glasses from the 70's


One Way

One way, no deposit

One way, no return

One way is the fun way

Good things come in glass

(Actual advertising jingle from the 60′s - 70′s before recycling. Prior to this, softdrink bottles were returned for washing and refilling).

me: walks down architecturally rich area during wind and rain, wearing my cocktail dress from yesterdays party, my red beret perfectly tilted and my hair curled just right. I have half a smile, half a frown as I walk towards the old tramway, from the 70’s. My silver rimmed round glasses have water droplets on them and I calmly walk to the soon leaving tram an greet the driver. She closes the doors as soon as I enter and I walk deeper into the tram. People glance at me, curious as I walk calmly to my lone seat, leaving behind the scent of Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. I sit down and sigh.

A Matter of Time

anonymous asked: If you’re still cool with some Nalu prompts… There’s lots of stories where Natsu pretends to be Lucy’s boyfriend to chase off the creepers. How ‘bout a situation where Lucy has to pretend to be his girl to keep people from constantly hitting on his hot self? (PS. Your writing is fantastic!)

a/n: first off, thank you so much!<3 hope you don’t mind that I went with a high school!AU for this one

The classroom was buzzing with pre-morning bell energy as the blonde girl tapped the end of her mechanical pencil repeatedly on the top of her desk. She sat with one leg underneath her as she gazed to the front of the room, lost in thought. 

That is, lost in thought and choosing to ignore the annoyed look her teacher kept sending her over those cheap, wired glasses from the 70’s. 

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