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I think I might leave,” he whispered.
She almost tripped. “Leave?”
He wouldn’t look at her. “I’m going down to Eyllwe - to Banjali, to be precise.”
“For a mission?” It was common for Arobynn to send them all over the continent, but the way Sam was speaking felt … different.
“Forever,” he said.
“Why?” Her voice sounded a little shrill in her ears.
He faced her. “What do I have to tie me here? Arobynn already mentioned that it might be useful to firmly establish ourselves in the south, too.”
“Arobynn -” she seethed, fighting to keep her voice to a whisper. “You talked to Arobynn about this?”
Sam gave her a half shrug. “Casually. It’s not official.”
“But - but Banjali is a thousand miles away.”
“Yes, but Rifthold belongs to you and Arobynn. I’ll always be … an alternative.”
“I’d rather be an alternative in Rifthold than ruler of the assassins in Banjali.” She hated that she had to keep her voice so soft. She was going to splatter someone against a wall. She was going to rip down the sewer with her bare hands.
“I’m leaving at the end of the month,” he said, still calm.
“That’s two weeks away!”
“Do I have any reason why I should stay here?”
“Yes!” she exclaimed as loudly as she could while still maintaining a hushed tone. “Yes, you do.” He didn’t reply. “You can’t go.”
“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t.”
“Because I’ll miss you, damn it!” she hissed, splaying her arms. “Because what was the point in anything if you just disappear forever?”
“The point in what, Celaena?” How could he be so calm when she was so frantic?
“The point in Skull’s Bay, and the point in getting me that music, and the point in … the point in telling Arobynn that you’d forgive him if he never hurt me again.”
“You said you didn’t care what I thought. Or what I did. Or if I died, if I’m not mistaken.”
“I lied! And you know I lied, you stupid bastard!”
He laughed quietly. “You want to know how I spent this summer?” She went still. He ran a hand through his brown hair. “I spent every single day fighting the urge to slit Arobynn’s throat. And he knew I wanted to kill him.”
I’ll kill you! Sam had screamed at Arobynn.
“The moment I woke up after he beat me, I realized I had to leave. Because I was going to kill him if I didn’t. But I couldn’t.” He studied her face. “Not until you came back. Not until I knew you were all right - until I saw that you were safe.”
Breathing became very, very hard.
“He knew that, too,” Sam went on. “So he decided to exploit it. He didn’t recommend me for missions. Instead, he made me help Lysandra and Clarisse. He made me escort them around the city on picnics and to parties. It became a game between the two of us - how much of his horseshit I could take before I snapped. But we both knew he’d always have the winning hand. He’d always have you. Still, I spent every day this summer hoping you’d come back in one piece. More than that - I hoped you’d come back and take revenge for what he’d done to you.”
But she hadn’t. She’d come back and let Arobynn shower her with gifts.
“And now that you’re fine, Celaena, now that you’ve paid off your debt, I can’t stay in Rifthold. Not after all the things he’s done to us.”
She knew it was selfish, and horrible, but she whispered, “Please don’t go.”
He let out an uneven breath. “You’ll be fine without me. You always have been.”
Maybe once, but not now. “How can I convince you to stay?”
“You can’t.”
She threw down the torch. “Do you want me to beg, is that it?”
“No - never.”
“Then tell me -”
“What more can I say?” he exploded, his whisper rough and harsh. “I’ve already told you everything - I’ve already told you that if I stay here, if I have to live with Arobynn, I’ll snap his damned neck.”
“But why? Why can’t you let it go?”
He grabbed her shoulders and shook her. “Because I love you!”
Her mouth fell open.
“I love you,” he repeated, shaking her again. “I have for years. And he hurt you and made me watch because he’s always known how I felt, too. But if I asked you to pick, you’d choose Arobynn, and I. Can’t. Take. It.”
The only sounds were their breathing, an uneven beat against the rushing of the sewer river.
“You’re a damned idiot,” she breathed, grabbing the front of his tunic. “You’re a moron and an ass and a damned idiot.” He looked like she had hit him. But she went on, and grasped both sides of his face, “Because I’d pick you.”
And then she kissed him.
—  The Assassin and the Underworld (The Assassin’s Blade #4) by Sarah J. Maas
You see me as one of your roses, dripping with blood, wilting in your beautiful hands. You plucked me from the endless field of extraordinary women because I am ordinary and insecure and an easy target, and I will forever despise you for your cruelty. I wonder how many other flowers are choking in vases, wishing they had fought to stay in fields of grass instead of being imprisoned in glass castles, envied but unloved.
—  chalk-box

A right-hand man dies first
Many miserables people, the series contains:

1. Taffy - a professional warrior and barista
2. Glasses - a first aid man and a heavy smoker working for a guy with asthma
3. Envi - a man who must work for Satanick
4. Lzet - a poor assistant who one day will die from overwork
5. Wodash - a housemaid

I wrote something!! For @hollyand-writes​, who prompted me with: F!Fenhawke prompt from that list you put up (if you’ve got time to write a ficlet!) “With my help, your flirting will be much more socially acceptable.”

I was inspired I guess: 

Why, oh why had she encouraged her mother to give a party like that. No, not a party, a ball. A ball! Hawke is still trying to get used to being rich at all but her mother has embraced the riches of the nightmarish expedition like she’s never been a malnourished refugee, begging to be let into the city gates.

Now she is holding court at the fireplace, laughing as some wealthy widower is flirting with her. She is dressed in a glittering gown that would have paid for the whole ship fare from Lothering to this city.

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Cleaned the fam and packed some bowls for babe to come home to 😍🙊

Something Shattered

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You fled the apartment through your bedroom window with a duffle bag of clothes and spare cash thrown over your shoulder. And it was of course not hard to catch a taxi this time around.

“Just two streets down, please,” you say. The cabbie grunts out a confirmation and the car begins to roll down the street. You peek through the window pane and see a lockbox near his seat. No, bad [Y/n], you tell yourself. You lean back in your seat and slowly open up your bag. You counted 800 dollars from your mom’s secret stash under the floorboards (”How does she think I don’t know about this?!”). There was a rough patch at her work and she had to start saving up just in case.

After the company followed through on their end of a comfort deal, your mom decided it would be a good idea to continue to save up just in case. Now that you know what’s going on with your dad, you figured maybe he was the reason why all along.

As lucky as you are to have it, 800 dollars would get you a plane ticket to Georgia at the least.

So yeah, you felt guilty looking at the lockbox in a mixture of greed and fear.

Theft wouldn’t get you anywhere. Well, anywhere good…

You’d been so caught up in thought that you didn’t notice the cab had rolled to Peter’s apartment building. “Hey, lady,” the cabbie said. You looked up at him and shook your head. “I’m so sorry,” you exclaimed as you slid him the bills through the plastic window. “Thanks,” you squeaked out.

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You see me as one of your roses, dripping with blood, wilting in your beautiful hands. You plucked me from the endless field of extraordinary women because I am ordinary and insecure and an easy target, and I will forever despise you for your cruelty. I wonder how many other flowers are choking in vases, wishing they had fought to stay in fields of grass instead of being imprisoned in glass castles, envied but unloved.
—  roses and glass castles // suzy
Lance a.k.a. the “cool” guy

It’s a liveblog! I only finished season two, please no spoilers in the comments/reblogs!

Sharpshooter of a team, a teenager who misses his family, a Cuban, if his comment about Varadero Beach is anything to go by, social butterfly, self-proclaimed Keith’s rival (at least at first,) and a current Blue Paladin.

The first time we meet Lance he’s a leader of a little group back in Garrison simulator. Full of false self-confidence, a little arrogant, his decisions are what, among other things, causes the simulator to crash and burn and along with Hunk and Pidge has to listen to Iverson’s admonishments. And then curious thing happens - when his teammate speaks up he takes superior’s anger on himself, listening how he got to be a fighter pilot only because some other guy was expelled.
This whole sequence tells us a lot about Lance and how he wants to be seen by others. He wants to come off as charming, likeable and the one everyone listens to. And he is all that!… When he’s not trying to flaunt himself in front of others. But when it comes to helping and caring about others he’s the one you should turn to.

Lance likes people, likes spending time with them, he’s everyone’s friend in span of seconds (…unless you’re Keith, Iverson, or evil,) likes to analyze them, is very perceptive, especially when it comes to other people. He’s the one who cared about Pidge enough to be her friend (despite the initial cold shoulder she gave him and Hunk) and to notice how she reacts whenever Kerberos mission is mentioned. He’s just interested in people in general and makes friends easily.
He trusts very easily which sometimes can end up badly (Nyma, though to be fair to him everyone else besides Hunk trusted both her and Rolo,) but, since he keeps connecting with people it shows how it doesn’t let it affect him that much and how he wants to see the best in others.
“But,” you’re going to say. “But what about Keith?” Well, here’s a thing - when it comes to Red Paladin his perspective is skewed thanks to comments he heard in Garrison and his insecurities. He’s looking at him with envy-tinted glasses, so to speak. For him Keith is a goal, constantly tries to prove himself to him and the team, he sees him as this cool guy full of himself who does everything easily. Though he gets to see the real him. Slowly.

Allura didn’t talk about Blue Paladin’s virtues thanks to Lance interrupting her, making our boy struggle to define his place in a team. And we, as the audience, are thrown off a little too through the small things, but ultimately he is a valuable member and a true Blue Paladin, otherwise the Lion wouldn’t choose him. Except…

His insecurities are a big part of his character development. Lance feels overshadowed by his teammates, while he’s jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Or rather jack-of-all-trades, master of one, if we’re talking about the use of his bayard. And while his sharpshooting skills are definitely there I can’t say it’s his most valuable asset. But it’s something that he thinks might be a thing he can add to the team and tries to make sure they consider him a marksman. He might not have in-born talents like others, but I imagine he has been practicing on his own with his weapon. Also he relies on his eyesight a lot, I guess he must have a good one, which adds to his sharpshooting skills.

What he can’t see, however, is that team trusts him to do his job right and sees him as valuable member for who he is. But it is something he has to figure out himself and be happy with ho he is. So apart from shooting what he adds to the team?

He’s the heart. He’s the one who diffuses situations and makes sure everyone are okay. He’s the one who gathered everyone and flew them into space. He’s the one who interacts with both Alteans first. It is significant that the darkest Voltron’s hour so far is the one when he was out of commision. After saving the guy he knew barely a few days. Because that’s who Lance is, he’s a good person who’ll be your friend in span of few seconds (good example is Laika who he called a friend and defended after knowing her for an hour, at best.)

Lance is a team player, turning to either Shiro or Allura (“Blade of Marmora”) in times of trouble, but also willing to make strategies on his own using his and his teammates abilities to win the day (“Return to the Balmera”, where he managed to come up with a not-harmful to Balmera plan twice and explained it to Keith without words in a second instance.  …Sort of.) He knows his friends’ strenghts and will use them (as well as compliment them for them.) This plus him being a ranged fighter makes him a top priority, as Pidge noted during her fight against Paladins. Also whenever he’s in trouble he’s not afraid to call for help and looks for a way out (“Taking Flight”).

Which brings us to yet another useful trait of his - he’s flexible in various situations and, pardon the pun, can go with a flow. He’s pretty adaptable guy; when figthing Hunk in “The Depths” he does everything he can to not hurt him and in order to get him out of hypnosis and uses his foot (actually tying it with his actions in “Taking Flight” it means kid knows how to put his legs for good use, so there’s another point for him.)

Similiary to Hunk he’s support of the team, but, in contrast to Yellow Paladin’s he’s not the ‘grounding’, more stabilizing one, he’s more on the offensive side, the leg that makes a step forward (again, he trusts easily, while Hunk is more cautious with people.) In Blue Lion he can use unique abilities that are sonic cannon and freezing laser, which can be both used in offense as well as a tool to help others (in “Escape from Beta Traz” the cannon was used to get the map of prison’s interior; the laser was unlocked when saving Balmera from Galran tower falling down on her.)

While Lance chooses what aspects of himself he’s showing to the world a lot of time, he is an honest, open guy. He doesn’t want to bring the party down after feeling a wave of homesickness so he excuses himself, but after Coran finds him he immediately talsk about what’s bothering him. Also don’t forget how he easily shared information about his friends and his own troubles with ‘Slav’ who he knew for a short time. And since he started to recognize his insecurities problem in Beta Traz episode, I expect him to talk to one of his teammates sometime in a future.

He is a Paladin who confronted death most of them all (except Shiro, obviously.) Lance is the one who thought his best friend was dead back in the first episode (and yet stayed behind, just in case he survived,) was injured by fake Rover, faced Baku, one-on-one, and let’s not forget how he was almost send to space by airlock. Actually, the whole “Crystal Venom” episode counts here. In S2 finale he’s the only one who doesn’t look shocked when Paladins think everyone in the Castle died. And during Shiro’s speech he says “Let’s go down swingin’.” Believing that he’ll die, but willing to fight till the very end.

Interestingly he has the least reasons to be Defender of the Universe (except Hunk, but he got his character arc about that) - aside from keeping Galra away from Earth and helping people. And that’s all the reasons he needs - his compassion is a driving force. Even if he does want a parade once in a while, but it steems more from his desire to be recognized and liked by others and he talks about it half-jokingly.

He cares about what other people think of him, thus tries to draw others’ attention to him and likes to flirt with people. And whenever girls are a main topic he might be a little more blindsided than not.

Also he can shoot sparkly sparkles with his bayard. Yay!

Tl;dr: No matter if it’s a life or death situation or not Lance will be there for you. Heart of a team who, sadly, does not believe in himself a lot of times, but that’s what character arcs are for. And it looks like his is going to last few seasons.

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