Detroit.. Glasshalfempty

I recently got caught up in sort of a love triangle. I had feelings for two people. One I really wanted to be with, and the other I should have stopped leading on a long time ago but chose not to because I like feeling wanted. I like those who feed my ego, and Detroit definitely did. She was honestly something I needed at the time. Glasshalfempty is what I like to call my better half, my soul mate, the one who makes me feel like a crack fiend every time we’re together. Needless to say, I had to let go of Detroit and focus all of my attention on Glasshalfempty. Why? Because what sense would it make to dig myself deeper in a hole. I did some pretty fucked up things just recently but, I hope that Detroit finds it in her heart to forgive me someday. I really about her. Hurting her was never my intentions. 

It’s MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY: As everyone is preparing for school and work and all that good stuff. Just know that everything is based on how you choose to view situations. Don’t be a glass half empty person, make it half full.

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Huhhhh…someone couldn’t wait to get home to take their #prescription? Not THAT hot out today, was it? ⌛️💊🍊😋

(at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Nothing Is Impossible

People who think positively can see potential in even the most discouraging situations, while those who think negatively are quick to point out problems and limitations.

This goes beyond the proverbial idea of simply seeing a glass “half full” or “half empty” and extends to actually making decisions and taking actions based on either positive or negative thinking.

Have you ever noticed how negative thinking blows things out of proportion? Problems start to seem larger and much more difficult than they really are.

Sometimes, a problem may actually be impossible…in the natural. And a negative mindset forgets that nothing is impossible to God.

Meditating on God’s Word will rid you of negativity and help you refocus on who God is. A positive mindset based on God’s Word knows that nothing is beyond God. He is always present.

I’ve trained my brain to believe God and His Word, and I’ve experienced the power available to me through God when I’ve trusted Him more than my circumstances. We need to always remember that nothing is impossible with God.

Prayer Starter: Lord, it’s clear to me that I have nothing to gain from a ‘glass-half-empty’ mindset. Even in impossible situations, I know that You are there. I choose to see the positive side of things as I live in Your Word.

Soul Mates

I believe in soul mates, I believe that when we were created by whatever God(dess) we were made in pairs. And every pair was separated from one another by the struggles and pain of the world. We spend our lives searching for what’s missing even if we don’t know what we are searching for. The glass is always half empty because someone else holds the other half. Its just one glass with two parts. You have always been my other half. Even before we knew each other, I’ve been yours.