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I keep getting press releases saying Spring is just around the corner, which is kinda sorta a lie? but it makes me feel less bad about waxing lyrical about my recent 7 days in Miami, where I felt sun on my sad, pale body and where I fell in love with this incroyable body glow product that I so badly needed to blend in with the locals.

If you are naturally on the paler side, you know the pain of body bronzing: often streaky, always smelly, disappointingly faux and rarely your friend.  I literally never turn down a sample offer for body bronzing products because you never know - I forever hold out for that holy grail of glow. Bring me your strippers, your drag artistes, your “celebrity” “stylist” what-have-yous … if you invent a bronzer, I will try it.

SO FINALLY I found it and it’s the most cultest of things …


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Melanie Mills is an Emmy-award winning makeup artist and she won that jam for Dancing with the Stars so need I say more?  She invented Gleam Body Radiance to shortcut to beautiful bronze (or just a gorgeous glow) on a range of skin tones. 

What’s different about this product? It’s makeup, not self-tanner, so there are no surprises. It’s completely blendable and buildable so it’s mistake-proof.  It’s amazing how easy it is to blend, as well. And last but not least - IT SMELLS AMAZING - like sex summer summer sex in a tube (what? you know what I mean). I put this on every day/night in Miami and it made me feel human in the best possible way. You can put it on your face too …


Does This: Incredible, blendable body glow in four shades (clockwise above - Rose Gold, Deep Gold, Bronze Gold, Light Gold - I used Bronze Gold).
Is This: Gleam by Melanie Mills Body Radiance
Get This: Here
Price: Available in 1 oz ($15), 2 oz ($30), and 3.5 oz ($40) so buy a few!

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Kinda wanna try this. My chest is like the lightest part of me #Repost from @msroshposh with @_repostr
I love my skin Bronze & Glowing without the harmful rays of the sun . I use @gleam_melaniemills Gleam body radiance in bronze gold to add a touch of shimmer to my skin, I use Gleam Radiant dust in Rose gold #glowbygleam

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