“Captain, this is damn stupid.”
“I know, sir,” said Carrot. “They are the facts, sir.”
“But they’re not the right facts! They’re stupid facts!”
“I know, sir. I can’t imagine His Lordship trying to kill anyone.”
“Are you mad?” said Vimes. “I can’t imagine him saying sorry!”

– on the facts | Terry Pratchett, The Truth


So.. yesterday I finally did a /better/ istant of Nico! <3 
I really love him, I hope to don’t ruin him, sorry baby :v
I still want to improve my wig and my makeup, but i’m happy as it is now~
(I’ll probably change the eyeliner, it’s too pale :c) 

I didn’t wear all the cosplay, I still miss some bandages and all, but I like the general look <3 

ps. I look like a carrot yay