who you should fight: mystic messenger edition
  • zen:is that a joke? lol he'll kick your ass and look sexy doing it. then he'll take a selfie next to your bruised and battered body so you can feel even worse. if you were looking for humiliation go ahead.
  • yoosung:you can fight yoosung. you'll win. boy can't win shit, he's not even number one on the shooting star server in lolol. but are you gonna feel good about it?? probably not. too easy.
  • jaehee:no. literally do not fight jaehee kang unless you have a fucking death wish. she earned a black belt in judo "for funsies" and is strong enough to withstand the daily abuse of an evil corporate man. do. not. fight. jaehee.
  • jumin:yes, fight jumin. he'll call security on you but you can get in a few good hits before they arrive. then you can always brag about that time you beat up the c&r chairman's son.
  • 707:lololol why would you though?? but i mean i guess. he's actually a better fighter than he looks because he has to be prepared to escape if he's caught breaking in somewhere, but since his only nourishment comes from chips and soda his body might just stop and you'll luck out. you have a chance.
  • unknown:listen he's the type to bring a gun to a fistfight just don't fucking do it.
  • rika:no. you could easily kick her ass, but she's got an occult following and they'll destroy you and spread your entrails on a shrine before her.
  • v:you're gonna fight a blind guy?? really?? like, you'd win, obviously. but really???
  • elizabeth 3rd:what the FUCK is wrong with you she is a CAT. and you know what, you look at her the wrong way and jumin's already hired a hitman to take you out. think again mother fucker.

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How would everyone feel finding out mc is just 18,would they care or? I always feel so odd knowing how old they are haha

oh boy

  • Seven is the least shocked. He’s been sending emails to your school about how you’d need to be off because of a family emergency for the past fortnight or so, anyway. He’s the one that’s been watching you through the cameras, and silently wishing you’d go to bed early and stop overworking yourself. He’s known for a while that you’re young, and honestly, he can’t wait to show you the world.
  • Yoosung’s happy that you’re so young. Although not averse to the idea of dating someone younger than him, he’s not exactly fond of it. He’d much rather date someone younger than him, to be honest. Plus, you were still a student!! You understood his woes, his worries, and his stresses!! If anything, he just likes having someone in the group he can relate to.
  • Jaehee is similarly unaffected; she has to admit that she’s very shocked that such a young woman can keep herself so motivated, organising the party as well as you’ve done. She surprises herself with how quickly she manages to bond with you. You do have to remind her, however, that you’re her lover, not her younger sister…
  • Zen is probably one of the most shocked - he’d been saying all those things… To a teenager?! After his initial self-loathing has taken its toll, he realises that, really, it’s no big deal. It wasn’t like you were a kid or anything, just… Inexperienced. He liked that; it meant that there were only things for him to teach.
  • Jumin is the oldest of this bunch, and probably the most surprised, too. He never associated himself with people as young as you unless he had to, for work or whatever reason. Honestly, he never thought he’d be able to get on with someone who’s so young, so well. Once he’s over the fact that he’s fallen head-over-heels in love with someone almost a decade younger than he, Jumin’s quick to accept you as who you are, age and all.

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