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Bang bang alley ~ Part one

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A/N ~ After seeing this photo I got an idea for a Bigbang mafia AU, it gets off to a slow start but please bare with it, I promise it will full of action as well as twists. Happy reading.

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Reader x Choi Seung hyun x Bigbang

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Series two

“I’m really sorry honey, I know you’ve been look forward to it” Dong won, your boyfriend, said through the phone.

“It’s ok, really, I understand” You said cheerfully trying to hide the disappointment you felt inside.

“You’re so good to me. I’ll see you in a couple of weeks” the tone in his voice telling you he was smiling.

“Ok, I love you” you called in a sweet voice.

“We’re going into the meeting, I have to go” he said in a hurry and hung up before giving you a chance to respond.

You sighed as you put your phone on the bed beside you, you closed your eyes and lent your head back as the last remnants of the sun shone in from the large glass window you sat across from warming your skin as the light slowly faded.

He was always like this when he was away on a business trip, at least when he was at his work place he had his own office to talk to you in private in, he never backed away from telling you he loved you unless he was in front of his workers. You had teased him about it on many occasions and he always responded with the same thing, he was the boss and he couldn’t been seen to be soft, which is also why you were never allowed to visit him at his work. You had been dating for almost three years, the last twelve months you had spent living together and you hadn’t once been to his work or met anyone that he worked with but you just figured that was how it must be in the world of stock exchange.

You couldn’t complain, your life was anything less then perfect. You owned a successful fashion boutique in the heart of Seoul, you’re boyfriend spoiled you and his family accepted you even though you were a foreigner. His family was very traditional, you had thought that they would have taken one look at you and protested the relationship but they had been nothing but welcoming to you.

Your eyes snapped open with the sound of your phone ringing, the unique ringtone you had set for the caller letting you know exactly who it was.

“Hey” you said nonchalantly.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Hyorin asked.

“It’s Dong won, he has to stay in Busan for a few more weeks” you said with a sigh.

“Oh sweetie, I’m so sorry, I know you were looking forward to your anniversary”

“It’s ok, his work comes first”

“Oh that’s shit, you’ve been planning that day for so long now and you’ve put so much effort into it” she scoffed.

“Really, it’s fine” you said as you fidgeted with the hem of your shirt.

“Don’t you dare lie to me, I know you too well” she scolded you.

“It’s his job, what can I do about it?” you questioned throwing your hand in the air.

“Well…. You could get your mind off it by coming out with us tonight”

“I don’t know” you replied biting your lip.

“Oh come on, it’s just dinner and a few cocktails…. It’ll be fun”

“Ok, what time?”

“Half an hour, June is going to pick us up”

“See you soon then”

“Wear something sexy” Hyorin said and you giggled.

“You know me, when do I ever wear anything sexy?”

“Well at least wear a dress or something, see you soon babe”


You were right, you were never one to really wear anything deemed sexy or revealing. You were what a lot of people would call a plain Jane, it wasn’t that you didn’t get dressed up you just opted for a more modest look. Hyorin on the other hand was completely the opposite, she always wore the tightest fitting thing she could find and the more skin it exposed the better. Sometimes you wondered how you were such close friends but then maybe that’s why it worked, people do say that opposites attract, maybe that applied to best friends too.

You threw your phone back on the bed and wandered to your closet and pulled out your favourite dress, a baby doll cut covered in autumn shades of browns, reds and yellows, matched with your signature black flat slip on shoes. You left your hair in the bun you had put it in for work and retouched your make up, a plain stroke of eyeliner and some more mascara.

Just as you left the bathroom you heard a car honking, you knew without looking it was the girls. You grabbed your phone and your bag and headed out the door. When you got out side you were met with an excited screech followed by high pitched giggles, you smiled as you got in to Junes jeep knowing that you were in for a night fun.

“So where are we going?” June asked Hyorin.

“Well you remember that place I told you about?” Hyorin said with a sly smile.

“No, absolutely not” June said sternly.

“Oh come on, please” Hyorin pouted.

“What’s wrong?” you asked confused and June sighed back at you.

“She wants to take us to the ghetto” June said nonchalantly.

“It’s not the ghetto, this isn’t America” Hyorin laughed.

“Well it’s Seoul’s equivalent” June bit back.

“Come on, please” Hyorin pleaded as she battered her eyelashes.

“Fine, but if we get car jacked you’re buying me a new car”

June was right, the area did look bad, the buildings were all run down looking on the outside and covered in graffiti, the streets were dark, not a single street lamp was working. The cocktail bar on the other hand was a different story, on the inside at least, it looked like any other you had been in.

After dinner and a few cocktails the conversation turned to nostalgia.

“Ok, ok, ok, I’ve got one. My first was with my high school boyfriend at his parents house, he was this nerdy looking guy with big glasses and buck teeth, we did it in their lounge room and his parents caught us. I was absolutely mortified that his parents had seen me naked and I broke up with him so I wouldn’t have to see them again” June admitted as she shook her head and you all giggled.

“Mine was with the hottest bad boy, I lured him away from his girlfriend at a party one night and we did it in her car” Hyorin chuckled.

“That is so like you” June tisked.

“That’s not even the best part, I wanted him all for myself so I stuffed my underwear under her seat, it was two weeks before she even found them” Hyorin said before taking another sip on her drink.

“What about you _____?” June asked.

“Mine is boring compared to yours” you said as you twirled the stem of your glass.

“Come on just tell us” Hyorin said and you sighed.

“It was just after I moved here to go to college. I didn’t really know anyone so I put up a flyer offering English lessons, only one person turned up” you paused as you remembered the first time you laid eyes on him.

“Hi I’m Se…..” the young man that was stood at your door paused as he looked at you, his smile replaced with a look of shock.

“Is there something wrong?” you asked raising your eyebrows.

“No, I ah…. I just….. You’re not Korean” he stuttered.

“Is that a problem?” you questioned.

“No, not at all….. I was just expecting you to be” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ok, well now we have that out of the way would you like to try and introduce yourself again?” you asked as you cocked your head making the man blush as he shifted uncomfortably, you had to bite your lip to suppress the giggle from erupting at how cute he looked when he was shy.

“Sorry, I’m Seung hyun” he said with a shy smile as he held his hand out.

“Nice to meet you Seung hyun, I’m _____” you smiled back as you took his hand to shake.

“Anyway” you said as you shook your head, trying to get rid of the memory you hadn’t thought about in years. “After a while we became close, one night he turned up on my door drunk and he confessed his love for me. I let him stay and I took care of him until he sobered up, I wanted to make sure he was genuine and that it wasn’t just the alcohol talking. When I told him that I felt the same one thing lead to another and well….”

“Aww that’s so sweet, so did you guys start dating?” June asked and you nodded your head. “How come you broke up?”.

“His family didn’t approve, they said that it was bringing shame to the family and that he should be with ‘one of his own kind'”

“Oh that’s so sad” June stated as she held her hands over her chest.

“Yeah” was all you said before downing the rest of your drink.

“Yah, why did we park so far away?” Hyorin whined as she trailed behind.

“Because there was no where else to park” June retorted.

The three of you had only walked two blocks and Hyorin was already tired on account of the enormous heels she decided to wear. When you turned on to the street that car was parked on the thud of a bass line hit you, you looked around trying to find evidence of a club or a car but there was nothing, only a half lit alley way with a handful of men standing around in it.

“Hey baby, where you goin?” one of the men shouted from the alley.

“Nowhere with you” Hyorin shouted back.

“Ah come on baby, let daddy show you how a real man does it” the man responded.

“You in the brown dress, you look like you need a good fuck to relieve some of that tension” another man yelled at you.

“No thank you” you responded as you kept walking.

“Stuck up bitch” he yelled and an eruption a laughter followed.

You weren’t sure what had gotten into you, normally you would have kept walking but something told you to give them a piece of your mind. You turned around and headed straight for the alley.

“So I’m stuck up because I won’t fuck a stranger who shouted at me from a dirty alley way?”

“See what I mean? Baby you’re way to tense, why don’t you let me help you with that?” the man with blonde hair said as he stepped closer to you. You scoffed and folded your arms across your chest.

“Baby you don’t look like you know the first thing about how to satisfy a woman.

Your eyes widened as you heard a familiar deep chuckle, one you hadn’t heard in years. You looked around at the men trying to find the source but none of them were him, your heart sank at the thought that the noise had just been in your head, until you saw a tall figure move in the dark. He stepped out from the dark corner as he took a drag of his cigarette, he looked so different from the man you had once know but his eyes were still the same.

“Seung hyun?” you called as you took a step closer.

He looked at you, his face painted with indifference and his eyes seemed to look straight through you.

“You know this stuck up bitch hyung?” the blonde man asked as he gave Seung hyun a tap on the arm.

Seung hyun looked at you silently for a moment as the corner of his jaw twitched, he never thought he would see you again after that night and here you were, standing in the same alley way, still as beautiful as he had remembered.

“Never seen her before” Seung hyun said sternly as he looked away from you and took another drag on his cigarette, he couldn’t bare to see the look of hurt that washed over your face with his words, even if you had hurt him in the past.

“We have to go” June said as she grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the alley.

“What is wrong with you?” you yelled as you pulled your arm out of her grip.

“What’s wrong with me, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you realise they are gang members?” she shouted back.

“What?” you asked visibly shocked.

“That is club Bang Bang, the alley way is the entrance, it’s the hang out of the Green Dragon gang…… Did you not see that tattoo on there hands?” Hyorin said almost scolding you.

“No, it couldn’t be” you said stunned.

You looked back to see Seung hyun staring at you, his hands in his pockets and look of almost sadness written on his face.

“Well it is, now get in” June said as she opened the door for you.

Seung hyun watched from the alley as you got inside the jeep and drove away, a feeling of guilt hit him in the chest as he thought about the look on your face when he denied knowing who you were. The truth was he had never stopped thinking about you since the day you left him, how could he, you were his first and only love.

“Hi, I’m Se…..” he paused as he laid his eyes on you, it was you, the one he had seen around campus, the only girl he had eyes for but was to shy to talk to.

“Is there something wrong?” you asked raising your eyebrows.

'How can I concentrate when she looks so cute?’ Seung hyun asked himself.

“No, I ah 'didn’t expect it to be you’…. I just 'have a massive crush on you’….. You’re not Korean” he stuttered trying to say the right thing and not make a fool of himself by blurting out what he really thought.

“Is that a problem?” you questioned.

'Shit, I fucked this up already’ Seung hyun scolded himself internally.

“No, not at all….. I was just expecting you to be” he said as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ok, well now we have that out of the way would you like to try and introduce yourself again?” you asked as you cocked your head.

Seung hyun felt his cheeks heat up out of embarrassment, he had only been talking to you for a few minutes and he already managed to fuck it up.

'God she looks so cute when she’s trying not to laugh’

“Sorry, I’m Seung hyun” he said with a shy smile as he held his hand out.

“Nice to meet you Seung hyun, I’m _____” you smiled back as you took his hand to shake.

I draw his hair way to poofy

“Heya! What’s up?” A young adult dressed in blue pajamas and yellow shoes entered the scene. He wore a dark blue hood that hung down like a ‘wind sock’ as his best friend called it.

“My name’s John! And I’m the hero, I guess! I’m called The Heir of Breath.” He smiled wide, giggling, showing off buck teeth. He adjusted his glasses and blinked his royal-blue eyes.

DirkJake Dystopian AU


He’s a pretty little thing with bright eyes and too-wide ears. Glasses. Buck teeth. He grins at you, nervous, as you press what he so innocently defined as “doodads” to each of his temples and the base of his skull.

“You’re one of them science fellows,” he comments, shrugging away when you lift his chin to press a breathing monitor to the right divot in his neck. He doesn’t have much room to squirm between the restraints around his arms and wrists, but he attempts to anyway.

You stare at him dully.

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I’m late to Attack on Titan; I have a baby and the show was on my back burner forever because it didn’t appeal to me (and morbidly it still doesn’t, I watch out of a mix of spite and outsider intrigue primarily but I am way invested and I hate myself for it lol) so obviously I am utterly devastated I am also late to all the drama. That entire General Dot Pixis thing? It is all so interesting!  

In case you didn’t know AoT creator Hajime Isayama bases his series in a highly militarized world and for the character of Dot Pixis a big-wig general he modeled the bald mustached man after a real life Imperial Japanese general named Yoshifuru Akiyama  - which created an extreme uproar online among fans in Asia. 

North Americans and Europeans are likely to be aware that the Japanese have a history of not owning up to their war crimes by hiding under a blanket of willful ignorance. Japanese text books leave out Japanese war crimes; Japanese war crimes are thus not often acknowledged or even known by a bulk of the Japanese public; the Japanese government does not want other countries to bring up or acknowledge past crimes and gets really pissy when they do; The Japanese government has yet to release a formal apology for crimes committed during any wars the Japanese have partaken in that the people of surrounding countries have accepted; Japan is not the popular kid in Asia. 

Lets step back so as to get a bigger view of how real and problematic this issue truly is. 

I’m gonna talk about a guy real quick, a Japanese colonel - not Akiyama Yoshifuru, we’ll get back to him later - but a dude from World War II named Tsuji Masanobu.

This guy was a sick, gross, sadistic, misogynistic, dickcheese. If you can think of a WWII Japanese war crime he was probably behind the scenes of it. Massacres in Singapore; The Bataan death march; the Manila massacre; Guadalcanal’s last bloody stand and the suicide fox holes; the kill all prisoners initiative. The icing on the cake is that this motherfucker was documented by his own press corps to have eaten the liver of an allied fighter pilot. Tsuji Masanobu cannibalized and allowed the cannibalization of allied prisoners under his steward. Wow, he was probably executed or died in prison right?


By 1952 Tsuji Masanobu was elected by the people of Ishikawa prefecture to serve in the house of representatives AND had two national best selling books. Only seven years after Japanese surrender and a war criminal as heinous as Tsuji Masanobu is directly helping shape the new political landscape of the Asian-Pacific.

Now pretend you’re the rest of Asia, hell pretend you are Singapore. You’re lookin’ over at this new democracy taking shape and - wait! - who is that staring back at you? Tsuji fuckin’ Masanobu. ‘Cause a bunch of people voted for him. And he remained in Japanese politics into the 1960s.  

Super fucked up, right?

That is why foreign relations between Japan and it’s neighbors is massively shitty because pathological brutal pigjizz who organized and executed massacres, encouraged suicide, personally beat prisoners, and ate other human beings get statues in their home towns dedicated to them. 

But don’t get on your high horse America and Europe - oh no. Stay firmly planted on the ground because the milieu of willful forgetting and the rehabilitation of war criminals in the Japanese public consciousness, going from war criminals to openly being regarded as victims, was encouraged by allied forces.  

Why? Well, it is actually really simple as most super horrible things are:

The immense suffering, loss of life, and horrible acts of atrocious inhumane brutality perpetrated against China and Korea during WWII was purposefully swept under the rug because they were “going Communist”. An invisible hand (wink-wink nudge-nudge) directed Allied attention almost exclusively towards the holocaust. The European Theater was intentionally made the focus of victory and bravery and the location of the greatest of all war crimes because treating (potential) communist as people was not, evidently, an option. The proof of the degree of discouragement pushed by ally forces is in how this is possibly the first time you’ve even heard of Tsuji Masanobu - and yet not. You probably do kind of know him in an albeit fucked up way in of itself.

Most European and North American folks are probably aware of that super racist Japanese caricature, you know the one; glasses, bald, buck teeth, big ears? That is Tsuji Masanobu. Wellll, he was one of the basis for the image of anti-Japanese allied propaganda anyway. Sure the officers Tsuji Masanobu had constantly chastised for being not brutal enough, soft, and ineffective were executed for their crimes by the allied trials but Masanobu, literally the face effective in fueling and demonizing an entire people so as to motivate ally soldiers, was pardoned and allowed to run for political office in an ally influenced election. So guess who isn’t that popular with the rest of Asia either?

Right. So, now that the wound is sore lets go back to Yoshifuru Akiyama. 

Yoshifuru Akiyama was a Japanese general during the first Sino-Japanese war, a war fought between China and Japan over who controlled Korea. He is the older brother of general Saneyuki Akiyama who was the massive strategic force behind the battle of Port Arthur and by extension the Port Arthur Massacre during the first Sino-Japanese War. Yoshifuru and his Calvary were instrumental in capturing the port. 

It is not relevant that Yoshifuru Akiyama did not have a direct hand in War Crimes other than being on the side of an invading force; among neighboring countries and Attack on Titian fans the war Yoshifuru served in continues to be a reminder of a difficult and oppressive time period in history. A lot of the anger bubbling up from learning about how a brash, strategic, and honorable character like Dot Pixis is “based on” a real general doesn’t necessarily stem from (just) the actions of Yoshifuru and his role in shared war and history - but rather from the perspective of if Dot Pixis is taken from Yoshifuru then who are the titians? 

It isn’t surprising that the titans are up for grabs for what it is they represent since they’ve yet to be given a solid metaphorical attachment, and it isn’t surprising that some people take offense at what they perceive them to be. 

What if there was a Helsa/Kristanna Modern AU where Hans, Anna, Kristoff and Elsa are all in College and Hans has a bit of interest in Elsa (they’d be in the same course or something) but she is very collected and is anti-sociable so she distances herself from others, and Hans thinks he could get closer to her through Anna, and then Kristoff, being Anna’s friend starts getting jealous wondering what Hans has that Kristoff doesn’t have.

Then Olaf would be a friend of theirs that has glasses and buck teeth, and sven would be Kristoffs dog.

If anyone wants to write this, go ahead, and send me it after 

Stevenson Jr. High

An excerpt from Violence Girl, From East L.A. Rage to Hollywood Stage - A Chicana Punk Story by Alice Bag.

Stevenson Jr. High is where I served a three year sentence after leaving elementary school. I was in science class, learning about modern medicine when the teacher asked which antibiotic would cure a certain infection. I was still riding high from my smarty pants sixth grade year and I raised my hand high. 

“Penny-celeene,” I said, stressing the syllables as one would in Spanish. 

“Which one?” my teacher asked again. He was either confused or just setting me up for the punchline. 

“Penny-Celeene…” I repeated innocently. 

Penny-celeeeeene?” he mimicked quizzically and then paused for effect. 

“Oh!!! You mean PENICILLIN?” The class burst out laughing. It was very funny. Asshole. 

That experience marked the beginning of an exciting year. One guy thought it would be hilarious to throw dog biscuits at me in Algebra class. He didn’t think it was so funny when I went over and dug my fingernails into his flesh, clawing bloody red gashes down his face. Because he was a gentleman and only threw dog biscuits at girls but drew the line at hitting them, he vented his anger by picking up his desk and hurling it out the window of our second story classroom. The teacher sat at his desk and pretended nothing happened. 

I am second from the left on the top row.

I made Lamplighters, which is what the Stevenson Honor Society was called. The Biscuit Thrower christened me “Hunch Butt,” which was horrible because even I had to admit that it was funny and therefore had legs. A group of marauding boys threw an orange at my ass as I crossed the field. It exploded and left a big wet spot on my pants. The students on the yard fell over themselves laughing at me. My anger simmered as I plotted a million ways of exacting revenge, none of which would ever come to fruition. I saw a group of cholas jump a girl into a gang in the gym locker room. They mercilessly punched, kicked and dragged her around by her hair, literally mopping the floor with her before the coaches found out what was happening. 

I’d had a growth spurt in sixth grade and was almost normal weight, but by seventh grade my weight caught up with my height and then some. I was 170 lbs and wore a size twenty in women’s dresses. I had buck teeth, frizzy hair and glasses and I was completely lost in that savage, evil place named after the author who had written about bloodthirsty pirates and the hideous Mr. Hyde. None of the things he wrote about were as scary as this East L.A. middle school that was named in his honor. 

Before the year was over, I had signed up for Service, also known in some circles as Lapdog. I worked in the student store for a semester and then my past came back to haunt me and I was assigned to the girl’s bathroom. I tried to enforce as much as possible but I couldn’t control the gang jump-ins that took place all the time in that bathroom. I would’ve felt bad if someone had been beaten during my watch but these girls were willing participants. It meant so much to them to be accepted by these surrogate families that they were willing to have their asses kicked. It seemed to me that they were even sadder than I was. My parents might have been fucked up, but I knew they loved me. I didn’t want or need a surrogate family. 

 I was lost during my first year at Stevenson Jr. High. I had no clue how to parlay the few social skills I had picked up during my last year at Eastman Avenue School and make them work for me in this new setting. The school was big and overwhelming. The kids from a nearby housing project called Estrada Courts had their own gang called Varrio Nuevo Estrada or VNE. They were a huge gang at the time and today they’re one of the biggest and oldest gangs in L.A. One of their rivals was another large gang called White Fence, or WF. 

Me on the yard at Stevenson.

Although I grew up in East L.A., I never felt the presence of gangs when I was in elementary school or at my home on Ditman Avenue. Oh, I’d see the graffiti on the walls and there was a family who lived on our block that was deeply immersed in gang culture. The parents were gang members and the grandparents were veteranos (respected gang elders) and the kids, although too young at the time to be actual gang members, were expected by their family to be gang members some day. But most of the families on our block were not in gangs; they were just poor, working class people with a desire to get ahead.

I didn’t really understand the gang mentality. What were they fighting for? An old, overcrowded apartment building, a liquor store, a bus stop, all of it was prized turf. I saw them as divided and conquered, fighting over scraps from the master’s table instead of pulling up a chair to join the dinner party. I couldn’t relate to their goals. They didn’t seem interested in becoming brain surgeons, or pilots, or President of the United States, like I was. They didn’t want to live in a house like the one The Brady Bunch had. They wanted to rule their turf and grow old and become veteranos

Needless to say, I knew very little about gang culture but soon found myself in the middle of it. In East L.A. at that time, it was impossible to escape it. It was not unusual for rival gangs to drive slowly around the perimeter of our school football field, trying to find a particular target. Sometimes their bullets found their intended victim, but just as often, “civilians” (non-gang members) sitting in the bleachers studying their textbooks or watching a game got caught in the crossfire. Every so often, someone would post a bulletin about a memorial service for one of my classmates. 

It was like trying to sit in a classroom in the middle of a combat zone. Just when you started thinking you were in a regular school you’d walk into the bathroom or gym class and see someone getting jumped in, or you might see someone spray-painting a wall, or sniffing the paint from a plastic Baggie. Stevenson had lots of other problems besides gangs. There were plenty of drug dealers on our campus. It was the easiest thing in the world to buy reds, whites, black beauties, yellow jackets, joints and nickel or dime bags. I avoided these during my first year, but would eventually sample a little of everything while I was there. 

That first year was the hardest for me. I wanted so much to do well but doing well only meant that someone would threaten to beat me up if I didn’t let them copy my work. It seemed that the answer was to not do so well. Maybe I shouldn’t strive to make Lamplighters, the high GPA group that got you labeled as a nerd and made you an easy target. Yet, if I didn’t do well, I would have to contend with my father’s wrath. My looks didn’t help either - being fat, wearing glasses and having crooked teeth didn’t win me any friends. I looked the part of a stereotypical nerd and even some of the least popular kids at school teased and bullied me. I was at the bottom of the food chain. 

It was during this school year that I started to go home and go to bed while the sun was still up in the sky. My sister had already married her junior high school sweetheart. My mother had started working as a teacher’s aide. I was all alone and my best friend was my pillow.

In eighth grade, I wised up totally by accident. I was still in Service but now I was working in the girl’s Vice Principal’s office. This was exciting, high stakes stuff. I started making friends with the female thugs and ring leaders of the gangs at school. They were always being called down to the VP’s office and they always had to wait a long time with nothing to do. With no magazines or weapons to keep them entertained, these girls would eventually talk to me. They were nice, too. 

“Do you know why they called me down? How much do they know?” they’d ask. Pretty soon, I was on friendly terms with cholas from rival gangs and believe it or not, I even had one or two stick up for me. I started to appreciate them. They had so much style, they were so fierce looking and they didn’t take shit from anyone. There was a code of loyalty between them that I admired, but not enough to endure the jump-in ritual. 

I don’t know if being around all these cholas started to rub off on me but one day, one of my usual tormentors pushed me as I was walking up the stairs and without thinking, I immediately turned around and pushed her back. She was a couple of steps below me on the stairs and had a Bic ballpoint pen clenched pointy side in between her teeth. My open hand shoved the point of the ballpoint pen into the back of the girl’s throat, causing blood to come gushing from her mouth. The ambulance was called and I was suspended from school for two weeks, during which time I enjoyed watching TV and having no homework. 

I might as well have brought some 8x10 glossies and a Sharpie to sign autographs when I finally returned to school. I was almost famous. People smiled at me and said hello to me in the halls. I found four friends to eat lunch with (one of them was Viola) and my days of dodging projectiles and taunts were over. I took shop as an elective the following semester and learned how to make a plastic shank. 

cosleia  asked:

cecilos 45 because it would be hilarious

Hopefully I did the “pretending” bit Justice. I played around a bit with languages in this, and the Spanish is courtesy of google translate, so I can’t promise that it’s accurate.

I also threw a little Earl in here for you, on the house. ;D

“Et, Carlos est plus tard, comme d'habitude,” Cecil said, rolling his eyes as his fellow debate team member walked through the classroom door. It was much easier, he had decided, to act like he hated Carlos when he wasn’t speaking English.

“Stop speaking French,” Carlos huffed, annoyed that Cecil switched to another language when Carlos so desperately wanted to know and hang on to every word that Cecil spoke. “You know I can’t understand, and it makes you look like un asno pretencioso.”

“Don’t call me a pretentious ass,” Cecil replied, a little smug and a little hurt that Carlos thought we was an ass.

Carlos went slightly pale, then immediately blushed.

“I didn’t know you spoke Spanish,” he mumbled, sitting down across from Cecil.

“I speak a variety of languages,” Cecil said. “I had a lot of free time as a child.”

“Yes, Cecil,” Earl Harlan- the only other member of the team- sighed, leaning forward in his chair. “We’ve all heard your tale of woe. You had a lonely childhood, you wore thick glasses and had buck teeth, yadda, yadda, yadda.”

“Whatever, Earl,” Cecil muttered. “Nobody asked you.”