glazed eyes, empty hearts;

Lorcan had decided to walk back home. He had a show that night and when he had been on stage, the adrenaline coursing through his veins and the beat drumming in his ears, he had felt so fucking good. Now, though, now he didn’t want to go back to his empty flat. He had gotten drunk on stage but the effect had started to wear off and he felt restless in a way he couldn’t even describe. He smoked a cigarette as he walked down the street, pausing when he recognized Gid from a distance. 

“Gid!” he called loudly, catching up to him, grinning slightly, “Well aren’t you out late. Going home?”


✿ cry your heart out ✿

simon x reader

requested | could you maybe post a Simon imagine where you’ve been crying for a while ( don’t mind about those details ) and he try’s to cheer you up and is really sweet and passionate? thanks- really enjoying your writing

warnings | none

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My Happy Little Feels

Glazed eyes empty hearts
Buying merch from shopping carts
Nothing but time to waste
Have no life thanks to Tumblr

Fangirl way too much
Rolling, cringing, punching walls
OTP just interacted and
My happy little feels
Take me away❤️‍


GLAZED EYES, EMPTY HEARTS *kicks garbage can* BUYING HAPPY FROM SHOPPING CARTS *backflips off roof* NOTHING BUT TIME TO KILL *summersaults down street* SIPPING LIFE FROM A BOTTLE *leaps over three cars* TIGHT SKIN, BODYGUARDS *punches self* GUCCI DOWN THE BOULEVARD *cartwheels* COCAINE, DOLLAR BILLS *chops off leg* AND *screeches* MY HAPPY LITTLE PIIIILLLLL