glasses cosplay


Aelin Ashryver Galathenius and rowan Whitethorn

Cosplay be: @something-called-sno and red-tailed hawk, Meena!

This was so much fun to do! I have so many photos, these are just a few that I have nicely put together so you can see them all at the same time, and look, a edited photo of yours truly. 
Aelins eyes are so pretty in the book, jealous, lets be real here. I want her eyes.

Please look under “My fan Art” tag for more artwork and such! <3
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anonymous asked:

HI! We really love the Shiratorizawa glasses haha If ever me and my twin sister are going to cosplay Goshiki (me) and Tendou (twin sis), We'll have that glasses made and wear it XD

aayyyy make them cool kids proud!!


Elide Lochan and the Wyrdkey✨
Just finished Empire of storms and I would like to exchange all these emotions for the next book please


Feyre or Aelin cosplay??
I was just messing around with an abandoned prom dress and thought it might work for either of the characters ♡ lemme know what you guys think!