glasses london

Things that make me think of INTJs

• Puzzles
• The night
• Chess
• Rain
• Condensation
• Fires
• The deep, dark ocean
• Sirens (the mythical kind)
• Gloves
• Equations and formulae
• Messy handwriting
• Perfectly preserved skeletons
• Books
• Ravens
• Ravines and cliffs
• Fortresses surrounded by snow
• Space, the moon, stars
• Perfectly packed suitcases
• Ordered shelves (only that INTJ understands the order)
• Dark chocolate with spices and salt
• Pens that run out moments before your last sentence
• Dark circles under the eye
• Computers and laptops
• Synapses
• Broken glass
• Sarcasm
• The London Underground Map
• Chemical experiments
• The wind
• Neon
• Tall, leafless trees
• Circuits and motherboards
• Bitter coffee
• Herbal teas
• Browns
• Simple but elegant crowns
• Dark green and bronze


Glasses for Water by Jane Kim

Glasses for Water is a hand-blown lead-free crystal glass collection of a flute-flask, carafes and tumblers. every item is designed to emphasize a different kind of water, like: Sparkling, Still, Filtered or Tap Water. The collection was exhibited at the London Design Festival by the designer Jane Kim, who is part of the Form&Seek collective.