glasses ;A;

Started painting Nehemia 😍 and I kinda have question about her hair… I really didn’t want to paint braids because in almost every illustrations she has braided hair and I really wanted to paint her with natural hair. I’m interested what do you think. And if you like it like that.

Isn’t it funny how everyone I know in real life is getting married and having kids and I’m sat here crying over fictional characters ha ha and by funny I mean sad


Sarah J. Maas November Newsletter

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Dreams that come true are not always the right dreams. Does wearing a glass slipper lead to a comfortable life? If everything you touch turns into marshmallows, won’t that make things a bit … sticky?
—  Terry Pratchett - The Shepherds Crown

Rowan, Lorcan & Manon: I am a machine of Death and I will mercilessly rain destruction wherever I go.

Aelin, Elide & Dorian: Look babe, a butterfly!

Rowan, Manon & Lorcan:

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