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Feast Report!

What I cooked for the Bottomless Pit’s family for their New Year/ Christmas celebrations: (from top left)

Grilled Aigamo Garnished with Green Sauce (Shokugeki No Souma)

Roast Beef Don (Shokugeki no Souma) - the garlic fried rice was plated separately.

Charcoal Grilled Ribs with Chestnut Coffee Sauce (Shokugeki No Souma) - because I couldn’t have too many beef dishes, I changed the grilled steak to ribs glazed with a brown sugar and butter. It caramelized pretty well, and the bitterness went really well with the Chestnut Coffee Sauce! 

I also had a simple Salmon baked with Dill and Lemon (just line the baking tray with olive oil first), as well as a Egg-stuffed pepper that I did in this bento here.

The Bottomless Pit’s Mum also made a vegetarian version of the Potato Salad from Wakako Zake that you can find here. (Yes, eggs with potatoes mmmmmmm).

It took me so much energy cooking this that I haven’t recovered yet - I had to take a nap at 10pm and woke up just in time for the countdown.

This is how the feast looked like (there were more dishes, including a cheese board):

The Contest - Chapter 3

As you and the rest of The Avengers test your willpower in an unusual challenge, your attempts to remain Master of your Domain are complicated when James “Bucky” Barnes makes you his mission.

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Chapter 3 continues with the slow, slow build, Smut to come, Fluff for now, Swearing, Flirting, Sexual tension, Teasing, DirtyTalk, Touching, Groping, Fingering, Language, NSFW, Man Bun, Sweat, Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 4,127

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 4

A/N: To everyone who sent me messages, feedback and requests to be tagged after Chapters 1 & 2 - THANK YOU AND SORRY THIS ONE TOOK SO LONG!

This chapter originally had two parts but this one got out of hand. I’m a bit nervous about this one, hope you like it! I also hope I remembered to tag everyone. Apologies if I’ve forgotten you, just send me a note if you’d like to be tagged.

To my twitter babes: thanks for the support. I love you almost as much as I love Sebby ;)

Chapter 3: The One With The Mats

As the week progresses, the effects of the contest start to wear heavily on the team.

There were plenty of cold showers, long sessions in the compound gym to work out mounting frustrations and on some days, outright avoidance of the other team members – especially those watching the play from the sidelines.

Thor and Tony, still smarting from their early exits, had decided that it would be fun to form an alliance with the sole purpose of tormenting the remaining contestants.

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anonymous asked:

*whispers in your ear* Makorra reality tv cooking competition AU

i have never watched a reality tv cooking show but i’ll do my best. so we have: 

korra, who demonstrated an incredible talent at a young age and trained with all the top chefs at fancy institutions in france and new york, poised to take over the ONLY four-star michelin restaurant in the entire world (her mentor-chef, tenzin, currently runs this restaurant, and it was owned by his father, renowned chef aang); her formal technique is formidable. she specializes in meat and seafood dishes, but struggles immensely with pastries - her meringue refuses to fluff correctly, despite her best efforts, and her soufflé is a tragedy. her favorite thing to cook for herself is a goddamn fuckin beautiful rack of cherry coke glazed beef ribs, and she has a deep and unyielding desire to get out from her teachers’ watchful gaze and open a food truck somewhere. to her, food is not just food; it’s destiny

mako, who has zero formal training in the kitchen but learned everything from working in food trucks and hole-in-the-wall restaurants all over los angeles, picking up a lexicon of diverse cooking styles, techniques, and flavors from cultural enclaves like little tokyo, chinatown, little ethiopia, tehrangeles, koreatown, and, of course, mexican food!! naturally, he specializes in fusion food, mixing ingredients and cultural palates with aplomb. if you asked him what the five mother sauces of classical french cuisine are, he would tell you to shut up and just eat what he makes because he’s not throwing it away. for him, food is survival: just eat it (nike swoosh)

he catapulted to local fame after a LAT food critic discovered his and bolin’s street-side shack in west hollywood, known for its incredible, savory fusion foods and their generosity with avocados. fuck yeah. 

other competitors include: bolin, asami, a talented cook who makes visually beautiful food; tahno, sexy bad boy of the cooking world or whatever, and opal, sweet darling with a sweeter tooth

JUDGES: LIN BEI FONG is the main judge (LOL), with a rotating cast of guest judges including noatak, tarrlok, kuvira, zaheer, su yin, and tenzin, although he really shouldn’t be there because of potential bias problems towards his protégé woops anyway

i can’t decide if it should be more like chopped, where they have to make whatever they can with the ingredients provided (advantage: mako) or like hell’s kitchen, where they have a whole bunch of different challenges and face off like that (advantage: korra) but honestly in the very first episode they get paired up together to set and serve a menu from appetizer to dessert and immediately start arguing over flavor profiles (oysters and kiwi? are you nuts? what the fuck?? you want to make a strawberry cilantro salsa? we’re supposed to set a menu with a pasta main course) but they argue their way into making something mind-blowing and incredible and survive the first challenge 

and in the next challenge korra realizes mako’s crushing his mint leaves the way she does it, and then after than mako realizes korra’s topping her lime pannacotta with a sprinkling of chili flakes the way he suggested, and whenever they’re on a team together the sparks fucking fly over TECHNIQUE and FLAVOR PROFILES and THE USEFULNESS OF WHITE CHOCOLATE. (”it’s dumb, it’s flavorless, it’s for weak shit like desserts,” korra says. “no. try it with olives, i swear. i promise,” mako says) finally they both get eliminated because asami wowed with her inoffensive, accessible, crowd-pleasing dishes (lol) and so mako and korra buy a food truck and take off to serve up mouth-watering foods all over the country, expanding people’s palates everywhere

korra masters the meringue and promptly smooshes a handful all over mako’s face. try this, nerd. he does this thing where he sucks the cherry cola glaze off a rib bone while making eye contact with her and she HATES IT SO MUCH she just has to fuckin !!! rip his clothes off !!! lots of make-outs happen. so many make-outs.