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Fratboy!Calum Part 5

justabloodyglader said: Hey! Can I have a FratBoy!Calum one shot where reader is really shy and she refuses to sleep with Michael and so he challenges Cal to seduce reader and pretend he loves her?

Hey! Sorry for the long wait! but here is the new chapter! sorry if it’s all depressing and even philosophical at one point, but I’m extremely emotional lately lol Hope you like it and I’ll post the next part soon, most likely! I’m thinking about writing 8 parts and then starting Badboy!Luke. what do you people think?

Word Count: 2039

Unedited, sorry about that. Will edit when the fic is over!


Part 4 Part 6

You weren’t fond of parties, especially frat parties. They were always filled with loads of drunk and high douchebags that tried to go too far with you, even when you asked them to stay away from you. That was without counting the amount of people who got on top of tables and started to strip drunkenly, toppling off the table on more than one occasion and getting heavily injured.

This party, like all the previous ones, was no exception. In fact, it seemed even crazier than usual. It was almost like no one had gone out during break and everyone was now taking out that pent up energy and desire to getting wasted out in one single night. In a way, you understood why they did it. Forgetting about everything and getting as wasted as possible before a new college quarter started for real.

You had a red cup filled with vodka and red bull in your hand, courtesy of Luke who preferred to prepare you a drink rather than have one of his slimy frat brothers or any boy offer you a possibly spiked drink. He was being paranoid, of course, but you didn’t really blame him. Judging from the stories he told you and the ones you heard from Calum, you knew his fear wasn’t unjustified. At all.

You were slowly drinking form your cup, not really in the mood to get wasted or even remotely tipsy. You would leave that for another day, but for the time being, you weren’t really in the mood of being out of your senses. Your roommate had ditched you as soon as you arrived, even when she was the one who begged you to accompany here because she didn’t want to go to the party alone. On the other hand, Luke had given you the drink before he disappeared with a girl with legs longer than the Empire State and a look in her eyes that promised trouble for your step-brother. In other words, you weren’t having the best time. You didn’t even want to go to the party in the first place. Especially a party where you ran the risk of stumbling upon Calum doing things you didn’t want to imagine with other people.

Shaking the thought away, you pushed your way through the pack of bodies, tired of the disgusting smell of alcohol, sex and sweat in the air. It was hard to pass through, and you couldn’t help it but notice people’s expressions. Through their drunk gazes and tipsy laughter, you noticed pain and sorrow, dread and anxiety, nervousness and hate. It was really sad for you to see all this, finally coming to realize that perhaps you weren’t the only one who had shit going on.

By the time you were finally in the backyard, able to sit down on the porch as the stars twinkled above you on a blanket of darkness, your heart had swelled with dread. It was sad to think about how everyone was suffering to a certain extent. What had this world come to with its youth hurting internally and no one doing anything about it? No one cared enough to act and change things. Everyone was too caught up in their own selfish lives to really care about anyone else.

You stayed outside for hours, knowing perfectly well that you wouldn’t be missed. Danielle was probably off getting wasted and sucking face with that guy she had her eyes set on since the beginning of university and Luke was probably hooking up with the girl he was with earlier, not that you wanted or needed the mental image. There wasn’t anyone else that you really spoke to that would care if you weren’t in the party or not. As far as you knew, Ashton didn’t know you’d attended and Michael was missing in action all night. You avoided thinking about Calum altogether since thinking about him was far too painful.

Eventually, though, you received a clearly drunk text from Luke that went something like this:

“hweer aae yuu”

Since you knew Luke for so long, you could easily decipher that he asked “Where are you.” Instead or replying, since he obviously wasn’t sober enough to understand any texts you sent, you stood up, the red cup in your hand now empty, and you made your way back inside. This time, the house was a little more vacant and it was then that you noticed at was well past one in the morning. People were more drunk now than they were before, and a lot of couples were doing things that you really didn’t need to see.

You looked for Luke, but couldn’t really found him. Frowning, you went into the kitchen, intent on looking for someone sober enough to tell you where he was. Instead of achieving that, though, you ended up stumbling upon Calum. A very drunk Calum, in fact. He was with Ashton, who was also drunk out of his mind, and they were both slumped on stools, perched against the counter and laughing like hyenas with red cups in their hands. You tried to leave inconspicuously, but Ashton had to ruin it.

“Hey Y/N! Luke was looking for you,” he slurred.

Plastering a smile on your face, you turned around and approached the drunk pair, making sure to ignore Calum as much as possible.

“Hi Ash. I know, I got a text from him. I was actually looking for him. Have you seen him?”

“I…I have, but I don’t know where he is,” he slurred out before he started giggling. Calum joined in and you rolled your eyes.

“Alright then. I’ll keep looking for him,” you said before you turned around.

“No, wait,” slurred Calum. You closed your eyes, but did as he asked. You didn’t turn around, though.

It took a moment, the sound of a stool falling and a couple of drunk giggles before a hand was gently wrapped around your arm. You wanted to pull away, but something in you refused to do so. You couldn’t bring yourself to move away from Calum’s touch. It had been months since you had last felt it and, in all honesty, you had missed it so much.

“Can we talk?” he murmured, his words slurring slightly in the end.

You wanted to say no. You searched inside yourself for the strength and the resolution to deny him what he was asking of you. After all, you owed him nothing at all and he owed you too much. You were weak for him, though, and before you could stop yourself, you were nodding.

He tugged on your arm and led you out of the kitchen. You had no clue as to where he was taking you and you were a little more worried about the way he was swaying back and forth. He did stumble eventually and you catch him before he could fall. He started to laugh and you smiled before you could stop yourself. You wrapped an arm around his waist before you could overanalyze the look in his eyes when you smiled and he wrapped an around your shoulders. He was considerably bigger than you and he seemed to remember that despite being out of his sense since he kept most of his weight off of you.

You didn’t know where he was going initially, but you figured that taking him to his bedroom was a pretty good bet. Taking him up the stairs was a hassle, but you managed to do so and eventually, you both were in his bedroom. You closed the door with your foot before you pushed him on his bed. You didn’t sit down, though. Instead, you moved and stayed next to the door, needing to keep some distance between you two.

He somehow managed to sit up before he looked at you, his eyes shining with an emotion that you couldn’t decipher. And one that you didn’t want to decipher, either.

“What do you want to talk about?” you asked while staring at your feet. You couldn’t look at him anymore. He made you feel so vulnerable.

“I miss you,” he slurred, catching you completely off-guard.

You looked up abruptly, not expecting to hear those words coming out of his mouth. “What?”

“I miss you, Y/N,” he repeated, his voice a little more clear this time.

You didn’t know what to say. What were you supposed to say, anyway? He had said that he didn’t care about you, in less words than that, but the message had been the same. Why would he miss you if he didn’t care about you? It didn’t make any sense.

“Y/N, I know I fucked up and I-I’m so sorry about it. I really am. For everything. You didn’t deserve for me to do that to you and there isn’t a day that passes by when I don’t regret it,” he said, his words so clear you would’ve thought his drunk act was just that, an act, if it wasn’t for the glazy way his eyes stared into yours, the lack of focus in them actually reassuring in a way.

“I-It’s just that…I didn’t think much about it when I made that bet with Michael. And then, after time went by and I actually got to know you, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to you in a way that I’d never felt drawn to anyone a-and and I got scared,” he said. Tears started to well in his eyes in that moment, but he didn’t do anything about them. “I’ve never felt affection like that, you know? And as much as I might want to make up for my shitty home life, I’m scared of…love.”

You knew about his home life. He’d told you before about how little attention he’d received throughout his life. You also knew of his father’s drinking problem, of his mother’s cheating one and of his sister’s mental condition. You knew about it all and you were conscious of the fact that he hadn’t ever received affection before. But listening to this, to him telling you about how he felt made your heart break.

The tears in his eyes spilled down his cheeks, but he didn’t seem to care about that. Instead, he opened his mouth, probably to say something else, but no words came out. Before you knew it, he was sobbing in front of you. You’d never seen him so vulnerable. You’d never seen him cry before. And no matter how much he could’ve hurt you with his actions, you couldn’t bear to look at him like this.

Before you could register what you were doing, you were across the room with your arms wrapped tightly around his shaking body. You sat down with him and didn’t let him go. In that moment, whatever happened between you two wasn’t important because he needed you. Whatever words he’d spoken and whatever his actions had been were in the back of your mind, never forgotten, but just put on hold.

You didn’t realize when you two had shifted your positions so you were lying down with his pillow under your head and his head resting over your chest, his shoulder still shaking from the soul-wrenching sobs that were wrecking his body.

You figured that you could stay with him until he fell asleep, so you just pulled the bed sheets over the both of you and waited for him to calm down. When his sobs calmed down, he took you by surprise when he kissed your neck gently before going back to is initial position and closing his eyes.

“I love you, Y/N,” he murmured before his breath slowed down and his body went limp.

You were completely shocked by his words. You weren’t expecting for him to say that and the sudden wave emotions the phrase brought with it made you cry silently. You didn’t know if your tears were of joy or of pain or of hatred or what, but whatever they were for needed to be released. And released them you did. You cried yourself to sleep that night, with Calum in your arms and forgetting your plan of slipping out after he fell asleep.