glaze techniques

Muslim potters from Islamic North Africa settled on Sicily in the first decades of the AD 900s and introduced new glazing techniques. Their most significant innovation was the use of lead glaze, as seen on this bowl. The potters fired the vessel, painted it with green, yellow and brown pigments, then fired it again. Animals became popular motifs on pottery. The bird on this pottery fragment may be a peahen or a lapwing, common birds on Sicily.

-The British Museum


Garden Gathering (with detail)
Object Name: Tile panel
Date: 1640–50
Geography: Iran, probably Isfahan
Culture: Islamic
Medium: Stonepaste; painted and polychrome glazed (cuerda seca technique)

The Met

Look what I made with Auryn Ink on my iPad
Applied some glazing technique to this koi. Thanks to Trish and June!
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Yay my first lineless digital painting using the glazing technique! I think I might use this as a print for an upcoming convention. And did I mention its in three week’s time and I only have one usable print? T n T Why do I always do this to myself T o T

And Kaneki looks too nice and mellow D: Sasaki is relatively more sane looking, which is what this Kaneki is based on anyway so I think I got it?:P