Okay so I finished this a bit late. It’s an 11x17 print I did for selling at Anime North this year… even though Dragon Age stuff is not exactly anime. :P I’m heading over to my table(friend’s table) hopefully soon. I should be there all weekend.

***I am NOT in Artist’s Alley. I sell my prints along with my friend’s stuff(wigs, shotglasses and other neat stuff) in the vendor area! The store is called “Cactus Mafia”.***

Also, the reason behind the key and ribbon is pretty much every playthrough I’ve done ever on DA2… I am always romancing both Fenris and Anders… but can’t help staying with Anders in the end.  :P It’s hard to see because it’s small, but the key is Hawke’s housekey. It has his Family crest on it.

Please imagine: Vigil’s Keep book club

Anders brings terrible and cheesy raunchy romances. He swears by the Maker that they’re his favourites and really, guys, they’re so good, give them a chance!

Sigrun hits his shoulder because she was planning on doing that, so she scrounges up an adventure book with a plucky heroine that makes Nate shed a tear.

Nate lugs down some books from his family’s old library. They’re mostly history books, and everyone gathers around to read some old Fereldan legends.

Oghren forgets to bring a book. No one is surprised. 

Justice wavers a lot on what to bring. Maybe his book on poetry about the Fade? Maybe the book on the history of the Circles Anders lent him? In the end, he tells everyone about some of his memories of the Fade, figuring that’s more his area of expertise.

Velanna doesn’t bring anything for the first few weeks. Eventually, she reads out some of her writing from her notebook, ears red the entire time.

i have such an odd relationship with fenhawke// bc i can ship it in game and it’s a great pairing but im very picky about how it’s handled in fanworks (especially bc fenris’s abuse and trauma can be handled soooo badly + im very ??? about how ppl tend to go for grumpy tsundere fenris and manchild hawke + i hate the way anders gets treated sometimes) and i need reassurance anders doesn’t end up alone for example i need him to end up with nathaniel and they can all four go on cranky hilarious double dates