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Hi! re: your post on the glass closet. Count me as one who believes a glass closet will be redundant for H/L. I think if they transition into a glass closet it will be followed up with an announcement soon after. IMO they have been building towards an official CO since Nov, though the momentum has ebbed and flowed this year. Z/L are a wild card though. I agree that the fandom perception of H/L and Z/L baffles me. H/L are the married types, Z/L are unpredictable! Anyway, if Z/L moved into a glass

closet I’ll be so happy for them. It seems they at /least/ want to be free from the bearding, they have both made that abundantly clear. I’m just wondering if you see Z/L ever making a public announcement, or staying in the glass closet indefinitely? I understand it’s impossible for you to predict, but you’re very articulate and I’m just interested in your perspective! Are there any comparable celebs who have been in a glass closet for a long while without any formal confirmation?

Hi serenadesstyles​!  First off, thanks so much for the lovely words.  I’m flattered that you are interested in my opinion.

I actually agree that a glass closet would be redundant for Harry and Louis.  While I do think they will likely transition into the glass closet, they probably would not be able to stay there very long if they try to move out of it slowly.  So I feel their glass closet would have to be ultra discreet.  My thoughts on Harry and Louis coming out could occupy an entire post, so I will save those for another day.

I’m so glad you agree with me about Larry vs. Ziam.  I really don’t get why everyone thinks Larry are the rebels and Ziam are the boring ones.  It’s bewildering.  Have they seen how Zayn and Liam act?  They make pointed references that cannot be about anything but each other, like Zayn quoting Bollywood songs about socially unacceptable love and Liam’s “trying to impress the missus” story.  They have been wearing matching outfits for years and almost always wear each other’s clothes when they are publicly separated.  They have been together for years now so the honeymoon phase is long over, yet they won’t stop caressing each other or looking at each other like they are the sun and the moon and the stars, in public.  Remember the time they almost made out on stage?  OMG.  So if they are trying to be discreet, then they are doing a pretty poor job.  Honestly I see Zourriam going on double dates, like to the museum or out sightseeing, and Harry and Louis would be the ones who take the tour and Zayn and Liam the ones who go on their own.  Or they’d go to the club and Harry and Louis would sip drinks and dance cutely together while Zayn and Liam grind up on each other.  LMAO!

Ziam are truly wildcards.  They are so intense and passionate.  I genuinely think it’s not a total reach to say they could go rogue, say “fuck it,” and just come out.  But realistically, I think they will enter a glass closet because they have more obstacles to coming out smoothly than Larry.  They are much less popular than Larry.  They are much better closeted than Larry.  They are being linked in the media but they are lagging far behind Larry and will require more work.

There are plenty of celebrities who are in glass closets, but I can’t think of any analogous to Zayn and Liam.  They are quite unique, I think.  Something I find oddly under-discussed is that Ziam are more prone to courting controversy than Larry.  How they are received in the fandom versus Larry, I think, is a good barometer of how they might be received by the general public.  Whereas Larry are in certain ways the “safer” and more “unthreatening” couple because they are more legibly queer, Ziam are more threatening because they are not “stereotypically gay” or “pass for straight,” and thus less tokenizable in that regard.  Notice how frequently Larries of a certain type resort to stereotypes to “prove” Larry is real and Ziam is not.  Also notice the more rabid investment fans have in Zayn and Liam’s phantom heterosexuality over Harry and Louis’, and the devotion beard worshippers reserve for Zerrie and especially Sophiam in ways they did not for Haylor and Elounor.  So pictures of Louis’ limp wrist while he plays soccer are OMG GAY > 9,000 but Zayn and Liam talking about kissing each other and tag-teaming jokes about Liam’s ass hurting are…????????

Ziam are also an interracial and interfaith couple.  Many of us in the Ziam fandom frequently call out the fandom’s racist and Islamophobic mistreatment of Zayn and of Liam by association.  But also, in my experience the Ziam fandom harbors some of the fandom’s sharpest and most acute cultural critique on racism, religion and gender/sexuality.  This is not to say that the Larry fandom lacks those conversations, but that the nature of Zayn and Liam’s relationship more readily invites them.  So in that regard, I think Zayn and Liam court both apprehension and discomfort as well as deep, thoughtful support.

As for whether Zayn and Liam will make an announcement or stay in the glass closet indefinitely—I think they will talk about it, someday.  Maybe even soon, in the next few years.  Like we said, they’re wildcards, so who knows?  They do seem ready to start life out of the closet.  They make it no secret how proud they are of each other and their relationship.  They have family like Aunt Zileh liking the “okay to be gay” and “they really just need to come out already” posts on Instagram.  And they show no signs of stopping their romantic antics.

The prospect of them finally leaving the closet for whatever it is that they want, announcement or glass closet, is thrilling.  I would be so happy for them too.

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