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Jane Wodening Brakhage, Eighteen Pages from her Scrapbooks, (1958-1967)

Jane Wodening,(then Jane Brakhage), assembled three remarkable scrapbooks in the early 1960s, when she was the wife and muse of experimental film maker Stan Brakhage. Celebrated today as a pioneer in avant-garde cinema, Stan Brakhage was just gaining recognition for his non-narrative and hand painted films during the period documented by the scrapbooks. Wodening created the scrapbooks from literal “scraps” of their family life, Brakhage’s creative process, and the artistic communities of which they were a part. Pages are covered with the widest array of verbal and visual materials including but not limited to letters, manuscripts, photographs, original art, clippings, pamphlets, filmstrips, and flyers. The scrapbooks demonstrate, too, Jane’s own aesthetic vision and creative drive.

The books document a crucial time in Stan Brakhage’s career (during which he made some 30 films, including Dog Star Man, one of his most important) and in the Brakhages’ lives, a period during which they encountered and shared lively creative exchanges with many filmmakers, artists, Beat Generation poets, and other writers. Writers and artists who are, in some way, “contributors” to the scrapbooks include: Kenneth Anger, Wallace Berman, Joseph Cornell, Robert Creeley, Guy Davenport, Ed Dorn, Robert Duncan, Jess, Robert Kelly, Gregory Markopoulos, Michael McClure, Jonas Mekas, Carolee Schneemann, and Louis Zukofsky. “We were all young and wild and articulate and creative,” Jane Wodening has written about the creative community of the period, “we were right; we were gods; we were going to change the world, bring it around to sheer truth.”



Greetings, all! I trust you have all had a good week, since last we spoke! 

I don’t know about you, but this week has been kind of blah for me. Not much to report, in this corner of the world- I’ve been spending a lot of time with my kitten, Hedwig, and I have to say - there are worse fates than spending most of your free time with kitten. When in the hell did cats become so AMAZING? I feel like I am only just now noticing this. RIght now, I am listening to Blondie & she is chewing on one of my wigs, and I really can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening. 

Anyway! So, some disappointing news - school is postponed, for the time being. I have to start next month, because my high school transcripts didn’t get to the college in time and blah blah blah. On the bright side, I did receive my official WELCOME PACKET this week! So, yeah. This gal is going to Piedmont Tech for reals … someday!  I was really looking forward to tomorrow being my first day of school! but, alas, earwax. Oh well - it gives me something to look forward to for the next couple of weeks until the late term starts. And, you know what, I have this feeling that people will probably still be dying at this time next year, so it isn’t like there is a real RUSH to get through school to find work in this market, you know. 

So, nothing else to really talk about this week, so lets chat about my rediscovery of an old flame - scrapbooking! I made an attempt to clean out my closet a few months ago and found this amazing smashbook kit that my brother’s girlfriend got me a few years ago for Christmas (thus promptly ending the closet clean out, naturally) - I have been out of the scrapbooking game for a few years, but I used to really enjoy it, when it wasn’t giving me stress nightmares about proper layouts and aesthetics.  

The whole idea of the SMASHBOOK is that it comes with predesigned pages in a bound book, and you just glue in whatever you want, wherever you want, and wham. There it is. That easy. For me, this is nice, because I am the kinda of OCD person who would have a complete mental breakdown in the paper aisle at AC Moore trying to figure out what paper color would work with which photo set and GOD FORBID trying to find the corresponding stickers that accentuated the piece - so then I would end up spending $100 buying everything just in case and leaving with a stress headache and needing to lie down before I lost it completely. And then when I later gathered the mental strength to actually work on the cursed thing, everything HAD to be chronologically ordered - and life happened faster than I could buy supplies and then everything started to stack up … and I think you can pretty much just take it from there. Thus, there you have my scrapbooking career.

So, yeah. When I found this kit in my closet, I thought, why the hell not. And when I started glueing stuff in WILLY NILLY, it filled me with the kind of crafting frivolity I did not know could even exist. And I’ve been steadily a-glueing ever since. I’ve had a few meltdowns at the craft store (only a few!) - but I’m doing much better! And more importantly, I’m having fun. My gluesticks are on fiyah!

Soooo, I wanted to share with you my smashbooking progress! Take a look! Or don’t! You know, whatever fulfills you personally. Also, humungous apologies - I’ve got the major hand shakes tonight (neurologist on Thursday!!) and I just shot these really quick with my iPhone, so these photos are nothing HQ. You’ll get the idea. 

See, nothing fancy. Nothing elaborate. And it is all a work in progress. I love that I can glue something down and then come back to it when I have the time or the attention span, and not feel pressure. And I SO can’t wait to rip into a ton of horrible and embarrassing high school photos to add to it!

Alrighty, so thanks for reading a post about glueing a bunch of stuff into books that will eventually just sit on a shelf that no one will ever look at, I know this had to be just riveting. Hedwig just sat down next to my laptop and started to take a really explicit bath, so I think we should just call it a night, yeah? Let me know if any of you guys are fellow smashbookers (or even scrapbookers!), I’d love to see how you guys get crazy with the gluesticks!

If you want to get started with a smashbook, try Michael’s - they have the best selection by far. Some Targets carry them as well. Also, Amazon & can help you out! It would be my greatest dream to gather a bunch of friends for a weekly smashing night. I have already recruited Ciera and … well, I just ran out of friends that I can think of, so never mind. 

See you next week!

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Captain America

Steve stared mournfully at the book, remembering how once, in their happy youth, Bucky had touched and indeed even opened that very book.

“Steve, come back to bed,” said Rick Jones, formerly of the Teen Brigade, now of Ham-Age Bookstore, “or at least put on pants and show me some judo moves.”

“Rick,” said Steve, “you just don’t understand.”


くび くび
おめめ おめめ
くちばし くちばし
あたま あたま