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I have never seen three characters more in love with each other. Honestly, Dorian x Celaena x Chaol or nothing. 


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One-shots (750+ words)

Daryl Dixon

  • Never forget- After a run gone wrong, you think back to all your memories with Daryl. The good and the bad.
  • Not the first- You’re Daryl girlfriend and were previously engaged before the apocalypse. On a run with Daryl you run into your ex-fiancé, Negan.
  • I’m Sorry- You and Daryl have recently broken up and it was messy. But when you get captured on a run with Maggie and Glenn and Daryl shows up to save you, true feelings are revealed. 
  • Come Down- You and Daryl get in a bad fight, and leaving seems like the best option.
  • Not Alone- After spending your life hiding your scars, you finally slip up.
  • Arsonist’s Lullaby- A song fic based off of “Arsonist’s Lullaby” by Hozier. You and Daryl are married. When you’re captured with Rick and the group by Negan, things get a little intense.
  • Woah- When you’re asked to dress up at the Alexandra Welcome party, the group is blown away with your looks. Daryl in particular. 
  • Extra Time- After being bitten, you ‘die’ in Daryl’s arms, only to wake up back in Alexandra.
  • No Good- AU- You and Daryl are engaged. But when Merle arrives back from jail, he tries to sabotage the relationship.
  • Run- After rescuing Daryl from the Sanctuary, you can’t help but stay by his side.
  • Shower- You’re the new girl at Alexandra and within a month, Daryl happens upon you naked.
  • Yawn- You feel like Daryl’s staring at you, but you can’t seem to catch him doing so. So you think of a plan.
  • Son In Law- Your dad, Negan, wasn’t present for your wedding with Daryl. When you reunite with him, he takes the opportunity to take you and Daryl home. Against your will. 
  • Sparkle- Theres a christmas party being thrown in your home, but the loud music is giving you a headache. Daryl suggests you go somewhere else, but before you do, he gives you a gift.
  • Mantra- Ever since Abraham and Glenn were killed, Daryl hasn’t been himself. When the two of you end up on a run alone, you decide to confront him about it.
  • Alive- Negan took you and Daryl hostage. But you as a wife, him as a prisoner. In an attempt to go see Daryl, you’re caught. And Negan’s not happy. 


  • Princess- After Negan finds you in a forest, he takes you back to his home, welcoming you to your new life.

Maggie Greene

  • Get Away- After the fall of the farm, you decide to confront Maggie about your feelings.

Carl Grimes

  • Not Ready- After Carl loses his eye, Denise banishes him to your room, and he doesn’t act to kindly to when you want to go out on a run.
  • Months- It’s months after the prison fell, and you’re still on your own. That is until the group happens upon your tracks. What happens when they see you’ve been bitten?
  • Insecure- Alexandria is a safe haven. You love it. But theres a girl your age who seems to be getting close to Carl and your adoptive parents, Glenn and Maggie. 

Rick Grimes

  • Hidden- Rick always loved your eyes, but what happens when you lose one– instead of Carl? 
  • Fate- You were picked in the lineup, but you wake up back at Alexandria with a scar.

Imagines (150-750 words)

Carl Grimes

  • Nightmares- Imagine Carl being there for you after a bad dream.
  • Memories- Imagine Carl comforting you after seeing your scars.
  • Accidental History- Imagine Carl teaching you how to use a gun, but something goes wrong– or right.
  • Locked Up- Imagine Carl locking you in the closet instead of Enid.
  • Pranks- Imagine getting in a prank war with Carl, but you can’t seem to fool him.
  • Slang- Imagine teaching Carl Australian slang.
  • Spanish- Imagine teaching Carl Spanish.
  • Cheer Up- Imagine helping Carl find hope.
  • Catch Me- Imagine playing tag with Carl.
  • Twelve- Imagine becoming Carl’s best friend.
  • Sleep- Imagine not being able to sleep.
  • Bone Crushing- Imagine being separated from the group, only to reunite at Alexandria.

Daryl Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Cornered- Prompt: “Will you hear me out?” + “Like hell I’m leaving you when you look at me like that.”
  • Saved- Imagine saving Daryl from a walker.
  • Daughter- Imagine adopting Sophia with Daryl.
  • Introduction- Imagine meeting Merle for the first time, and Daryl’s even more nervous than you.
  • Ring- Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.
  • Coconut- Imagine Daryl getting you extra inhalers. 
  • Rushing Waters- Imagine Daryl saving you from a rushing river.
  • Empty Glasses- Imagine winning a drinking game with Daryl. 
  • Trust- Imagine being an ex-savior, and only Daryl trusts you. 
  • Always- Imagine being injured on a run.
  • Baby Coos- Imagine walking in on Daryl holding Judith.
  • Spider- Imagine falling asleep on Daryl.
  • Easy- Imagine being blind.
  • Heaven- Imagine Daryl, your boyfriend, getting jealous.
  • Until Now- Imagine Daryl never realizing how he felt about you, until it was too late.
  • More- Imagine getting drunk with Daryl.
  • Contact- Imagine touching Daryl, which makes him flinch.
  • Rosy Cheeks- Imagine Daryl finding you as a walker.


  • Cough- Imagine being sick and Ezekiel takes care of you.
  • Friend- Imagine being close with Shiva.


  • Girlfriend- Imagine Henry, Benjamin’s brother, spilling that Benjamin has a crush on you.
  • I Promise- Imagine being hurt but having Benjamin at your side.

Norman Reedus

  • Heck- Prompt: “why the heck aren’t we making out?”
  • Giddy- Imagine being an actor on twd.


  • Passive Agressive- Imagine Negan getting jealous.
  • Warm- Imagine Negan carrying you to bed.
  • Together- Imagine being with Negan. (male!reader x negan)

Glenn Rhee

  • Breakfast- Imagine being caught about to have sex with your boyfriend, Glenn.
  • Before- Imagine reuniting with your fiancé, Glenn.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Rick Grimes

  • The Pact- Imagine Rick finding you as a walker.

Shane Walsh

Merle Dixon

  • Stories- Imagine being Daryl and Merle’s sister. (sister!reader x daryl/merle)
  • Closet- Imagine Merle being in the closet about his feelings for you. (male!reader x merle)
  • My Kid, My Girl- Imagine being pregnant with Merle’s baby.

Maggie Greene

  • Flu- Imagine Maggie comforting you while you’re sick.
  • Risky- Imagine being like a daughter to Glenn and Maggie, and you won’t let either one of them die.

Paul ‘Jesus’ Rovia

  • Bad Advice- Imagine Rick giving Jesus, the man who had a massive crush on you, bad advice in regards to swooning you 

Eugene Porter

  • Pants- Imagine forgetting that you’re only wearing Eugene’s shirt.
  • Baby- Imagine being pregnant with Eugene’s baby.


  • Second Home- Imagine visiting a Walking Dead panel after leaving the show.

Team Family

  • Gunshot- You take Daryl’s place as Dwight fires the gun.

Series (2+ parts)

Daryl Dixon

  • Perfect- When you begin growing close with the new, and very handsome, member of the group, Daryl doesn’t react kindly. After all, jealously never did love any favours.

“Perfect” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Regrets- In a faze, you sleep with someone at Alexandra. But what does it mean for your relationship with Daryl? 

“Regrets” parts- [1] [2] [3] *completed*

  • Her- There’s a new girl at the prison, and she’s taken a certain liking to Daryl. (Daryl x Jealous!Reader)

“Her” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] *completed* 

  • Love- You finally confess your feelings to Daryl, but his reaction was one you were dreading. After months apart, are those feelings still there? 

“Love” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] *in progress*

  • Ten Years- AU-You never expected to see a Dixon again. Now ten years later, at the reunion of the class of 86′, you see the last person you thought you would.

“Ten Years AU” parts- [1] *in progress*


  • Monster of Mine- Being Rick’s daughter, falling in love with Negan when he takes over Alexandria.

“Monster of Mine” parts- [1] [2] [3] [4] *completed*

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Random Fic Rec ★~(◡‿◕✿)  

I’m really salty about seeing the same writers on almost every rec list in our fandom, so here are some fresh fics that’ve been posted within the last month that you may have missed!

–> Under Starlight by @fluffybunnyremi
♡  After a stressful week studying for finals, Ben decides to take his very stressed-out boyfriend’s fate into his own hands. Despite his studious efforts, Hux refuses to believe him, and so Ben brings out the big guns: stargazing and fluffy nests. (modern au, benarmie, adorable fluff)

–> Regretful Message by @rannystuffandthings (WIP)
Hiding from the Resistance should be easy when they already believe they’ve killed you. But when you’re General Armitage Hux and you can’t seem to recall becoming Emperor to the entire Galaxy, it becomes a little more difficult. (emperor hux, hux’s brother techie, lots of action & twists, generally brilliant!)

–> Splutter by @evermoringlyfine
Hux pulls on the cigarette with relish, the smoke curling over his own face in the still air as he looks at Kylo. (dominant hux, blood, lots of excellent smutty description)

–> the entire Evil Space Dads series by @oblioknowlton
stories where the evil space husbands are evil space dads (if you like mpreg then you have to read these fics, they’re all so in-character and features lots of protective hux & protective kylo!)

–> Accidental Kidnapping by @asphodel-storm
Realizing that his jedi training is making the dark voice in his head stronger, not weaker, young Ben Solo sets out alone to live a life of adventure as an outlaw. He didn’t mean to force the cute ginger boy to come with him, he was just sort of on the ship. (puppy love, benarmie, very cute!)

–> Of Pots and Vials by twitch
♡ Kylo receives a message that Hux should’ve received. Two of them. So he might’ve gone behind Hux’s back to take him on a date to a space-station. A meeting. But Kylo is the one caught off guard by the three men. Well, two men and one man of his own species. And a Head Bartender. Really. (drug use, heavy petting & rutting, overconfident hux, super good fill for a kinkmeme prompt)

–> all about that napping life by @irisparry
Hux thinks he understands what Kylo Ren wants from him. So does Kylo Ren. (elements of dubcon, inappropriate use of the force)

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To clip or, not to clip?

Birds are designed for flight, with advanced body systems - their respiratory system takes in far more oxygen than mammals, their feathers are designed individually to serve a purpose on their bodies, they have hollow bones and a unique muscular structure.

As a highly debatable subject i will say; this post is my opinion for keeping FLIGHTED companion birds.
I will underline why people do clip and how, in theory (as i can’t vouch for every single pet bird case there is in regards to illness or certain situations) i like to work my way around these opinions.

Learning how to fly is basic for a birds mental health.
If a bird has never had any experience in taking the first important leap into flying, how is it supposed to know what reaching boundaries are all about?
A flegling learns what life is about through learning how to fly.
What surfaces are safe to land on through trial and error, confidence building, and puzzle solving.

“Fledgling parrots have to learn how to fly, they aren’t given those skills instinctually and just like humans, learning how to run and walk, baby birds need time to practice and learn these skills. Parrots are FULLY capable of learning how to avoid glass doors and windows. Even in new environments they can see glass even better then we can. Most baby birds don’t know how to slow down and or turn around in time before they reach the glass, therefore smashing into it. It is very important before you take a bird into a room with glass, let it learn to fly, properly! First off, in a small, secure room so they cannot gain a lot of speed, and they can learn these necessary skills. Then taking your bird in a small room with a glass door or window. Taking your bird up to a glass door or win. Just like humans learning how to walk - baby birds need time to practice and learn these skills” (Lauren Hinds, bird enthusiast and free flight trainer)

Birds need to understand limitations, especially in a household environment to avoid any chance of injury.
“If flighted territorial/aggressive birds are allowed free range through the house they’ll bite every one that isn’t their bonded human.” I hear this statement quite often as an excuse for clipping.
This isn’t a behaviour that can be solved through taking away a birds ability to fly, this where teaching your bird limits and training comes into play - before this behaviour escalates to become a problem and harder to solve. This is especially important when teaching the bird which rooms are safe and which rooms they can’t go in, etc.
Keeping your bird stimulated and showing them where they can and can’t be without supervision through various ways such as having playstands with toys, shredding materials, flight paths and recall training, socialisation, training equipment, diet enrichment when outside (and in) their cage.
Birds are prey animals, therefore they have a strong instinct to avoid situations by flying away if they feel uncomfortable, especially when it is relying soley on people to get around. Taking that if you’d like, independance away from them, and forcing them to be with you can cause behavioural problems with confidence, fear and/or agression.
Having a bird that is entertained and learning should give no reason to bite the first person that comes in the room. Not to mention fussy eaters who haven’t had the freedom of flight will increase appetite once they regain their power to fly and in return, will likely try new foods.

Another reason people clip (and a good reason) is because their birds crash into walls, windows, mirrors.

When i first let Av out of her cage for a fly she done just that. Same with Lou but it only happen one time until he got his barings.
How i helped her learn to overcome that situation swiftly was pre training in her cage with target training.
Taking her out straight onto a hand held perch was a safe place and really helped with getting her to land safely and get back in her cage.
Whenever she made a mistake with hitting a wall, the best way to get over it is take the perch over to her, get her on it and place her back into the cage with no fuss and a soft quiet calming voice to lower stress.
Straight away i encourage a flight route around the room to and forth her cage. This helped her navigate safely and get a handle on where she could and couldn’t go.
Even though she wouldn’t let me touch her she knew it was safe to be around me and how to navigate through a human environment.
So what I’m trying to say is this reason for clipping CAN be helped and i deeply encourage owners to try this.

Muscle atrophy is another issue that concerns me with clipped birds.
Basically when a bird flies they strengthen their chest/breast muscles which in turn provide fitness and optimal oxygen and blood flow through their body. Birds need to use these areas of their body to stay healthy and a clipped bird getting ‘wing exercise’ via staying perched and flapping is not a way to do so as this does not use those muscles as they’re supposed to. Therefore ceased use of muscles turn into muscle wastage and they then break down if not used.

“Clipped birds won’t escape through open windows or doors, and there is a higher chance of flighted birds flying away thorugh open doors windows.“
This is a total myth. I can’t express this enough.
I feel like in some instances this can create a false sense of security with having a clipped bird, unless you have a heavily clipped bird (not reccomened as they can’t glide or get any lift) lightly trimmed wings will still get lift in windy situations.
This means they can still make it out side through opened doors and windows.
Now, in my opinion having a bird that is grounded and can’t gain lift to take off from predators, cats and dogs, wild birds and more susceptible to injury through being on the ground.
Flighted birds however can escape these sitations and have the option to fly back to you or a nearby person or secure place.
This is also another reason why i encourage taking your bird securely outside on a harness or in a travel cage so they get used to being outdoors. Also be familiar with recall training and descent landing, so they can likely land on you from flying down out of a tree with confidence. Even clipped birds should be taught this technique as they should still be able to glide their way down to you.

Like I said before, illness or situations where perhaps clipping could be necessary when trying to get a hold on solving certain behavioural issues such as repeated self injury is the only time i’d get a birds wings clipped.
Keeping in mind, after a fully flighted bird has been suddenly grounded from flying - their main form of movement - this can cause insecurities, lethargy, depression and just general decreased happiness.

Whether you clip your birds wings or keep them flighted is up to the indivdual owner.
I haven’t outlined every aspect of pros and cons here and this is a purely opinionated post but, i just hope you can think of the bigger picture here that is the wellbeing of your birds.
Keeping parrots as companion animals does wonders for our lives, but would you really want to take away the thing that makes a bird, a bird - A happy balanced individual.

Rowan Vs. Dorian (aka I love spilling tea)

Rowan: Prince. 

Dorian: King!!!

Rowan:  “you’re worthless.” “you would probably have been more useful to the world if you’d actually died ten years ago.”

Dorian: “She was not becoming anything different from what she always was and always had the capacity to be. You just finally saw everything. And once you saw that other part of her… You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. Just as you cannot pick which parts of me you accept.” 

Rowan: “Thirty minutes later, Rowan was still staring up at the ceiling, teeth gritted as he calmed the roaring in
his veins that was steadily shredding through his self-control.
That gods-damned nightgown.
He was in such deep, unending shit.” 

Dorian: “He was done with politics and intrigue. He loved her, and no empire, no king, and no earthly fear would keep him from her. No, if they tried to take her from him, he’d rip the world apart with his bare hands. And for some reason, that didn’t terrify him.”

Emrys on Rowaelin:

“What are you doing?”
Emrys didn’t raise his voice as he said, “To that girl. What are you doing that makes her come in here with such emptiness in her eyes?”
“That’s none of your concern.”
Emrys pressed his lips into a tight line. “What do you see when you look at her, Prince?”
He didn’t know. These days, he didn’t know a damn thing. “That’s none of your concern, either.”
Emrys ran a hand over his weathered face. “I see her slipping away, bit by bit, because you shove her down when she so desperately needs someone to help her back up.” 

Otho/Chaol on Doraelin:

“So she’s not with him?“
Otho shrugged. “That’s strange.”
“Why?” Chaol had the sudden urge to strangle him.
“Because it looks like he’s in love with her,” he said, and walked away.
Chaol’s eyes lost focus for a moment. Then Celaena laughed, and Dorian kept staring at her. The prince hadn’t once taken his eyes off her. Dorian’s expression was full of–something. Joy? Wonder? His shoulders were straight, his back erect. He looked like a man. Like a king.”


Aelin extended her hand—a question and an offer and a promise.

“To a better future,” she said.

“You came back,” he said, as if that were an answer.

They joined hands.

So the world ended.

And the next one began.

They were infinite.

They were the beginning and the ending; they were eternity.

The king standing before them gaped as the shield of flame died out to reveal Aelin and Dorian, hand in hand, glowing like newborn gods as their magic entwined.

“You’re mine,” the man raged. He became darkness; folded himself into the power he carried, as if he were nothing but malice on a dark wind.

He struck them, swallowed them.

But they held tighter to each other, past and present and future; flickering between an ancient hall in a mountain castle perched above Orynth, a bridge suspended between glass towers, and another place, perfect and strange, where they had been crafted from stardust and light A wall of night knocked them back. But they could not be contained. The darkness paused for breath. They erupted..”

Rowaelin: lmao Rowaelin could NEVER compare to that bye.

I’m just saying….

“The cross is not about the appeasement of a monster god. The cross is about the revelation of a merciful God. At the cross we discover a God who would rather die than kill his enemies. The cross is where God in Christ absorbs sin and recycles it into forgiveness. The cross is not what God inflicts upon Christ in order to forgive. The cross is what God endures in Christ as he forgives. Once we understand this, we know what we are seeing when we look at the cross:
We are seeing the lengths to which a God of love will go in forgiving sin.

The cross is both ugly and beautiful. It’s as ugly as human sin and as beautiful as divine love.
But in the end, love and beauty win.”

~Brian Zahnd

(Image via Wisdom of the Fathers)

My new piece by Jonathan Arrieta @jonflipsglass on Instagram! He even threw in a matching dabber, I was so happy and surprised. ✨💎

May I Pass?

Kaneki: *flutters eyelashes* May I pass?

Amon: No, you may not.

Kaneki: *saves people* May I pass now?

Amon: No

Kaneki: *takes off mask* How bout now?


Kaneki: *reaches for his bodysuit zipper*

Amon:…damn it.