glazing ball


ON HOLD ♥ 14.5mm~15mm eyes. My full urethane ‘14mm’ eyes tend to be 14.5mm to 15mm after the final urethane glaze.


“I’ll get one ticket for whatever shitty movie you’ve got, suprise me” Eric’s voicebox was drowning in a serum of bitter anger and disappointment. Eric looked at the cashier with enraged, tear glazed eye balls

“S-sure sir, that’ll be $8.12…anything else with that?” The cashier, a thin tall man with scarily large eyes and a big lump of brown hair which framed his long face in the most unpleasurable manner (who seemed quite startled by Eric’s tone and overall presentation), replied

“Chuck in a butter covered shitfest with that too then, just for fun y’know?” Eric tried to sound comedic but instead startled the cashier even more, probably because of how sad and lonely the sentence he’d just said made him look.

The cashier forced an uncomfortable laugh and quickly turned to the popcorn machine, grabbing one of those shitty red and white popcorn boxes all movie theatres have from the bench next to him as he turned

So yesterday @enjholras answered this Hogwarts AU ask and talked about Jehan tutoring Montparnasse in Divination and it got me THINKING
It’s still No Shame November and I do whatever the heck I want

Jehan could see their distorted reflection inside the crystal ball, their own eyes staring back at them on a rounder, wider version of their face. Beyond that, there was only mist, swirling and whirling against the glass, holding secrets from those who didn’t know how to read them. Including Montparnasse.

In all fairness, he had gotten better over time. All those hours spent at the library, smuggling crystal balls, tea leaves and runes along with them, had not been in vain, Jehan could pride themself on that. The only thing harder to read than the future, however, was Montparnasse himself. He always displayed that confusing mix of indifference and eagerness that kept Jehan wondering if he was actually enjoying that time spent together or just suffering through it. Considering how tense his forehead was at present, Jehan would guessed the latter.

And Montparnasse always avoided frowning at all cost.

“I see,” he whispered hunched over the crystal ball. “I see—I see you.”

Jehan straightened their back, their eyes leaving the mist to look intently at Montparnasse. A little smile was drawing the corner of his lips up. Montparnasse’s glaze flickered from the ball to Jehan, cutting their breathing short. There should be a rule against that, against what attractive people could do with just a glance and a flutter of lashes.

“I see you and me going to the Yule Ball together,” he finally revealed, his flirtatious smile turning almost provocative.

For a second, Jehan’s mind went as blank as their heart went mad. Just for a second. A blissful, wonderful second, before they realised what was going on. Montparnasse was mocking them. Of course he was. Of course he had noticed the looks Jehan gave him! An ice cold hand closed around their heart.

“Stop making fun of me,” they muttered, avoiding Montparnasse’s eyes.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas set number 2! I’m having a hard time moving away from my darker shades even though I want to do sets in pastel shades. Oh well. Anyway, hope everyone’s doing fine. I’m way too excited for Christmas this year.

Nail polish used:
Essie Wrapped in Rubies
China Glaze Scattered and Tattered

For PH People, get your festive nails on! Contact me to book. See you then!

Zootopia Oneshot #4: The Darwinian Donut

Or, Better Titled, Everyone Has to Give Up Things but at Least There’s Coffee

[Alternatively Titled: When Humanity’s Not Writing Everything Else, She’s Writing This in the Back of Science Class]

Judy had always wanted to be a cop. Since she’d been a kit, watching bullies harrass smaller mammals on the school yard, she had known that she’d been destined to help others and see that justice was given to all. In her idylic mindset she had seen herself accepting honors and awards, humbly fixing up the streets and doing it all with a smile. She saw herself as a cop of all cops, a Jack of the trade, a winner all around. Someone that children looked up to and parents trusted and her chief thought of as a perfect example of law enforcement at its best.

And then she’d become a cop. And it had not been like that.

At all.

Needless to say the streets were still at odds, there weren’t any medals, her coworkers thought she was a joke and her chief had done his best to use what power he had against her by finally giving her a case after weeks of endless parking duty but had instead done his best to give her the worst time slot possible.

It was already well past midnight, she was more than exhausted and life wasn’t seeming as perfect as she had expected it to be from the start.

Oh. And she was lonely.

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