• hey:i'm transgender!
  • no:omg r u ok?
  • no:which way?
  • no:r u gonna have the surgery?
  • no:thats why you had a mustache in high school!?
  • yes:are you coming out?
  • yes:wow! thank you for trusting me with that!
  • yes:i'm so proud of you for embracing this!
  • yes:how can i support you?
  • yes:what are your preferred pronouns?
  • yes:do you have all of the connections you need?
  • no:omg i know tran already this is going to be fun
  • no:you have to meet my friend ____, they are trans!
  • yes:that's cool, bro. i have other trans friends too
  • yes:i've never known anyone to be transgender so this is new to me!
  • yes:do you feel like answering questions about it?
  • no:how big is it
  • no:can i see it
  • imho, when someone comes out, they are not saying "ask me about my transition" or "help me, i'm trans" - just a reminder that they may just be coming to terms with it and needed to say it out loud to someone they trust. if someone comes out to you, it's a privilege. this applies to all kinds of coming out, really...
15 Ways To Spot A Lesbian According To Some Really Old Medical Journals | Autostraddle
"Has a firmness to her walk, a long step, and a rather heavy timbre to her voice."

“20 Turn-of-the-Century “Ways to Tell” if a Girl Would Become Gay or if a Woman Was a Lesbian — according to the Medical Journals of the Day.”
Brave Man portrays how naked it is to be Transgender
The symbology of many of the scenes in Will Young's video Brave Man have not escaped us. As the young man in an english pub, pictures and journals and beer at the table, strips down to nothing and proceeds to take on the world. Are we all not naked? Ready to be seen by the world and judged accordingly? While not so literal, the metaphor is there. "Through tough times embracing myself as someone 'different' allowed me to embrace all differences in others, to embrace their vulnerability and their struggles as well as their inner strength and determination to be their true authentic selves," Young reportedly stated. As the character takes on the world in the nude, he is fetishized by groups of women, bullied by numbers of men, exposed. Many times throughout the video there are shots of just him alone with his thoughts and you can tell he's focusing on coping and internal conflict. It's a heart breaking look into the lives of trans people without the sole point being exclusively about transitioning.


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