Soul Mates

I believe in soul mates, I believe that when we were created by whatever God(dess) we were made in pairs. And every pair was separated from one another by the struggles and pain of the world. We spend our lives searching for what’s missing even if we don’t know what we are searching for. The glass is always half empty because someone else holds the other half. Its just one glass with two parts. You have always been my other half. Even before we knew each other, I’ve been yours.


“Feel so ill. It is so late and I have to open my store in the morning.

In the last month however much I feel my glass is half empty, in an instant I realise it truly is half full.

I’m thankful life dropped me, well for the experience. I suppose it was its own way of showing me how strong I truly am. I picked me back up & life gave me this guy that has nothing but admiration for me. Who touches me in places that I never existed &who I trust when I thought this (trust) would never be possible.

I can’t remember ever feeling so content but here I am feeling exactly that without a care about anyone’s judgment. Only I know the truth behind the past and only I need to know.

It takes a real person to see beyond. Take that as you wish.”