glasses ;A;

anonymous asked:

can you please draw louis with glasses! but big glasses, on the rounder side, maybe even w a lil cat eye? thanks :)

ive never drawn glasses before yikes but there u go!! i decided to just give him the same glasses as i own haha :^) i also added an earring for no reason other than my own selfish indulgence bye


Alec Lightwood Relationships (4\?): Alec Lightwood + Isabelle Lightwood

“You are the smartest person I know, and yet you don’t seem to understand one simple thing. I always looked forward to the day I’ll get to be like you. As a young girl I used to follow you around, learning from everything you did- and it annoyed you a bit, but I kept doing that. I kept doing that because I understood then what I know now, that you are a gift to this world, and that you are my hero.