WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT!!! (sorry for the delay) (winners have 48 hrs to claim prize, send me a message asap!)

GRAND PRIZE iamtheargonaut

2ND PLACE @unorthodoxhuman (won’t let me tag!?)

3RD PLACE oscillatinglampshade

BONUS WINNER guessed the correct number of 817 (the date the giveaway started) is in-the-stars-above your prize will be decided and blown special by our head glass blower Dylan

CONGRATS GUYS!!! Thank you so so much to everyone that entered and reblogged! Special thanks to weedporndailystonerfaq, @bannana-jo, whospilledthebongwaterthe-stoner-sage and all of you wonderful DBK fans! You are awesome, we are very lucky to have such greats fans.