gleam body radiance

Melanie Mills Hollywood

One secret weapon for glowing from head to toe: Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance. “It’s a bronzer that makes my skin look flawless,” says Christina Milian. She takes a little in her hands, pats it onto a towel, and uses that to buff the perfect amount along her cheekbones and hairline. It works so well, she packs he own for red carpets, too “I add it to my legs, chest and arms,” she says.

Gleam Body Radiance comes in three convenient sizes:

  • Wrinkle Filler and skin tightener
  • Makes skin look like velvet perfection
  • Perfect for spray tans to enhance, even out skin, add depth and extend
  • Create an instant tan that lasts all night
  • Highlight, create a subtle glow, enhance natural skin tone, tan , perfect
  • Diminish flaws like varicose veins, small stretch marks and discoloration

A shade for every skin tone & Every skin tone can wear all shades. You can choose for sheer coverage with a healthy glow finish or deepen the skin tone and create a natural sun kissed glow.

Rose Gold is perfect for fair to medium skintones offering coverage, color and glow! Gleam Rose Gold is the signature color and literally looks like liquid rose gold. It has pink undertones and blends in so beautifully really becoming one with the skin.

 Bronze Gold is perfect for medium to dark skintones to enhance and perfect skin with coverage, color, and glow! It is a beautiful light brown gold color with orange-bronze undertones. Bronze-gold helps to boost the color of self tans or to compliment a natural tan!

Deep Gold is perfect for medium to dark skin tones, a beautiful dark brown with golden red undertones. On dark skin tones, Deep Gold acts as a perfect skin enhancer, adding a touch of color, making the skin look flawless. Deep Gold helps to boost the color of a self tan or compliment a natural tan.