loved him and he knew it. 

His gleamy eyed stare was interrupted by Sam yelling at you through the door. “Get down here, we’re opening presents!”

You both laughed. “We’d better do what he says.” 

You threw Bucky’s old sweatshirt over your head and made your way to the door. Before you could open it, however, Bucky’s hands were bringing your lips to his in a warm, passionate kiss. Your hands explored his torso, landing on his hips as his mouth danced with yours. 

When your lips finally parted he followed you downstairs without another word. There was really nothing left to say.



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anonymous asked:

Gom+kagami point to the S/O in the stands after making the winning shot or a free throw for them at the end of the game?



Akashi calmly threw the free shot. In. Of course.

The ball was passed to him again. He looked at ____ through the corner of his eye. He dribbled, then got in position to shoot.

He closed his eyes, and threw the next shot. His ears returned him the familiar sound of the ball going through the net. It was in.

Good. He smiled to himself then openned his eyes and turned to look at ___ on the bleachers. Their eyes met. Slowly, very slowly, and gracefully, Akashi raised his arm, gesturing towards her as he bowed.. Around him, the game continued, even though there were barely a few seconds late. The opposite team scored while Akashi still stood there, pointing at ____. Obviously. But not like he cared - they’d won 92 - 37 anyways.


Aomine just ran right through the defense and dunked that ball. Apparently it had looked pretty awesome, because everyone was cheering. His team mates surrounded him, all of them commenting and high-fiving and being bubbly and congratulating. Aomine ignored them and looked up at the bleachers until he could finally find ____, staring straight down at him with gleamy eyes.

He hit his chest with his closed fist twice, then quickly pointed his hand at her, with a smirk.


Midorima whispered under his breath, as he got into shooting position: “This one’s for you, ___.”

He made the half-court shot, and gave a quick glance at ___, who was grinning like a child, sitting in the bleachers staring at him, oblivious to the people cheering enthusiastically around her. 

He knew she’d read his lips - or at least was hoping so.


As he ran back to defense after his incredible dunk, Kagami dried the sweat from his chin with the collar of his uniform, and his eyes were concentrating on the situation ahead of him accross the court.

But his arm was held up straight, his index finger pointing right at ___, that blushy girl in the audience everyone was now looking at.


To be fair, Kuroko’s pass was what had saved the game in the last minute.

All of his team mates circled around him, cheering, and lifted him up in the air. Kuroko smiled a little bit, thankful for the recognition. His eyes turned to ___, sitting on the bench. His smile widened as he saw how proud she looked, and he winked at her.


Kise pointed at ___ with a determined expression on his face, and on his lips, you read “alright, I dedicate this one to you”. He turned around, and shot the three pointer. Once the ball had gone throught the net, he looked at you again, smiling like a dork.

“I love you, moron”, he read on your lips as you smiled back at him and gently shook your head.


Murasakibara used the Thor’s Hammer move for the last time that day. The game was almost over, so coach Araki sent him back to the bench.

Murasakibara sat down, threw the towel over his shoulder, and reached for a couple snacks. He turned to face the crowd, and there ___ was, some rows behind. He got up, and tossed one of the maiubos at her, like he was shooting a basketball. She quickly got up and catched it in middle-air, sursprised.

____ looked down at the maiubo, then back at him, her eyes glowing.

Murasakibara smiled and rose his eyebrows a little bit, then turned around and sat back down.

Everyone around her in the audience turned to look at ____and the maiubo in her hands. Written on the envelope with a sharpie, it read: “You fuel me. Enjoy, ” then signed: “Atsushi”.

He's in Love

Trixie: I’m talking about Sportacus, that’s who!

Ziggy: What about him?

Pixel: He sure is acting weird lately…

Trixie: I’ll say! Running in circles! Actually walking?!

Stingy: That elf is up to his ears in something.
He’s dizzy and he’s dreamy

Ziggy: His head’s up in the clouds

Trixie: His eyes have gone all gleamy, it’s like we’re not allowed.

Pixel and Stingy: He stretches through the days, not even focusing on health

Trixie: You ask him where he’s going, he giggles like a fool

Ziggy: He can’t tell what he’s doing, he used to be so cool!

Stingy: It’s more than just a phase, face it, he’s just not himself!

Pixel: Is he ill?

Ziggy: Or insane?

Trixie: Is it sugar on the brain?

Pixel, Stingy, and Trixie: What has got him bothered so?

Stingy: It’s a cold!

Ziggy: It’s the flu!

Pixel: Gosh, I wish we had a clue!

Pixel, Stingy, Trixie, and Ziggy: Oh wait! Oh dear, Good grief! It’s clear…
He’s in love!
He’s in love!
Pounding heart, ringing bells!

Pixel: At least we know he’s not under some crazy spell!

Trixie and Stingy: He’s in love!

Pixel and Ziggy: In love and it’s divine!

Trixie and Stingy: He’s in love!

Pixel and Ziggy: That guy is on cloud nine!

Trixie: Glory be!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: Lord above! Gotta be he’s in love!

Trixie: Hey Pinkie! D'ya notice anything weird about you-know-who?

Stephanie: You mean Sportacus? I’ll say!
He acts like he don’t see me,
He doesn’t even speak!
He treats me like zucchini left over from last week!
You see him late at night, tossing in his airship bed!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy:
Shoop, shoop
Shoop, shoop…

Stephanie: He’s moody and he’s chillin’
Oblivious as blocks
He see’s that lousy villain-

Trixie, Pixel, Stephanie, Ziggy, and Stingy: He stands there like a rock!
As sure as stars at night, something’s made him lose his head!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He has lost his head!

Stephanie: And he sighs, and he swoons! And he’s humming’ little tunes.

Trixie and Stingy: Even has this sorta glow

Stephanie: What on earth could it be?

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: Any lazy fool could see!

Trixie: That sigh!

Stingy: That glow!

Pixel: That swoon!

Stephanie: Oh no! He’s in love!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He’s flipped, it never fails!

Stephanie: He’s in love!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: Those hearts left in his trail!

Stephanie: See his hips,
How they swish!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: Well, well, well
Don’t you wonder who’s the lucky healthy dish?

Stephanie: He’s in love!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He’s got a sports field crush!

Stephanie: He’s in love!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He’s gonna start telling us to hush!

Stephanie: See him blush!

Trixie, Stephanie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: See him grin! Gotta be love he’s in!

Stephanie: Sportacus and someone, sitting in a tree!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: His cheeks could not flush pinker!

Stephanie: It’s as clear as it can show!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He’s caught- hook, line and sinker!

Pixel: Crushed out!

Trixie: Switched on!

Stingy: Worked up! Far gone!

Stephanie: Knocked down!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: Hard hit!

Stephanie: In deep!

Trixie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: That’s it!
He’s in love!
He’s in love!

Stephanie: He’s in love!

Trixie, Stephanie, Pixel, Stingy, and Ziggy: He’s in love!
He’s in love!
Plain to see!
No mistake!
Look at those moonbeams in his wake!
Obvious what they must be symptoms of-
He’s in love!
He’s in love!
He’s in love!
Shoop, shoop
He’s in love!
Yeah, yeah!

(Original lyrics from “She’s in Love” from the soundtrack of the Broadway production of The Little Mermaid.)