08/21/2014 - A Mysterious Creature That Once Haunted Glastonbury.

It was a creature that let out “blood curdling yells at night.” It was described as witnesses who saw it as a large dog with a cat-like face. Small dogs disappeared or were found mutilated along with goats and sheep.

And so the legend of the “Glastonbury Glawackus” began.

Source: The Courant


Glawackus is strange mix of panther, dog, and bear that was first seen near Glastonbury, Connecticut in 1939.  The strange creature was heard screaming in the night and was blamed for missing livestock.  A two mile long trail of footprints was found east of Glastonbury.

Through 1939 numerous hunts were organized to catch the beast.  Local spelunking clubs explored many nearby caves, trying to find its den. A pair of special panther hunting hounds were brought in to try and find it.

But Glackus was nowhere to be found. It vanished until is reappeared in the 1950s to kill some more livestock.  It wandered further afield and was seen all the way up in Granby where it vanished all over again.

Or are the sightings of strange big cats actually Glawackus?


For Glawackus’ design I went with a heavy bodied feline for most of body and the more canine looking head.  I bulked up the shoulders and forelimbs to give it that little bit of bear like body shape and so it would have extra power for muscling up trees, even if it was carrying food. I gave it fully extended claws like a  canid or bear.  I used some photos of binturongs for that sort of boneless flop on a tree limb sleeping position.

Since folks were looking and not finding in caves, failure to look UP seemed like most likely reason it wasn’t seen.  One of the likely suspects for actual animal was also the fisher cat which is a powerful climber. One of the other possible native animals that could be easily mistaken for a “cat dog” hybrid is the grey fox, which is also a good climber and thus rarely seen. When they shed off their winter coat, they can look like a dog in front, cat in back.

The coloring is a mix of cougar, grey fox, and fisher.  The cougar and grey fox both have light bellies, but the fisher is a more uniform color overall.  So I went for the paler grey and tan of cougar and grey fox but with the more uniform brown of fisher all over, so flash of lighter belly fur wouldn’t give it away to creatures below.  That particular shade of faded tan and grey almost perfectly matches weathered leaves, so it would easily blend with leaf snags in winter. Is that a tangle of leaves caught on that limb or glawackus taking a nap?  from 50 feet below, could be either… or both.

Glawackus is on display as part of the ANomalous Animals of the Americas show through October 23rd 2014 at Molten Java 213 Greenwood Ave. Bethel CT

New Dubra Term

Glawackus - See The Glawackus of Glastonbury, CT. A Glawackus is a person who behaves obnoxiously while under the influence of Dubra vodka. Depending on a multitude of factors, Glawackuses can be far more excellent than their sober counterparts or be of a lower nature than the scum of the earth’s shit.

“Dan was a total Glawackus the other night, but at least he was a lot of fun and gave us free Dubra!”

“She went totally Glawackus on us the other night after she downed a bunch of Dubra shots and started dancing on the table!”

“Dude, let’s get Glawackus tonight!”

“My friend was such a Glawackus the other night when we drank and he would not shut the fuck up for the entire car ride home from the club!”

“Yes, that is my Glawackus friend up there singing karaoke!”