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Since us bisexuals, polysexuals, pansexuals, asexuals and aromantics don’t exist, laws do not apply.
Rob a fucking bank, if you don’t exist they can’t arrest you.

Conversion therapy is child abuse. There is no grey area. There is no wiggle room. The fuckers that practice it are abusers. The fuckers who send their children off to be “converted” are abusers. Assholes who say “I wouldn’t do it, but that’s their rights as parents.” are abuse apologists.

Secret Deodorant Debuts Groundbreaking Transgender Ad

A new deodorant commercial released this week perfectly captures the anxiety that some transgender people face while having to navigate public restrooms.

The latest commercial in the Secret #Stress Test ad campaign features a young transgender person working up the courage to leave the bathroom stall and face other women in a public restroom. The tagline reads, “Dana finds courage to show there’s no wrong way to be a woman.”

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