Dirty Glasses

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files including:

  • High-res
  • PSD
  • Before-overpaint layers
  • Process Vid
  • Greyscale base
  • Sketch and lineart
  • Different version of the drawing

Note: You can experiment with the sketch, lineart, greyscale base (color them, draw new lineart again, etc) But please credit me if you plan to post them online!

Before-overpaint is a state where I haven’t merged down all the effect and colour layers with the greyscale base yet, you can inspect all the colours , layer mode and effects I usually use.


“Hello, witchling,” he said.
Her full sensuous mouth tightened slightly, either in a repressed grimace or smile, he couldn’t tell. But she sat up, her moon-white hair sliding forward - her chains clanking. “Hello, princeling,” she said.



anonymous asked:

can I request the RFA + V putting up a Christmas tree with MC?

i want to decorate a christmas tree with the RFA so BADLY OMG


  • all of his ornaments are hand made
  • he has a big box of ornaments he’s made dating back all the way to when he was like 6 years old
  • MC looks through the ornaments with him as they pick which ones to put on the tree
  • they range from poorly painted clay hearts to little felt pieces sown together to make tiny animals
  • “oh! i almost forgot!”
  • Yooung hops up and goes into his room to get something
  • when he comes back out again he has a few ceramic ornaments, a box of paints, and two paint brushes
  • “it wouldnt be a christmas tree unless we made ornaments together!”
  • he sits criss cross on the floor and gives MC a white ceramic dog ornament, smiling brightly
  • they spend the next hour painting together and Yoosung insists the first ornament they put on the tree be MC’s
  • from then they just takes ornaments out of the box and place them on the tree wherever they see fit
  • Yoosung has an angel for the top of the tree that he can just barley reach
  • “okay, now time for the lights!”
  • “lights…?”
  • “of course! no christmas tree is complete without lights!”
  • MC busts into laughter and Yoosung is like hey why are u laughing at me:(
  • “you’re supposed to put the lights on before the ornaments, Yoosung!”
  • Yoosung is so confused
  • he always does it like this???
  • the two struggle to wrap the lights around the tree without disturbing the ornaments, they fall off every once in awhile and either MC or Yoosung will have to put them back up
  • then comes the ribbon, which MC also said they should have started with
  • the last step is tinsel, which Yoosung likes to put on the tree by standing back and just chucking it on
  • its a fun little game to play!
  • when its all said and done Yoosung turns off the lights and lights up the christmas tree and then two stand back to admire their work
  • they reward themselves with hot chocolate and cuddles


  • usually Zen prefers a fake tree but MC insisted they get a real one
  • all of Zens ornaments and decorations are part of a set, its all red and gold
  • gold ribbon, red and gold bulb ornaments, a red tree skirt with gold trim, and white lights
  • Zen loves to watch MC take an ornament and look around the tree for the perfect place to put it
  • “why dont you put it there, sweetheart?”
  • “because it would be close to another gold ornament! the colors have to be spaced evenly”
  • Zen giggles and kisses the top of their head
  • “yea, i guess  you’re right”
  • sometimes MC will request help reaching the top parts of the tree, so Zen will lift them up so they can read the tall branches
  • Zen swears he’s never had so much fun decorating the tree
  • he plays christmas music and when “baby, its cold outside” comes on Zen and MC have a magical duet
  • for the top, a big red bow
  • MC and Zen both stand back, examining their work
  • “it’s missing something….”
  • Zen was rubbing his chin in-between his fingers
  • “oh, i know!”
  • MC runs out of the room, returning moments later with a box of candy canes
  • Zen watches as they carefully place candy canes around the tree, hanging them from branches
  • MC then returns to Zens side, also rubbing their chin in-between their fingers
  • “what do you think?”
  • “hmmmm….”
  • MC looks up at him, anxious to hear his thoughts
  • “i love it!”
  • Zen picks up MC in his arms and twirls them around
  • “this is the most beautiful my tree has every looked!”
  • they reward themselves with a christmas movie marathon


  • when MC sees Jaehee’s lack of christmas supplies they are shocked
  • “Jaehee, what is wrong with you?! you dont even have a tree??”
  • “i’ve just been so busy with work…”
  • MC declares that on Jaehee’s day off they’re going christmas supplies shopping
  • they pick and easily assembled fake tree, tons of cute ornaments, a star for the top, blue fairy lights, and tinsel
  • it was an interesting shopping trip, since the two never really decided on a theme and just grabbed whatever they thought was cute
  • her favorite ornament is a tiny little coffee mug that says “tis the season”
  • when Jaehee and MC return from their shopping trip Jaehee starts to open up the christmas tree
  • “Jaehee, wait! we have to set to mood”
  • what is MC talking about ???
  • they take a big red candle out of one of their shopping bags and light it
  • MC then takes out their phone and puts a christmas music playlist on shuffle
  • “last, but not least…”
  • MC takes two matching christmas sweaters out of their bag
  • “christmas sweaters!”
  • Jaehee laughs, since the idea of wearing sweaters inside seems rather silly, but puts the christmas sweater on anyway
  • Jaehee and MC assemble to christmas tree together, and even after just putting it together they feel like they’ve done enough work
  • but as soon as the tree is set up, even before the put on the lights, Jaehee reaches into their pile of new ornaments and grabs her coffee mug ornament
  • she places it front and center on the tree, so everyone can see it
  • MC giggles at how eager Jaehee is
  • by the end the tree doesnt have all that many ornaments, but still looks beautiful
  • the two reward themselves with a trip to starbucks and peppermint mochas


  • his collection of ornaments is also pathetic
  • he at least has a christmas tree, though
  • MC and Jumin set the christmas tree up, Jumin wearing the new christmas sweater MC bought for them
  • he thought it was rather ugly, but MC says that’s the point…?
  • he really doesn’t get it but MC loves it so
  • when they’re finished decorating the tree Jumin looks at it lovingly
  • “our first christmas tree together. it’s it beautiful, dear?”
  • MC looks at it with their arms crossed
  • “no! you only have like ten ornaments and there arent any lights or a star on top…it’s too empty, Jumin”
  • “hmm…i suppose it is a bit underwhelming…”
  • Jumin offers to take MC out shopping for chistmas tree supplies
  • they get tons of new ornaments and a tree skirt and…
  • MC tried to stop him but….
  • Jumin got a cat for the top of the tree
  • he just thought it was so cute and MC couldnt say no
  • also about half of their ornaments were cats
  • but MC’s never seen Jumin have so much fun
  • when they started decorating he would put two cat ornaments right next to each other
  • “look, MC! it’s like theyre playing on the christmas tree”
  • Jumin has found a new love for christmas
  • it was so much fun when MC was with him
  • he thought they looked so cute, meticulously wrapping ribbon around the tree and stretching on their tippy-toes to reach the top
  • in the end their tree it mostly cats, with a few other things here and there
  • Jumin looks at the tree and MC swears tears start to well up in his eyes
  • “MC, this is the most beautiful christmas tree i have ever seen”
  • he looks at them, smiling more brightly that MC has seen before
  • “i never knew how fun christmas could be!”
  • they reward themselves with a delicious dinner followed by like 6 candy canes for desert


  • Seven sets aside an entire day to decorate the tree
  • he’s been waiting for this day since november 1st, but no one is selling trees in november, and he needs a live one
  • they just smell so good~
  • him and MC go out to pick out a tree
  • he examines each one carefully to find the perfect tree for him and MC
  • “Seven, how about this one?”
  • “not tall enough”
  • “what about this one?”
  • “i dont know, MC…it just isnt us, yknow?”
  • they dont know, but keep suggesting trees until Seven is finally happy
  • they look kind of funny driving down the street with a christmas tree strapped to Sevens sleek sports car
  • Seven sets up the tree and makes hot chocolate for him and MC with candy canes, he lights a christmas candle, puts on some christmas music, and grabs his three big boxes of christmas decorations
  • part of the reason he’s so excited is because it’s been so long since he’s had someone to decorate the tree with
  • two boxes are ornaments, the other is stuffed with ribbon, lights, and an angel for the top of the tree
  • “alright MC, we have to take all this…”
  • Seven gestures to the boxes
  • “and put it on to that tree. are you ready?”
  •  MC nods excitedly
  • “than lets go!”
  • they start with the lights, Seven has two strands of lights the need to go on the tree
  • then they add ribbon, which he has multiple colors of
  • the tree is already looking full and they havent even touched his extensive collection of ornaments
  • Seven’s ornaments are super diverse, ranging from little manger scenes to cheesy gag ornaments
  • when MC spots the angel they try to put it at the top of the tree
  • “no! the angel is for last”
  • while they’re putting ornaments on Seven will often hide of the other side of the tree and then pop out and scare MC
  • when it’s finally time for the angel Seven lifts MC up to help them reach the top
  • they step back to view the pay off of all their hard work
  • the tree was packed full of decorations, no branch was left empty
  • while MC was looking at the tree, Seven surprises them with a peck on the cheek
  • “thanks for all the help, cutie”
  • they reward themselves by turning off all the lights so the whole room was lit only by the tree, and cuddling up on the couch for a showing of how the grinch stole christmas


  • “V, lets get a christmas tree today!”
  • V wakes up to MC smiling at him
  • he thought december 1st might be a little soon, but MC looks so happy he just had to take them out
  • he takes MC shopping, watching them get all excited over all of the trees, the ornaments, and the lights
  • “you can pick out a few new things for our tree if you want, MC”
  • he loves seeing them pick out decorations
  • like, seriously, he cant stop staring at MC they just 
  • he loves them so much
  • he’s the same way when they take the tree home and start decorating it
  • he helps MC twirl the lights around the tree but gets distracted by how cute they look, carefully placing lights in-between the branches
  • “um…V? everything okay?”
  • “yes! dont move, MC!”
  • he runs off, leaving MC to finish the lights themselves
  • when V comes back MC’s greeted by a flash of light
  • they look up to see that V had just snapped a picture of them with his polaroid camera
  • he smiles brightly, waiting for the camera to print the picture
  • he shows MC the picture, which wasnt developed yet, still smiling
  • “our first christmas tree together!”
  • MC smiles back at him
  • for the rest of the time V continues to photograph MC
  • “smile, MC! our first ornament together!
  • “smile! you’re first time putting the star on the christmas tree!”
  • when its all finished, V takes a photo of the final product
  • “i think we did a pretty good job, MC”
  • the grab the camera from him and turn it toward themselves, selfie style
  • they pull V into the frame, the tree in the background, and snap the picture
  • “our first christmas together!”
  • V squeezes MC in a hug
  • he cant remember the last time he’s been so happy decorating a simple christmas tree
  • he hangs a string from the wall next to the tree and uses clothes pins to hang the photos up
  • MC takes a piece of paper and pins it over the photos, then writes “our first christmas!” and doodles a few presents and candy canes
  • the reward themselves with a little cat nap



Jumin is fine and understand this actual korean drama and all… but someone has to slap a bitch back to the right path and probably in a cage by force if said bitch wants to keep his good ending…

What i want Jumin to do in @myetie‘s zen feels comic current post

Why a wad of cash? doesn’t every corporate heir conveniently has them in their pockets? 

but in all seriousness Zen should really see his gf she is suffering emotionally for pete’s sake;;