glasses and buck teeth

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I'm a 16-year-old transmasculine egononbinary. (he/him) My skin is very pale, and I have lots and lots of freckles. I have really big, nerdy glasses and buck-teeth. I'm chubby and pre-transition, but I'm slowly learning to love my body. My natural hair color is a mousy brown, but my hair is currently dyed pastel peach, and cut in an undercut. I'm a giant dork, and I love video gaming. I'm an animator, and an overall artist. I'm pansexual and panromantic w/ no preference. (i love this blog sm)

You sound so cute, and I’m happy you’re starting to love your body 💙 I like video games too, I’m not really good at any of them though, and I only play Assassin’s Creed and Lego games lol. I like doing art too, I mostly embroider but I do clay and painting too, no digital stuff (yet, I want to). I’d totally go out with you, we could hang out and play games together! (Also this blog loves you too)
~Mod Ama🌺

DirkJake Dystopian AU


He’s a pretty little thing with bright eyes and too-wide ears. Glasses. Buck teeth. He grins at you, nervous, as you press what he so innocently defined as “doodads” to each of his temples and the base of his skull.

“You’re one of them science fellows,” he comments, shrugging away when you lift his chin to press a breathing monitor to the right divot in his neck. He doesn’t have much room to squirm between the restraints around his arms and wrists, but he attempts to anyway.

You stare at him dully.

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