@Suvi: Well… not used… but you see it coming when he’s pissed, so I try to avoid him at any cause. Still, he once again went after me goddammit. I just don’t want any trouble.

I got revealed that his last wife was crazy… and… eh, might have affected him a bit. (that’s what I got… the affected and everything. I know nothing about their story).

hdajgf you sweetie. That’s more than enough, really.

@Leon: Bit down, but it’ll pass. I just needed to vent a bit ;; I was wondering how long the calm atmosphere would keep inside that house-

@Maireadralph: I live in Spain (wish I didn’t with what’s falling over us with the crisis, lack of job and everythiiiiiing SPAIN NEVER GETS IT RIGHT) but oh gosh thank you for the offer. I know they will. In a couple of years I might move away our Summer house to study university there. Maybe in just a year. It depends if I get in or not kjsgf.

@hariya: /hugs back/ I’ll get them. I’m starting to feel better ;;

@thestarryassistant: /hugs back as well ohgod/ It’s a lot, really. I’ll do!